Participants of the "Star Factory", who could not succeed

"Star Factory" - a project that was supposed to open the way to the young performers in the world of show business. But, as it turned out, not all the participants of the show managed to achieve success. We collected stories "manufacturers" whose lives after being evicted from the "star house" there was not the best way.

Ratmir Shishkov

Participants of the

Participation in "Star Factory - 4" was to Ratmir Shishkov real creative breakthrough. This story is just a boy from a Roma family who managed to break through on the big stage. Ratmir on the project met with the same budding star - Timati, Dominique Joker and Anastasia Kochetkova. Together the guys founded the popular group "Banda".

From the first appearance on Ratmir stage has an army of fans. And it probably would have waited at least a successful career than his colleagues on "Star shop", but life decided otherwise. In the night from 21 to 22 March 2007 in Moscow at the intersection of Garden and Savior Orlikova street and alley was a terrible accident - Mercedes, driven by a Ratmir, he crashed into a passing Volkswagen. singer machine at high speed drove into the curb and exploded. No one managed to survive from passengers.

Two hours after the tragedy at Shishkov's daughter, Stephanie. After the incident, the guys from the "Gang" Shishkov dedicated the song "My brother," and Timothy even made a tattoo in memory of a close friend. At the funeral, the singer attended by all the teachers and participants of the fourth "Factory", for which his death was a real shock.

Maria Alalykina

Participants of the

Alalykina Maria was one of the most prominent member of the first season of "American Idol", a favorite of audiences and mentors. The group "Factory" the girl reached the final and took the second place. Prospects were more than promising, but when she appeared in his debut music video collective "About love," Mary suddenly decided to leave the scene. As it turned out, that there were several reasons. At first, the girl's parents stubbornly insisted that she started studying at the university and left the concert. And later in life Alalykina appeared lover. Lawyer Alex Zuenko had such a strong influence on the girl that marrying him, she converted to Islam, changed her name to Mary and wore the hijab. Maria dreams of fame and crowds of fans suddenly became sharply condemn what worked before. Speech to a male audience now seemed to her wrong and shameful.

After some time after the wedding, the couple's daughter was born. However, the marriage did not last long: a few years Alalykina husband left to her close friend. Now the singer is trying to build a career as a translator. She translates texts from Russian to Arabic and vice versa, as well as working with materials in European languages.

Irson Kudikova

Participants of the

Music career Irson Kudikova began at age 15 when she fell into the group of "Children of vinyl." But the real glory was brought to her participation in the project "Star Factory", where she noticed Alla Pugacheva and later became her mentor.

After the show Irson signed a contract with Igor Matvienko and began performing solo program. Later, she met with rapper Snoop Dogg and recorded with him Replay song that gave a new impetus to his career. Soon, however, the singer's life came streak.

In 2015, Diva Kudikova filed for a lawsuit demanding the return of 200 thousand dollars and 7 million rubles in the framework of their joint project Future Star. The girl was not a huge amount, and repayment of the debt she gave Alla Borisovna his apartment on the street in Moscow Gilyarovskogo. Of course, the rest of Irson yet simple, but it clearly had a difficult life. By the way, about the same time Kudikova severed relations with her husband Alexei Nusinov from which two children.

Daria Klyushnikova

Participants of the

In the 14 years Daria Klyushnikova so eager to win on "American Idol -5" that tricked the jury (according to the rules of the casting, the inhabitants of the "star house" must be at least 16 years -.. Ed.), And became the most youngest participant of the project. The first place to take it failed, but after filming the girl for some time acted group "Netsuke" with "fabrikantka" Aksinya Verzhak Julian Karaulova.

Build a solo career after leaving the band Dasha failed. Then Klyushnikova decided to devote himself to the family. In 2012 she married actor Alexei Yanin, and soon the couple had a son Andrew. But the idyll did not last long. In 2015, the singer's wife suddenly had a stroke, after which he was for one and a half years in a coma. In an effort to quickly put her husband on Darier legs had to arrange the collection of funds for his treatment. Thanks to the love and care of his wife at the end of 2016 Alex still came out of the coma, began to talk and get to know others. Now Klyushnikova making every effort to complete recovery favorite.

Philip Chinyanga

Participants of the

Philip Chinyanga grew up in one of the children's houses Belgorod. From early childhood, he began to take an interest in music and performing in various city competitions. In 2007, Philip went to conquer the capital and became a member of "American Idol -7". But to succeed in Man, alas, it did not happen: he left the show at the first reporting gig. Konstantin Meladze promise for further collaboration were empty. Chinyanga returned home, where he was immediately drafted into the army. Pay off debts homeland, the guy left the dreams of the big stage.

Marianne Beletskaia

Participants of the

Muscovite Marianne Beletskaia had a craving for music and public appearances since his childhood. Everyone who knew the talented girl, she predicted a successful future. After graduating from the State Musical College of pop-jazz art, Marianne for some time was a member of the group "Singing Together".

After the collapse of the team she participated in the second "Star Factory". But she managed to survive a couple of months. Then, as she Beletskaia claimed she completely revised its outlook on life and realized that was not created for the stage.

Marianne felt a strong urge to faith and found comfort in God's service. One day, passing by the church, the former "fabrikantka" saw the announcement of a set of musicians in the church choir, and decided to try his hand. For a long time Beletskaia sang in the choir, in parallel laboring at the reception in one of the capital banks. Now she teaches choral singing children in a studio at the church.