The most expensive artifact of World War II

Collectors all over the world scouring the auctions and websites in search of unique items from the Second World War. Hooked on this tragic era of people are willing to pay any money for their favorite artifacts, which often cost a fortune. We picked up a list of things sold at auction and to set price records.

The most expensive artifact of World War II

Mercedes Hitler for

10 million

The record-holder among the most expensive artifacts World is an armored Mercedes Benz 770k, which belonged to Adolf Hitler. After the war the car was hit by the car dealer Michael Frohlich. The new owner has studied archival documents and photographs, and proved that it is at this parade Mercedes moved the head of the Third Reich. After 1945, the car was in Austria, later in Las Vegas, and then it was bought by a businessman from Munich.

The most expensive artifact of World War II

In 2009, Mercedes Benz 770k, which belonged to Adolf Hitler for 10 million euros bought billionaire from Moscow, who requested anonymity.

Hawker Hurricane Fighter 2, 6 million

British single-seat fighter Hawker Hurricane produced in 1942 and sold in the 2000s to 2, 6 million US dollars. During the war, the car belonged to the Canadian Air Force and participated in patrolling the East Coast of North America. Plane and it is now in working order and depart.

The most expensive artifact of World War II

Set of military decorations for nearly a million dollars

In 2011, online auction Spink & Son 990 thousand US dollars sold set of awards of the Australian soldier Edward Kenna. The buyer chose to remain anonymous. Awards were sold in the kit, and experts believe that the main asset of a kit is a Victoria Cross medal - the highest award of the British Army. Cross valued at half a million dollars.

The most expensive artifact of World War II

Kenn Edward received an award in 1945 for self-destruction of the Japanese machine-gun crew. For unknown reasons, the relatives decided to sell the medals Kenna, although western countries it is very rare.

Hitler Writing Instruments

For objects that once belonged to Adolf Hitler especially hunting collectors from around the world. In December 2011, the Alexander Autographs auction house put up for sale writing instruments Hitler, who stood on his desk. Artifact looks like a massive bronze stand with inkwells, engraved with the initials of the Fuhrer and the emblem of Nazi Germany.

The most expensive artifact of World War II

After the war, writing materials brought from Germany, the US Army Lieutenant Jack McCone. They sold the artifact for 422,000 dollars. Historians have found that support was in a Munich office of Hitler, and that a decree on the division of Czechoslovakia was signed by him in 1938.

Letters of Anne Frank

One of the symbols of Nazi crimes was the Jewish girl Anne Frank, who passed the horrors of concentration camps. The fate of the child embodies the tragedy of all humanity. In 1988, an unknown person has got two letters and a postcard of Anne Frank, which she wrote to her sisters. Purchase cost of 165 thousand dollars, in terms of the present course of the amount of 328,000 US dollars.

The most expensive artifact of World War II

cipher machine "Enigma"

The first samples of cipher machines "Enigma" was produced in 1920 year. During the Second World War, with their help, the German headquarters encrypt their orders and reports. British code-breakers could solve the code, although the likelihood of this become 150 000 000 000 000 000 000 by one.

The most expensive artifact of World War II

After the war many machines have taken in Britain and the United States. In 2011, one of which sold at Christie's auction for 133,000 pounds, to switch to dollars is 208 thousand. The high cost of the lot due to the fact that this machine was used in the filming of "Enigma".

Gun Hitler Guard

Adolf Hitler paid special attention to their own safety. Fear of the Führer for his life intensified after a series of unsuccessful attempts, organized by his generals. Night Hitler Protection distributed guns "Luger", equipped with flashlights and firing tracer bullets.

The most expensive artifact of World War II

One of the guns was sold at Rock Island auction for 161 thousand dollars, huge money for this artifact.