Shaping Diet: effective exercises

To reduce excess weight, you need to show effort. Will help achieve the goal of proper nutrition and exercise. Shaping slimming includes simple exercises. An important condition - to fulfill them at a fast pace for an hour. Suffice it takes 3 times a week, then the effect is not long to wait.

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Watching and shaping can be not only in the gym, but also at home. The main thing - to perform each exercise at least 20 times. One can start from 10-15, gradually increasing the number of repetitions to 20-30.

Shaping Diet: effective exercises

From time to time it is necessary to measure the pulse. If it is less than 120 beats per minute, then the lack of cardio. Need to increase the pace to pulse was at the level of 120-140 beats per minute. Of course, provided that the person is healthy, and there are no restrictions of the attending physician.

In any case, doing shaping exercise to lose weight, watch your condition. If you feel a little tired, but you still have the strength to continue to do. If you know that you need to complete it, do breathing exercises and finish the workout.


Since it is necessary to begin training. Stand up straight, spreading the foot, so that they were at the shoulders. Pull the navel, posture straight. Begin to slowly lower body, sliding his hands down. The palms should touch your shoe or floor.

Get down on the exhale, slowly rise to the inspiration. After 17-22 repetitions can continue shaping slimming by going to its core. The following are exercises that are performed lying down. They are perfect for beginners.

The first exercise

Shaping Diet: effective exercises

It will help strengthen the abdominal muscles and thus reduce the stomach. Lie on your back on the mat, bend your legs at the knees, and hands - elbows. Get palms behind your head. On the inhale, lift your head a little helping hands currently. You should feel tense your abdominal muscles. On the exhale, take a starting position, head down. Start this exercise at a moderate pace, gradually accelerating. The first second lift your head, the second dip. Continue, but now try not to touch the shoulders of sex. Then shaping slimming will have a good effect on the abdominal muscles.

Over time, should further complicate the exercise. Once you have performed 20 times as described above, make more 10-20 almost the same, but one of the hands do not start at his head, and on the rise rushes forward.

Agree, it is easy to perform this shaping at home. Classes for weight loss, which is made from a prone position, will appeal to those who do not like to move a lot in a vertical position.

The second part of the class

Without getting up from the mat, lift the legs, bending at the knees. The upper part of the leg is parallel to the floor and ankle - perpendicular to it. Hands lie directly along the body. Inspiratory lift pelvis, foot lifted up, stay in this position, second descend. Then increase the pace.

Take the new starting position. Lying bend the right leg at the knee, put on his left foot sideways. Right arm, bent at the elbow, get behind your head. Helping himself it slightly turns left. In this case you will have to strain the obliques. Then follow this part of the load in a mirror image.

Shaping Diet: effective exercises

The last exercise "horizontal" complex

We continue shaping home. Sport diet will not only help to reduce waist size, but also to strengthen the legs. To do this, place the palm of your hand on the back of the neck, slightly raise the shoulders. Legs lift at an angle of 90 °, the prisognuv their knees. Lower alternately left and right leg, the feet touch the floor. Now follow the same straight legs, dropping to the floor only heels. Using presented shaping slimming, take an important condition. It is necessary to feel the muscle tension. If so, then you're doing well. In order for this exercise was sufficient load, do not lower the shoulders on the mat, they should be slightly on the weight of the press and leg.

Help to find out how effective is this shaping slimming reviews. Many people like the fact that these exercises are done lying down. You can turn on the TV to watch your favorite movie and engage. You can do on the ball.

Those who want to move, fit the following set. It is better to perform the music in a good mood to make exercise easier and more fun.

The active complex, a warm-up

Start with a warm-up. Legs arranged wider shoulder line at about 1, 5 times the foot slightly moved apart, arms down along the sides of the body.

Slightly crouched, spreading while in the side of the knee, at the same time raise your arms, cross them over your head. On the exhale, lower. Place the brush on the upper part of the legs, make a turn to the side, alternately in both directions. Then perform a few dance moves.

Shaping Diet: effective exercises

After the warm-up to the main part of the proceed. Shaping slimming home - is, above all, comfort, saving time and money on a hike in the fitness room.


Position yourself comfortably on the floor. Sitting on him, pull his legs bent at the knees to him. Palm place behind the back, lean on them. Put your left leg bent at the knee, left. Expand housing in the opposite direction. Take the right hand right heel, springy movements of the latter to tighten the thighs 10 times. Do this exercise alternately in different directions.

Shaping Diet: effective exercises

Get on all fours, his hands, his knees and ankles of the legs on the floor. Follow mahi ago. Active leg of this should be bent at the knee. Now lie down on one side. Leaning with his right hand, take swings sideways and backwards, bending the knee. Do not forget to do the exercises at first with one foot 20 times, then change the situation in the mirror and do as much again with the other foot.

Shaping Diet: effective exercises

After you have completed the exercises in the supine position and sitting, stand up, do the dance moves, then the load is uniform. While one group of muscles is trained, the other is resting.

Standing straight, turn the music prisgibaya knees, then to the right, then to the left. At the same time, which made a turn in the same direction rush both hands. At the end of the session, perform several quiet stretches. Muscles have warmed up, so the effect will be good. In addition, you will calm your breath and relax.

Shaping slimming women is useful not only for the figure, but also for health. After exercise to music improves mood, comes courage. After class, you need to go to the shower and did not immediately accept food and drink water at will. Then after exercise, the body will consume excess fat, and the intended effect is achieved.