Beautiful hairstyles for long hair. Spit on long hair

Female image will not be harmonious without a properly set up installation. Currently stylists and hairdressers are creating new creative and extravagant hairstyles. We use a variety of styling and locks for hair. This article will explain what has beautiful hairstyles for long hair. You find out what you need to do before the start of laying and how to create a spectacular style. Special attention should be paid to how to make braids for long hair.

Beautiful hairstyles for long hair. Spit on long hair

Advance Hair preparation: washing

Before you start to do packing, you need to properly prepare the hair. It is imperative washing curls. This is especially true long hair. It is worth noting that similar hair requires more care than short.

In addition to shampoo, great hair length requires the use of balms and masks. Since it is not always enough food curls, they can be brittle, split and lifeless. If you regularly use caring nutrients and reducing agents, it is possible to maintain the health of hair is normal without any problems.

So, before you do everyday or evening hairstyles for long hair, should wash them thoroughly. Try to apply shampoo only on the roots. Tips as it will be enough that the soapy water dripping on them. With balm should do otherwise. It is necessary to put a thin layer on the ends of the hair. The roots should not rinse process. Otherwise the hair very quickly become dirty.

The use of styling

Beautiful hairstyles for long hair require the mandatory use of styling products. Only in this case the installation will take strong and not fall apart at the most crucial moment. Also, styling tools are able to give volume to the hair or smooth hair fluffed. Choose styling products, depending on what kind of hairstyle conceived. If your hair is thin and do not have the volume, you should use the spray, which lifts from the roots hair. When a thick and luxuriant mane suitable foam or gel. To smooth styling wax or give preference to fudge. Also do not forget about the hair styling products finishing. This may be a conventional nail or locking means Glitter for evening out.

Remember, apply styling to be very careful, if you overdo it with the amount, then the hair can take a slovenly appearance. In this case, the hair will not be nice and tidy.

Beautiful hairstyles for long hair. Spit on long hair

Beautiful hairstyles for long hair

There are many options pilings for such locks. Remember that the long hair - it's always a feminine, sexy and attractive. Depending on what kind of event you have planned, beautiful hairstyles for long hair can be quite different. Some of the pilings longer suitable for everyday office style. Others hairstyle can decorate woman's head in the most responsible and solemn moment. To make the hair to long hair, it is necessary to stock up on some of the materials at hand: pins, rubber bands, clips, hair dryer, ironing or curling.

Beautiful hairstyles for long hair. Spit on long hair

The classic French braid

Spit on the long hair - it's very beautiful and quite easy! If you have at least basic weaving skills to do something for you so stacking is not difficult. This type of packing is suitable for everyday use, or in the event of celebrations.

Before creating braids zacheshite hair back. Divide them into three parts at the base of hair. After that, take the right strand and place it over the middle. Next, you need to act in a similar way with the left half. Put it on top of crossed strands. The first braid member is ready. In order to make a second, take a strand, which was right, and supplement it with a small curl of free stacks. Then place it on the middle part. The left part in the same way should be processed: enter a new item and place on top of the established weaving. Proceed in the same until the end of the hair. When free of the end, continue to weave the braid ends. Then tighten the rubber band or hair barrette.

Beautiful hairstyles for long hair. Spit on long hair

"French waterfall"

It's no secret that evening hairstyles for long hair will be very impressive, if the shock is disbanded. However, this is not always a practical styling. Locks can quickly go awry and pushitsya. In this case, the ideal option would be hairdo "French waterfall". It is created on the basis of the classic French braid.

Comb the hair towards the rear. After this, select the three strands on one side of the head at the temple. With conventional netting create a first element. Next, take the free part of the hair at his temple and pass it through the braid. Create a second element. Likewise miss another strand through the netting. So, create a braid, which will end at the opposite temple. Secure the netting using beautiful hairpins. Hanging locks should treat curling. Remember, the smaller will be the wavelength, the more volume will seem styling.

Beautiful hairstyles for long hair. Spit on long hair

Kos "Boho"

There is another version of the original hairstyles with bangs. Long hair in this case will be woven into a braid part. Most of the work will be carried out with a bang.

Zacheshite bangs to one side. After that, select one piece from the end and two more take from the top of the head. Begin twisting parts together, gradually adding new elements and moving to the opposite side of the head. When the braid is complete, you need to fasten it firmly clasp or rubber band. The remaining hair can be treated at your discretion. They can be screwed in using curling irons or straighten utjuzhkom. Graduation hairstyles for long hair with a "boho" elements also look very nice and impressive. To create such a placement you need to continue a similar weave. Take three parts in one ear and start to move to another, interweaving elements together. When the goal is achieved, secure the braid with the help of hairpins. Third braid should be created in a similar manner. As a result, on the one side of the head, you get three free locks (two of the main mass of hair and one of bangs). Twist elements together and place the hair in a bundle. Be sure to sprinkle a stacking need fixing means.

Beautiful hairstyles for long hair. Spit on long hair

Tie tail to weave the elements of

There is also an option with braided hairstyles for everyday image. This styling will fit almost every woman who wants to open the face and look sternly. Despite the weaving elements styling seems more stylish than solemn.

Gather hair at the back in a tight ponytail. If you have curly hair, then they should start to straighten utjuzhkom. Thereafter, the free edge and comb select two thin strands on the edges. Apply the right side to the left. Next, take another thin curl to the left and slide it to the right side. Repeat for the left and the part: select strand and place it on the right side. In this way, continue to twist the details among themselves, moving towards the end. When the "fish tail" is finished, fasten a rubber band or hair barrette.

Beautiful hairstyles for long hair. Spit on long hair

High beam

Trendy hairstyles for long hair can be created very easily. However, these look stylish and impressive styling. Hairstyle in form of a high beam can be used in everyday life as well as for festive events.

Lower your head down and collect a high ponytail. After that comb the free edge and begin to twist out of his harness. Hair themselves are wrapped and stacked in a neat bun. When the hair is completely rolled up, secure the ends by means of inconspicuous gum or studs. Such a beam can be decorated if desired accessory in the form of a flower or a bow.

Beautiful hairstyles for long hair. Spit on long hair

Low beams

If you have a rather dense and lush hair, one beam will look quite bulky. What to do in this case? An ideal goal would be to create several stranded elements. These hairstyles for long hair step by step to create very simple.

Zacheshite mop back and divide it into three parts. Take the first one item and begin to twist it. When the hair will fall into a bun and secure it with the invisible. Repeat for the second and the third strand. When all the elements are created, sprinkle with varnish hairstyle. All bundles must lie as low as possible at the base of the neck. This installation is quite simple, stylish and beautiful.

Beautiful hairstyles for long hair. Spit on long hair

Summary of

Now that you know how to make beautiful and original hairstyles for long hair. Remember that if you have thick hair, which has a greater length then you are not restricted to the creation of pilings. Experiment and invent new beautiful and trendy hairstyles. Take care of yourself and always be beautiful!