Contactless battle: Fundamentals, System and Technology. How to learn the technique of non-contact fight?

Man, a virtuoso who owns a certain martial art, can always feel safe. In a dark alley to it actually fit just ask what time it is. Seeing the hurt weak, he can boldly stand up for him. Recently, more and more often say the phrase "non-contact fight."

Contactless battle: Fundamentals, System and Technology. How to learn the technique of non-contact fight?

What lies behind these words? Maybe that is what art is useful to both men and women, far from physical perfection?

What attracts?

Noisy fight with a smash on his head and folding benches on the side of the jaw is not in vogue for a long time; real ace fighting quietly and intelligently, not even changing clothes in your favorite sweat pants. At the end of the battle enemies are unconscious, and the hero carefully straightens my hair and continued his walk, he managed to cleverly comment on the situation. It looks like a movie? Not at all, it is a picture involves contactless battle. How to learn this? According to the video, how to solve the majority of, or enroll in specific courses? Generally, Is it possible to learn to fight so that, without even touching the enemy, disrupt his calm and poise? First of all it is good to understand that art is a non-contact combat.


Martial arts can handle pretty soon with a dozen heavily armed enemy agents, and to do everything easily and smoothly. No doubt, this is a very nice and impressive. Virtuoso recognized contactless battle. How to learn to strike, striking from a distance?

Contactless battle: Fundamentals, System and Technology. How to learn the technique of non-contact fight?

After all, the enemy at the same time can not touch or hands or body! It is supposed to use a hypnotic effect on the audience. The master must affect a person's aura, his consciousness. There are professionals who are able to show a master class and friendly audience, but beginners need some fighters entourage. But what effect! No bruises and contusions, broken fingers or dirt on the clothes! Learn to contactless battle against your opponent, you can stand up for themselves without imposing mass and bulging biceps. Here it swinging strength of mind and will. By the way, we can say that touching the enemy still have a place to be. But sometimes it touch his sore spots and always insight into his comfort zone.

The beginning of the path

So, first of all we need to believe in themselves and the reality of the intended result. In other words, going out to battle, one must understand that the enemy will break its energy exclusively.

Contactless battle: Fundamentals, System and Technology. How to learn the technique of non-contact fight?

To a future fighter mastered the basics of non-contact combat, he was told various legends and stories about those who started this movement. If at this stage do not believe in themselves, it is pointless to continue further. The process of self-discovery, during which perhaps reveal other aspects and talents of the individual. It becomes calmer character and the person becomes more and more self-confidence. He knows himself. Knowledge of the human body structure helps in strikes and in their adoption. Therefore it is necessary to study it thoroughly. A person with certain knowledge has the advantage compared to the cheerleader, because he can foresee the reaction of his and others' bodies on the blow. Next, the fighters in pairs and power train each other. If the impact is not energy, the impact is empty and meaningless, and if the energy is splashing over the edge, the blow himself, and is not needed. We can say that in the process of learning comes some trance, because reduced criticality of perception.

Contactless battle: Fundamentals, System and Technology. How to learn the technique of non-contact fight?

In practice, immersed in a trance can be almost anyone, using traditional methods.

into a trance

During a workout, the movement should be soft and slow. The main thing - to repeat the path of real shock and copy the responses to them. But that is not the parody, and in making energy impact in the inner feeling of the correct action. Attention is not focused on the external level, and in the domestic. In the center are placed bodily sensations. For care in a trans person tends to overload the brain impulses, which made a lot of touches, bumps and tweaks. The body knows what pain is, and the person should grasp their reaction to pain, to competently conduct non-contact martial arts. In the next phase of training conducted surveillance of the more experienced fighters, and most capable may be eligible for a demonstration of acquired skills. Incidentally, the rapid progress in education indicate a high hypnotizability person, that is, its ability to enter into a phase with a minimum level of criticality. During the demonstration battles there is always mandatory conditions: in particular, it is impossible to resist their own feelings. If the pull to bend or fall, you have to give in to this desire.

Contactless battle: Fundamentals, System and Technology. How to learn the technique of non-contact fight?

In real life, it is prohibited to use non-contact fight until there is no proper practice. We must not forget that practice is necessary in two directions: to influence others and to succumb to the effects of another. The fall of the hidden impact means that the energy channels are open to influence.

In practice,

contactless battle system involves a large number of training and a good response, but the trouble is that in a real fight it will not work on the street, as the opponent is not unconscious communication. So, exercise does not make sense? It would be too hasty conclusion. In practice, in the banal street brawl is unlikely to be the time to act thoughtfully and carefully, and adrenaline in such moments rolls. It should be possible to concentrate and physical touch to put your energy. Therefore, in the street fight will still be contact, but less energy-intensive.

Contactless battle: Fundamentals, System and Technology. How to learn the technique of non-contact fight?

By the way, unconscious bond helps with pair work contributes to greater trust between two people, so it's a good idea for couples who want to diversify their everyday lives. Develop an unconscious connection helps simple children's games, such as tag or cotton on the arm speed. This will not aggression, but the reaction of Practice. If it is paired fast, the partners will step back in time from each other. There is a danger to get excited energy passes and then the conditioned reflex will be triggered every time you meet with an energy partner.

SWAT Secrets

Once the channel Ren-TV showed a documentary about contactless battle Lavrov. Alexander Lavrov - Colonel who your core business has made remote handling equipment. According to him, non-contact fighting still exists, moreover referred to the highest level in martial arts. If there are no forces to physically stand in sparring, such a technique is not too tough.

Contactless battle: Fundamentals, System and Technology. How to learn the technique of non-contact fight?

In general, the technique of non-contact fight did not appear out of nowhere, all these methods are under a theory of Bernstein on the levels and distribution of building movement. The essence of the theory is that dissonance in the nervous system, causing the enemy involuntary movements, disorientation in space and misses. Contactless battle Lavrov mastered in several stages. First you need to master the ability to fit in with the enemy's speed of action when his attack, which gives an advantage due to the delayed reaction of the enemy. For example, in the case if the opponent makes a capture, he retracts that part of the body that wants to grab.

Next steps for

The second stage - is a technique of non-contact battle with the adjustment to the enemy. If "someone else catch the wave", it is possible to start a backlash, that is, to force the opponent to make the necessary actions and modify them to your advantage. If the adjustment is completed, you get an exemplary non-contact fight. Psychotechnics plays an important role in the interaction, so you need to tune into an appropriate way, to calm down and go to the third stage, namely the introduction of noise in the visual analyzer of the enemy. As taught Lavrov, this step is a compound of the first two stages. For example, hit the enemy threatens the head. It is necessary to get into the speed of his actions, create the visual illusion of lengthening his arms and customizable for her opponent.

Teacher Lavrov

If about Aleksandraova Lavrov said that he is a master, and its contactless battle commandos takes on arms then what is carried in the mass of his teacher Alexey Kadochnikov? It turns out that he has his own system, demonstrated in the movie "Pain reception." Furthermore, Kadochnikov demonstrated art contactless battle practice, entering the pre-defined state resembling trans. The spectacle was very impressive, because Kadochnikova attacked from different sides of people with arms and without it. But all this mass of soldiers flew in all directions, although seemingly very Alexey Kadochnikov remained almost motionless, did not make any sudden movements, and general appearance remained calm. In general, the view was enchanting, though of course there were those whom it is absolutely not impressed. At the end of a Kadochnikova approached Lavrov Vishnevetskii and on stage climbed a hefty kick-boxer, ridiculed contactless battle and spoke in favor of physical impact. In response, the master raised concerns about the health of kick-boxer and asked to postpone the meeting at a convenient time and place, namely in the gym the next day. Boxer agreed and left the room with a group of his friends. Next story can continue only by hearsay. It is said that the meeting took place, and the boxer refused to comment. Kadochnikov also based on Bernstein's theory, but mainly in their demonstrations said that Russian non-contact fight - not fiction, but a unique system that allows you to calmly and rationally reflect enemy attacks, making a noise in his nervous system. Thus you can achieve downturn self-reliance, slips and falls. A fighter should be able to feel your opponent get into it and feel the speed of the thermal field of his hands.

The power of thought

Many philosophers talk about the power of thought developed man, but what gives this power as a result? Firstly, this power can belong only to a man of comprehensive development and intellectual. That is, such a force can not have people run itself in the physical plane. You can trust in this movie, which always make the main character a strong and hardy Man. Secondly, you need peace of mind, for which men often use meditation. Chronic diseases should be eliminated too. The power of thought enables a person to live a healthy lifestyle. There are Eastern and Western fighting techniques, which are based on different theories. So, eastern battle involves the circulation in the human body of various kinds of energy. A western based on a number of hypnosis and psychological techniques that you can create in a curved space and thus harm the opponent. During the development of the western battle for beginners will help the study of Neuro Linguistic Programming. But the study of Eastern battle will be easier in the study of acupuncture. By the way, has not been canceled, and the impact of voice, because there are cases when the war cry into fleeing enemies or wild animals. Of course, it affects the frequency of emitted sound, but it always works the effect of surprise and emotional message. To develop some interesting techniques you can try a capacity for non-contact combat. In the darkness, try to quickly release the head from thoughts. The faster it turns out, the better. Repeat until you need the best possible result. By the way, is a kind of meditation technique that helps to remember some things and take decisions, which previously were not given. Each person has weak points and find they are not so difficult, especially if we first find their own. It helps complete relaxation technique. self-waves should pass through his own body and energy must take place freely throughout the body. Good help is proper breathing technique. Most people do not do it through the diaphragm, which is not considered normal.

Notable fighters

History knows many artists who laid the foundations of non-contact combat. The most famous of O-Sensei, also named Morihei Ueshiba. He was the founder of Aikido. Contactless fight he showed, as the venerable old man, and they have had almost 40 years of fighting experience. It is known that the master engaged in cleansing the body and spirit with cold water, which he left every morning under the icy mountain waterfall.

A master Gerard Blaise was born in France, where he began to practice aikido and judo. Gérard had a lot of martial arts teachers. As a result, in 1996 he received 7th dan aikido. All in its kitty 48 years of experience as a master of martial arts. In advanced age he was interested in a non-contact fight. By the way, almost all of the masters come to contactless battle after 30-40 years of practice. Perhaps it is that comes the realization that it's not magic and mystical fiction, designed to maintain the image of the gray-haired elders. The non-contact fight is not pretentious novelties that can conquer the audience and attract other people. This battle allows you to interact with the enemy on the level of consciousness and attention, convey their energy positive or negative. This is not a separate style of martial arts, and the combination of all the knowledge acquired in conjunction with the power of the soul and the thought process.

Of course, there are those who absolutely do not believe in a non-contact combat, scoff at the adepts of this movement, and relates it to the legends or tales. Such people believe that the main audience of masters such fight is frightened spectators or fanatics who believe in any nonsense. Whether to dissuade such people? Probably does not make sense to convince those who do not need the information. But every person has the right to a free choice. In particular, a person can decide for himself whether he wants to develop his abilities. These masters of melee combat, conquer the summit, eager to go to the non-contact combat. But they do not relate to the enemy even a finger, ferrying their power through waves of energy and warmth of his rays.