5 real-life stories, when a person is "the street" luck in Hollywood

There are many cases where career actors started randomly, due to their extremely improbable visual appeal. They catch the eye to the right people, just walking down the street or eating in a restaurant, or even verbally abusing the bank's staff.

5 real-life stories, when a person is

However, before their names became known to everyone, they still take at least one or two acting classes.

Much more surprising stories, in which the world glory falls on the heads of people who have never thought about acting, or even do not want to do it. Here are a few of these stories ...

The main role in the drama "Beasts of No Nation" has played an ordinary boy who just skip class

"Beasts of No Nation" - a film about a child who becomes a soldier. She made millions of viewers to reflect on the sad reality of our days, and at the same time wonder where the hell they found such a young actor capable of playing such a difficult role.

5 real-life stories, when a person is

Maybe it's just a subtle and undersized grown man like Tom Cruise? Nothing like this! Moreover, the creators of the film and look for something he did not have to. He caught their eyes on the street of Accra, Ghana's capital, where they were held shooting. The boy was just playing football with their peers, skipping school classes.

The film crew first conducted a casting through local television and radio, but this event attracted only children from wealthy native families. Because it was a film about child soldiers, and not advertising toothpaste, assistant director in charge of the selection of the cast, was forced to use a different, not entirely, by the way, a safe, a way of casting: wander through the slums of Accra, engaging in conversations with random counter boys .

5 real-life stories, when a person is

One of them was 13-year-old Abraham Atta, who was seen playing football with the same idlers like himself. Atta did not first become interested in the idea of ​​screen tests, but the other kids "kind of forced" him to go to watch, which is another proof of the use of violence and intimidation.

In the process of listening to the boys showed scenes of war films and asked to reproduce them. Atta was selected approximately a thousand children. So, remember, boys and girls, the secret is simple for success: do not go to school, subject only to peer pressure, and one day you, too, in the end, you can win a film award "Independent Spirit" and star in the movie "Spider-Man".

In the Oscar-winning comedy "Up in the Air" laid-off employees have played ... these dismissed employees

5 real-life stories, when a person is

In the movie "Up in the Air," George Clooney starred as an expert on "Assistance in optimization of personnel", ie a person who "knocks out" people with the work (even to much better, as usual, raised in the air bad guys with a stolen atomic bomb). Naturally, director Jason Reitman took a lot of actors who have portrayed to fire people, but they suddenly had problems. He tried to write for them replicas, but it looked and sounded terribly out of tune. Apparently, the film director, whose father was also a film director, does not understand anything in the psychological aspects of unemployment, simply because of the complete lack of experience.

Reitman then simply struck out of the "actors" and hired people who really just been fired. Given that the film was shot in America in 2009, to find such was not hard. Reitman made a false announcement of the documentary film about the people who lost their jobs, and has received several hundred applications. Then the director turns sat hundred laid-off workers in front of the camera while interviewing them, and then asked to portray as if they had just been fired. As a result, 25 of them were in the film. Surely, suddenly be part of this film was to them a little miracle. However, what was the rest of the 75, which immediately after the dismissal did not take in a movie about the dismissal?

These scenes set the tone for the entire film, quite seriously, about America during the Second Great Depression, not allowing the script to focus entirely on the rich handsome, which is over two hours continuously ironically, though very elegant.

In the American horror film "The Return of the Living Dead 3" I got the role of a zombie ordinary homeless because he and no make-up look like zombies

5 real-life stories, when a person is

zombie movies are usually not attracted to the cultural public, and particularly respected connoisseurs of cinema does not look, but if they made an exception for the film "The Return of the Dead 3", the first verdict certainly would, "shocking acting job." However, what is surprising? For one of these roles, assistant director of the homeless just grabbed one of Los Angeles streets, properly washed, and then covered with dirt, but at the Hollywood style.

This vagabond named Clarence Epperson. He was hired after director Brian Yuzna noticed drifter wandering around the territory of the local airport. He was found suitable for the role because of the thin lanky figure and ability to make strange guttural sounds, which may well be associated with reanimated corpses. Epperson eclipsed all the other zombies after an episode where a corpse suddenly comes to life and takes a bite fingers careless technique. However, according to those present at the shootings, real terror gripped them at the moment when his rather small dress in the style of comedy "Borat" was ripped and exposed the old man's genitals.

5 real-life stories, when a person is

According to the comments to the film, to shoot scenes with zombies took more than one day, so the crew took off for Epperson room near the motel that he, God forbid, will not be lost. Curiously, the new-found "Hollywood star" perfectly adapted to the extravagant lifestyle of celebrities, all of a sudden need to increase his fee and submit a limousine to travel to the set. He even appeared on the actor's party where professional factory dating in hopes of getting a new engagement.

Alas, Epperson no longer destined to appear on the screen, and in retrospect, the whole thing with his film career looks like a complete bummer. It's a pity.

The woman got a role in the movie "Gone Baby Gone," thanks to his virtuosity profanity

5 real-life stories, when a person is

In his directorial debut, "Gone Baby Gone," Ben Affleck did not rely on the star power of such Hollywood heavyweights like Morgan Freeman, Ed Harris and Casey Affleck (surprisingly, it generally was able to get the phone the last number). To achieve complete authenticity, Affleck hired in Boston local hard workers and gave them a dialogue in my film. The most notable was Jill Kuigg that does not even go through the whole selection process, after the director heard her swear.

According to Amy Ryan, who plays the careless mother a drug addict, once this "crazy noisy woman" just accidentally walked onto the set to pick up his son. Stumbling on the fence, it has issued such a tirade in the style of Tarantino, which was supposed to ba give her a place in the film is better, as is now clear. According to another version, Kuigg masterful obmaterila neighbor when his dog scared her little son. Whatever it was, this barrage of abuse touched the heart Affleck. The director immediately took her to the role of Dottie's best friend character Ryan on the script of the film.

Although Dottie was less than ten minutes of screen time, Kuigg was very helpful behind the scenes. Ryan says that she received from her a lot of help when needed to get rid of New York's reprimand, and Affleck did not give her a chance to listen to authentic Boston speech. Kuigg later appeared in the film "Fighter" by David Russell in the role of one of the 27 (or so), a foul-mouthed sisters Mark Wahlberg. It was her last role, but because, in the end, she and her mother on Affleck Wahlberg! What else can dream of an actor?

Casting for the film "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" is engaged in used car salesman

5 real-life stories, when a person is

The legendary Milos Forman's "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" was filmed in this mental hospital, quite simply, one of the mental hospitals in Oregon. Many members of the crew and the actors were probably exempt from criminal liability due to complete insanity, such as Pyro, who worked in a group of decorators. That the director of the hospital could do with this mess? Probably not very much, because he was too busy filming himself in the film in the role of supervisor Jack Nicholson.

Meanwhile, the person who posted in the picture for the selection of actors, was a used car dealer and leading rodeo representations on behalf of Mel Lambert, who got a job, sitting next to Michael Douglas in an airplane. Douglas was the producer of the film and mentioned in conversation that the crew need someone who can play the "leader", the Indian Bromdena, a huge silent mental hospital inmate, who assigned a significant role in history.

5 real-life stories, when a person is

Six months later, Lambert called Douglas and said, "Michael, the other day I came across the biggest son of a bitch Indian in the world!" It was William Sampson, a member of the show kind that Lambert saw at the fair in the town of Yakima, Washington.

Producers had to send "the guys on horseback" to find Sampson's somewhere in the mountains, and to tell him that some of the Hollywood celebrities wanted to, he starred in a film about psychiatric patients, despite the fact that he had never tried acting. Heck, he was almost two meters tall and also red! Sampson long stubborn. After that Lambert was instructed to dial 35 actors who have played the patients. He, without thinking twice, I placed advertisements, which offers interesting and lucrative jobs for those whose appearance "is able to scare the wolves in the forest," or those "at the sight of the people who is ill."

The director wanted to give this place a special, sinister atmosphere, and at the same time is likely to make Danny DeVito and Christopher Lloyd looked a sex symbol from the rest.