Painting "Matrix": color palette

Every woman dreams of saturated and bright hair color. However, among the abundance of modern paints it can be difficult to find a truly quality product. Professional bezammiachnoy paint "Matrix", which really palette is rich and varied, offers women quality and stable color. About its features and how to use and you will learn in this article.

"Matrix" - a professional hair dye

The history of the world-famous manufacturer of professional hair colors dates back to 1980. It was then a fashionable hairdresser Arnie Miller of the United States introduced a line of cosmetic products for hair, called "Matrix". The brand has become so popular in America that in 2000 it bought the French company "L'Oreal". It is possible to extend the production of professional coloring of hair all over the world.


So, what stands out paint "Matrix" - the palette of colors, photos of which can be explored later in this article. Its rich shades allow any woman to look good. In this case, the hair does not cause any harm. After all the paint "Matrix" does not contain ammonia and are completely safe to use.

Features paint "Matrix"

Initially, the paint was created exclusively for use in beauty salons. However, the quality of products is so high that thousands of women around the world use it for self-coloring at home.

Among the ink features are the following:

  • Using the latest advances in the field of dyeing with the use of modern equipment and high quality materials.
  • Sales of products exclusively through the official representation of the company, and beauty salons.
  • A wide palette of rich colors.
  • Careful staining even the most damaged and gray hair.
  • resistant color and shine for four weeks after staining.
  • Essential oils and nutrients in the lineup, who take care of hair.

All of these features have a professional paint "Matrix". Palette, photos which are presented in this paper, includes all known hairdressers hair color. From the lightest "12.0" to the black "1.0". At the same time there are a variety of colors - from ashy and pearl to chestnut and red. Paint "Matrix" palette which will appreciate any woman is a prime example of high dye generated on the latest technologies.


How to use a professional paint?

In contrast, household dyes, professional paint "Matrix" requires adherence to certain rules when painting. The equipment you will not find the usual tube of paint, an oxidizing agent and a pair of gloves. Instead, the manufacturer offers a box of tone number and cream coloring. Thus oxigent need to buy separately. His percentage will depend on the desired degree of coloration. For example, 1% oxigent for hair tinting. While 8-9% oxigent used for persistent staining in dramatic colors. However, such a high percentage of severely hurting the hair structure, so it should not be kept for longer than 20 minutes. When buying a professional paint "Matrix" in a specialty store consultant will help you choose the optimal percentage oxigent according to the desired hair shade.


paint palette "Matrix"

Professional paint not only has the feature of gentle, but also contains a wide range of shades. So, any woman can pick out the perfect color for a radical change of image, or for toning of natural hair color.

"Platinum Blonde" or "blue-black brunette", "Golden Chestnut" or "red copper" - any of the "Matrix" palette of shades will look great. No wonder professional hair stylists prefer this brand to work with their clients. Painting "Matrix", the color palette is very diverse, includes the following series:

  • Ultrastoykie dyes "Sokolor Beauty" intended for saturated and bright color.
  • dubbing drugs "Color Sink" to refresh the natural hair color.
  • means "B-Light" intended to bleach hair before coloring.

Each series has its own unique composition based on natural ingredients and the latest technological advances. That is what is different from their counterparts paint "Matrix". The palette, which you can explore the photos in this article are very diverse, which allows recommending it to all women without exception.


resistant paint "Matrix Sokolor Beauty"

Series ultrastoykih dye does not contain ammonia, which is its primary advantage. After all, organic means do not hurt the hair, while providing quality professional painting, and this famous brand "Matrix". Paint without ammonia, a palette which contains the most popular shades, easy to use and self-application. Therefore, it can be used even in the home. In this case, choose your perfect color can be very light blondes and brunettes burning. The main thing - keep in mind that it is impossible to paint in bright colors are very dark hair. This requires special pre-lightening agent "B-Light". It can also be purchased at specialty stores for hairdressers.


Paint "Color Matrix Sink"

Tinting was coined specifically for revitalizing natural hair color. There is no need to radically change their own color and injure resistant dyes. Painting "Matrix", the palette is very diverse and offers a special series for toning at home under the name "Color Sink." With this tool, you can give your hair shine and elasticity of the former. In this case, the result will be held from four to six weeks. Perfect shade for toning should be above or below the natural colors just one tone. Otherwise, the result just will not be noticeable. In this case, do not use too high a percentage oxigent.

How much is the painting "Matrix"?

Despite the fact that the paint is "Matrix" was created for professional use, its cost is quite democratic. So, buy a tube of any series possible for 550 rubles. The price may vary in different regions of Russia and CIS countries.

However, we must remember that not only have to buy a tube of coloring cream, but also suitable for coloring oxigent, which will cost about 350 rubles. To decide on its choice directly in the store. In addition, a special hromoenergetichesky complex (Hack) can be purchased to further protect hair. Professional hair stylists are always using it during the application. That is why after visiting the beauty salon hair look healthy and shiny for a long time.


Where to buy hair dye "Matrix"?

Unfortunately, to buy a professional paint in regular store household chemicals and cosmetics is impossible. The manufacturer sells its products exclusively through beauty salons and specialty stores equipment for hairdressers.

If your city does not have an official representative of the brand, you can order ink online, arrange free delivery to your home. The web has always represented the most extensive line of palettes and more caring means to maintain the beauty and health of hair.

Resistant hair dye "Matrix": reviews of real customers

To judge the quality of a cosmetic or a care funds can be solely on the experience of those who had to try it for yourself. Painting "Matrix", the palette is wide and varied, is very popular not only among professionals but also among ordinary consumers.

Women suffer the highest quality tools at a fairly affordable price. It is particularly convenient and pleasant allocated for application of paint consistency and lack sharp odor of ammonia. That is why the tool can be used for even the most sensitive skin of the head, especially highlights the brand "Matrix". The paint without ammonia, the palette is not worse ammonia analogues, is an excellent example of a high-quality professional tools. And it can evaluate both hairdressers and ordinary women around the world.


Experts say that the latest achievement in the field of coloring - paint "Matrix". Palette, reviews of which only confirms its bright and saturated colors, allows any woman to choose the perfect shades. You do not need to spend money on trips to the beauty salon. After all, to paint "Matrix" can achieve professional dyeing at home. In this case, you not only update their color, but also improve the appearance. And by this, as is known, it depends directly on the general condition.