Black diamond jewelry which is used? Ring with Black Diamond

In recent years, rapidly increased in popularity with accessories colored diamonds, particularly among which is Carbonado - black diamond. In the vast world of jewelry ornaments with a black diamond, perhaps, the most unusual and delicious. This stone has a special charm and gives the appearance of mystery owner. It fascinates and attracts the views of some inexplicable magnetism.

become acquainted with the "black king"

Black diamond jewelry which is used? Ring with Black Diamond

Black Diamond is one of those rare gems that are extremely hard to find, and its treatment requires much time and cost much effort. Other gems it is different in that it completely absorbs the rays of light. With its brilliant luster, black diamond reflects light many facets.

Black Diamond has the same properties, shape and structure as pure diamonds - it is very hard and durable. Its black color it is obliged to microscopic graphite inclusions. Due to such a structure, this mineral natural diamond has a jet black color. Modern jewelers, exposing his fine and careful cutting, fully reveal the richness and depth of color of the gem.

Classic at all times

Black diamond jewelry which is used? Ring with Black Diamond

Products with black diamonds can rightly be attributed to the works of jewelry art. In any style and any combination they are attractive and flawless. In today's collections range of models with various ornaments presented Carbonado. Of course, it rings and earrings, pendants with unusual shapes and chic necklace. With this look perfectly white diamond gold and silver, and platinum. It is often combined with other stones to create a striking contrast. Any product with black diamonds differ marvelous combinations and unusual patterns. They are infinitely different, but always aristocratic and respectable. Jewelry with black diamonds will never go out of style and will remain the epitome of elegance. Giving preference to products with this noble stone, you will always look refined and stylish. Magic black diamond does not fade even after many years, attracting more than one generation bottomless depths of their dark faces.

Male or female?

Men are not too eager to adorn themselves with pure diamonds. Thanks to the classic black color, the black diamond is often seen as "male diamond". The combination of black tuxedo and a car with a jet-black diamond in a ring perfectly underlines the excellence and elegance of style of its owner. Representatives of a strong half of mankind appreciate the restraint and business the appearance of products with the stone.

Black diamond jewelry which is used? Ring with Black Diamond

Today black diamonds for the same reason became favorites and successful business women. Products with a black diamond look stylish and elegant. Such decorations are appropriate not only on the occasion of a business dinner, but during the negotiations in the afternoon. On the other hand, luxury jewelry with black diamonds on a background of mink fur coats, sure to please any secular fashionista. Every lady wants to emphasize its image of exquisite diamond jewelery.

In any case, the owners of products with this unusual and mysterious stone will be very proud to have such a miracle in its collection.

Select the ring

Today, anyone can buy a ring with a black diamond to your liking. Jewelry collections are constantly replenished and female and male models. Design can be very concise and exquisitely elegant, satisfying even the most fastidious taste. When choosing a ring, prefer rings with one large Carbonado. cut stone in a ring form can be very diverse - oval, rectangle, heart, or drop. If you want to feel the power of the black diamond, you need to choose a diamond in a few carats of round or square shape. The ring itself may also have a very original look - swirls, hearts, paths. Of course, the ring may not be one but several diamonds.

Black diamond jewelry which is used? Ring with Black Diamond

This diversity will help you find jewelry like anyone, regardless of sex, age and character. Ring, black diamond which is combined with other precious stones, do not just decorate any woman of fashion, but also, of course, draw attention to such original decoration.

Lovers of unusual

The extraordinary beauty of different decorations, which use black and white diamonds, thanks to the amazing contrast of these two colors.

Modern jewelers often combine these precious stones, creating a beautiful luxury collection. Very harmonious look jewelry weave of black and white in the form of a snake.

Black diamond jewelry which is used? Ring with Black Diamond

A special place in the jewelry world took wedding rings, decorated with black diamonds. This is a unique and luxurious, especially with the addition of white diamonds. Wedding ring with a black diamond represents independence, power, and riches, and looks very expensive. Therefore, the future spouses increasingly prefer such an unusual and trendy jewelry.

Elegant decoration for every day

Earrings with black diamonds are sure to be a welcome gift for any woman from the spouse or a close friend. Such a surprise sure to impress. Any earrings black diamond make expensive and stylish. They never become the attribute of mass fashion for a long time will remain unique and exclusive.

Black diamond jewelry which is used? Ring with Black Diamond

Amazing look like neat earrings for everyday wear as well as more refined or sophisticated black and white earrings to go out in the evening. Decoration with two types of diamonds look luxurious, and they should be put on only for special occasions. Make-up at the same time must be very quiet, and the dress is not too revealing. Black diamonds in a magical duet with white make them the owner of the object of admiring glances.

A great choice for an affordable price

It should be noted that the black diamond jewelry in fashion newcomer as a gloss and a new value he bought not so long ago. The cost of this diamond is significantly lower than other colored stones. Obvious advantage possessed by the black diamond - the price of which is relatively low and amounts to 500-1500 dollars for 1 carat. Buying diamond jewelry for much less money can be an excellent alternative when choosing jewelry masterpiece. Such decorations can not love, they can only admire.

Black diamonds - pieces of the night sky, which fell in the palm of

Black diamond jewelry which is used? Ring with Black Diamond

Purchase items with black diamond - it's not only the acquisition of the status of fine jewelry. It is believed that those who possess this natural masterpiece, accompanied by constant success. It is this rare and difficult stone magically opens the one who touches to him constantly, unknown powers and knowledge. Astrologers believe that the stone has healing properties due to the fact that combines the powers of heaven Pluto and the Sun in Aries, and this is a very imperious and influential patrons. Black Diamond is the patron of those born under the signs of Leo and Cancer. For those who are initiated into the mysterious and fascinating world of gems and become the owner of the black diamond is much more than just buy an exquisite and original decoration. His master the diamond will bring energy and luck. It is believed that the larger the diamond, the greater the impact of the stone on its owner.

Black diamond represents power, wealth and mystery. It causes an inexplicable sense of mystery and beauty that is timeless. Stone may well be the highlight of any jewelry masterpiece. Diamonds color black night is not amenable to the vagaries of fashion, they are able to become a legislator.