Grayling in winter. Tackles for catching grayling in winter

As a close relative sig and salmon, umber resides only in waters of the North hemisphere. It is found in cold-water rivers and clear lakes, preferring those that pebble or rocky bottom. The share of Russian reservoirs account for the bulk of all subspecies of the family hariusovyh.


Grayling in winter. Tackles for catching grayling in winter

This fish is almost omnivorous. Usually it is feed are benthic organisms, such as crustaceans gammarus, larvae, mollusks and insects, accidentally falling into the pool -.. Lice, grasshoppers, horseflies, leafhoppers, etc. Do not miss a chance to eat grayling and other fish roe. Large individuals often eat their own fry, and sometimes can attack and on small mammals such as voles or shrews.

In the spring, in April, grayling, winter in deep holes along the lower reaches of rivers, leaves his "apartment" and rises, often under the ice close to the headwaters. And since the beginning of the flood he begins to enter the tributaries to reproduce.

Summer fishing for grayling

Open water to catch the fish after spawning until the end of autumn slope. It uses a variety of gear and methods. Immediately after ikrometa have starved grayling very active nibble. At this time it is caught in the wiring for the larvae of the bark beetle, worm, fry the pieces of meat or to himself. Rod used the middle order, but equipped with a fast-response track coil. Catch grayling both float, or without, especially in the fast jet. Experienced anglers know that releasing the fishing line from the reel, you need to tackle all the time to keep tight. The reason is that the grayling instantly gnaw nozzle, so you do not miss slicing down when biting, you can not hesitate.

Grayling in winter. Tackles for catching grayling in winter

In the summer of this fish is not lacking in the feed, and therefore seduce her on artificial bait is very difficult. angling success at the same time largely depends on the proper choice color and size of flies. Experienced anglers know a secret: the most accurate information possible to learn from the most production. If you open the stomach caught grayling, we can understand what the insect at the moment he prefers.

Winter fishing

This very beautiful fish in the shape of which in the first place attracts a large dorsal fin rainbow that looks like a sail, often can be found in the rivers of Siberia and the Russian North. With the installation of durable ice and begins catching grayling. In winter, at the beginning of December, in the rivers people fish it almost at the same sites as in the summer season, but gradually, with cooling, it rolls downstream, in the full-flowing and deep areas that do not freeze even in severe cold. Here, among the bottom holes and rapids, and in the course of winters this beauty.

It was once rampant grayling fishing in the winter in the Komi Republic and the Baikal. And today, he - rather frequent extraction fans of "quiet hunting".

Where to find

Grayling in winter. Tackles for catching grayling in winter

This relative sig - quite frisky fish, so catching grayling - winter or summer - a pleasure. But with the cold weather, he as though "becomes stupid", so it is believed that at this time it is even easier to catch. At the same time catching grayling in winter almost no way inferior to the summer: not to inflame passions, nor on emotion. And so it was successful, you need to prepare for it ahead of time. Find winter grayling may be difficult. Therefore, fishermen determine all the possible seat of the future production in the summer, trying their fishing on. Such portions can recognize the characteristic bursts. Ideally avid anglers all those places where it can be held successful grayling fishing in the winter, is applied to the card, which is their lotsiey after the onset of cold weather.

This fish does not hibernate at all whirlpools. Experienced hunters know how to find her. For this inlet drilled two holes, then a third in the middle and two at the end. The distance between them should be a little more than thirty centimeters.

Starting to catch five or ten minutes, and with the first hole. And if no bites, in this whirlpool did not catch it, and if they are still there, but few in number, to this place should go back again, but in the evening.

Grayling in winter. Tackles for catching grayling in winter


For grayling in winter is used most often with a long fishing rod with a nod and a large amplitude. Thickness of line - between 0 and 12 centimeters. Winter grayling in the rivers, where there is a strong current, and the freeze-up does not happen, many conducted with summer gear. Lovers can be found at the bottom sills, discharges of water - at any unfrozen area.

Grayling in winter in such places is made in wiring, using hooks or artificial flies. The sinker is put away: it shall not enter into the field of view of production. Leash use of no less than three hundred millimeters.


Grayling in winter. Tackles for catching grayling in winter

grayling in winter is equally good on the crank, and bark beetle larvae and worms, of course, if the fisher is possible to get it. In the opinion of many avid hunters, as bait very catchability this kind of like a minnow. Fishing this bait is almost always very successful.


Fishing grayling in the winter involves the use of large mormyshkas with pieces of wool, sometimes used for this purpose brown or red thread. As a rule, they are used in conjunction with a nozzle - worms, bloodworms, fresh fish pieces.

On pit grayling may well ignore the baited hooks, but he almost never skips past him little light lures that imitate fish. The game is played at a moderate pace with an amplitude of from twenty to thirty centimeters and, more importantly, with a slight pause. In places where a strong current, ice fishing use many soft spinning lures that are going into the arrangement with the jig.


Grayling in winter. Tackles for catching grayling in winter

For grayling winter varieties selected heavy with the weight of one gram. Playing with the jig should be slow. Some people think that does not hurt to equip the rod and additional hook tied on a short leash centimeters by fifteen or twenty higher jig. Thus sting should be directed downwards to avoid clues for hole edge.

As a nozzle used as burdock larvae and crank or maggot. In this case there is one feature of which is known only to experienced winter roads grayling will take only familiar to him packing, which always occurs in the familiar environment of its habitat. If this river Gammarus never been, it is not necessary to use it explicitly. Some of the most catchability paint nozzle: maggot - beet juice until a crimson color, and jig boiled in a strong salt solution. Such culinary experiments often yield good results.

Grayling in winter is possible, and using beznasadochnyh mormyshkas. In this case it is better to stop on a golden color. Catching on bezmotylku goes like this: you must first sudden twitching, during which the bait is raised above the floor level, then - the gradual lowering of the jig. A game many, judging from my own experience, consider truly effective.