XXL - this is what size of men's clothing

Selection of the correct clothing size is not such a simple matter, as it seems, especially for large size men. The stronger sex, and so is not very well versed in the clothes, but when it comes to shopping on the Internet, then surely every man will wonder about, XXL - size is a male. The same numbers on the label can mean very different parameters. This article aims to address problems with the choice of clothes for men. it also aims to answer the main question of whether, XXL - size is a men's clothing?

XXL - this is what size of men's clothing

General information on male size

There are some options standard male figure for the whole world. This was done to simplify the selection and compiled the standards of a large number of parameters. But if everything is so simple, then why on some clothes, you can see the number 46, and in some cases 56 or XXL. This is what size of men's clothing? It's very simple, is the 46th for the European and Russian, in particular, will be the 56th, and according to generally accepted standards for the US this XXL clothing.

Few people know, but in addition to the normal male size companies produce more 3-type garment: for large-bodied men, with wide hips and waist volume and lean tall men. In total 4 different sizes is obtained, respectively, and XXL for each of them will have its own parameters.

XXL - this is what size of men's clothing

XXL - this is what size menswear

We will understand with the standard options, they are all taken on a global scale. As an exception, you can give an example of China-made, just for them tend to everything "malomerit". But that is another story.


In order to determine suitable to your outerwear, jacket or blazer for example, measure the girth of the chest. The measurement should be made just above the nipple, the tape should not dig into the skin, remember that under the jacket you wear different clothes. Loosen the belt on the basis of these considerations, if it is a jacket for the winter, hold a little harder, because under it you are likely to put on a sweater and T-shirt, and maybe more, and a shirt. Note that the tape does not fall from you.

Answering the question of whether, XXL - size is a men's jackets, we can say that the standard is 130-134 cm in girth chest, it will be 46 minutes or 56 minutes depending on the size of the country production.

T-shirts, sweaters or shirts - it is important not to get lost

Let's move on to the T-shirt, shirts, sweaters and other garments of this type. When shopping at online stores do not have the opportunity to ask about, XXL - this is what size. Men's T-shirts, for example, or a sweater size can be determined by poluobhvatu chest height. That is, the distance from one to the other side seam, it will poluobhvat chest, the length is measured from the top of the neck of the shirt and to its bottom edge. The standard ratio is 76 to 60 cm.

XXL - this is what size of men's clothing

If this is more or less clear, with shirts, measure the sleeve length and girth of the neck. Neck should be measured at its base, at the same time insert a measuring tape two fingers. Sleeve plechnogo measured from the seam to the wrist. In Europe, the size of the shirt will match figures of 45, the US is equal to the number 18. It is worth noting that the stores sell shirts with the sleeves of varying length.

Secrets of men's trousers

Pants or jeans? After all, the difference is very large. Jeans are no longer made with high waisted trouser as this standard is still present. Accordingly, the waist pants, we need to measure at the level of the navel, according to generally accepted standards must be equal to the girth of 112-117 cm. For jeans same measurements are made below. Need to find thighs, up to measure the distance should be about 3 fingers. This will be the line on which rests waist jeans.

Now for the length. Depending on whether it is pants or jeans, and change height. When selecting trouser length is measured from the line of the navel, for jeans, respectively, below. In addition to full length can clarify the so-called inner seam for measuring it should stand barefoot on a flat surface and to measure the length of the legs on the inner side of the crotch to the foot. Match result should be 85-86 centimeters.

XXL - this is what size of men's clothing


It is difficult to imagine a man asking the question about, XXL - this is what size of men's underwear. No, a man does not like, they will be better to look for its size through trial and error, but it is better to check out this article. In the second case, the information will be extremely useful. Moreover, it is very simple, all you need is to measure the circumference of your waist at the level where usually goes panty elastic. According to the generally accepted norms it should be about 116 cm, or 54 th Russian size.

Designation of non-standard sizes

To refer to the normal figure is the Latin letter N, on a blue background. The letter B on orange background indicate sizes for obese people. For bodied men size will mark U in purple square, and for high and lean S in gray.

Now asking the question of, XXL - size is a men's clothing, we can give a clear answer. Now it will be difficult to make a mistake, the main thing - to know it, someone is manufacturing the product you are buying and, of course, its parameters.