Trap for pike with their hands

Pike fishing - fun. There are plenty of ways to hunt for these fish. The most popular is, of course, catching pike on spinning, and if fishing takes place in the winter - is on zherlitsy.

There are also lesser-known ways to catch this predator. Such relates catching pike trap.

Trap for pike with their hands

fishing period

Trap for pike can be used in any season. The main condition for a great catch - the large number of fish in this lake.

If your goal - catching pike trap in the winter, you should keep in mind that a successful fishing is when live bait is enough moving. Traps with a nozzle is lowered into the well, and its end is fastened directly to the hole or to a stick ice which lies transversely. winter pike are not particularly active, so you should carefully choose a place of fishing.

The easiest way to do this, of course, you have already studied the pond. Pike on winter trap catches in most large, however, consider the required size and production wells fortress.

In spring and summer you can even stick a dead small fish as bait. During this period the pike quite active and will definitely notice your bait. The advantage of fishing during the warmer times of the year is the ability to advance promising place to pick up fishing - overgrown parts of the river, or snags.

Trap for pike with their hands

How it works

Trap for pike - a device with two hooks, or rather the hooks interconnected by a spring. To lower the static part tied bait (gudgeon, small carp, perch, roaches). The upper part is removed and fixed by a special device. To trap goes fishing line or better - thin twine. When pike swallows the bait, triggered lodge, and the upper hook to force breaks the jaw of the fish. Trap for pike is attached to the stick, which floats on the surface as a float or is rigidly fixed to the branches on shore. When pike caught, extract it - it's a matter of technology.

Trap for pike with their hands

Master snap

There is a considerable number of traps for pike. All of them are represented in the stores. But, wanting to save or following the tradition that the fish is better caught on tackle, hand made, traps and fishermen often made themselves.

First, we need a piece of steel, which will make a detour. Also need a good spring, if decided tinkering trap for pike with their hands. From it depends on how hard slam trap and thereby breaks the jaw of the fish. With metal rivets interconnected parts of the structure. To one of the hooks, we weld shaft for fixing, which is laid in the groove located on the other side of the product. When attacking pike pin slides off the connecting points, thus powering trap. The thickness of the plates for hooks must be somewhere 1, 5 mm, and the width - 5 mm. Rivet can be used nails. With a pair of pliers to bite off the required length of us (1, 5-2 mm should act on each side connected parts), and then gently riveting them. Hooks have to walk quite easily and it does not dangle.

After shaping plates should preferably be heated to heat and harden in water or oil. The hole on the bar-latch necessary to regrind the trial to the desired extent. Hook dozhzhen not get bogged down with a light touch, but with little impact obliged to work. To a retainer plate in a predetermined prepared hole tie twine and rope better. is attached either to the end of a stick, or foam, in winter you can to zherlitsy.

Trap for pike with their hands



You need to follow some rules if you decide to do such fishing as fishing pike trap. In winter, for example, be sure to have warm clothes, gloves, to avoid frostbite when working with the device. Since the period of the creation of traps, you need to comply with certain security measures. So, choosing a steel for a trap, it should definitely take into account the strength, so that when charging is not bent, thereby causing premature release of your fingers. In order to care for the fish, carefully sharpen hooks. Blunt will not be able to break through the bone good pike, inflicting great damage, not to mention the fact that the trophy will be broken when removing necessarily. Be sure to take it with you on this fishing pliers. They will help with the false positive trap, when removing the hook from pike. Also, no harm will file for timely thinning hooks.

First aid kit can always be useful to you on a fishing trip, as there are different contingencies. If you use a trap for pike, the briefcase with the medicines even more may be needed at any time. Especially big risk to drive the upper hook to his hand. Therefore, we must carefully carry out experiments with equipment before fishing trips.

The advantages and disadvantages of the trap

We have this way of fishing is not particularly common. It affects the novelty devices, as well as what some refer it to poaching. Although officially we catch pike on the trap is not prohibited. The advantages of this method of fishing are:

  • The ability to use in tight spaces. Tackle is convenient to apply where difficult to catch the spinning - in snags, the bush. Swam on the boat, you can set a trap for pike in any vending location. The main thing that it did not work when lowered to the bottom, if on the way to strike the branches.
  • Fishing in deep water. You can put a snap in every hole, no matter how deep it may be, most importantly, provide a length of fishing line and choose the right float.
  • I do not need to be all the time on the pond. You can set a trap for pike and go about their business, checking from time to time his tackles. For fans of fishing this point, of course, can be attributed to the shortcomings.
  • The ability to use dead bait. If you do not catch the winter, the big pike will attack and non-living bait.

A disadvantage of this fishing method may include a greater likelihood of injury when charging equipment or changing the bait, especially if you have made a trap for pike with their hands.

Trap for pike with their hands


With all the controversy in the appeal pike trap, this method has the right to life. Especially if you have a goal to stock fish and not get the pleasure of fishing. While angling for trophy in any case will bring you a lot of pleasant moments.