What is kombucha, than it is useful to man, and how to grow it at home

What is kombucha, than it is useful to man, and how to grow it at home

Remember this slimy thing in the pot on the windowsill? It still needs to "feed" sweet tea, and in any case do not point fingers. Meet this meduzomitset or just Kombucha!

We publish a blog article "Zozhnik" that is kombucha and why it is useful to man.

What is kombucha

Kombucha, also known as Japanese mushroom, or even meduzomitset Medusomyces gisevi, and "mushroom" just in everyday life - a combination of acetic acid microorganisms and colonies of yeast. From the US to Europe and to us the fashion called Kombucha "Kombucha" (from the Japanese word "kombutya"), but in Spain and the south of France it is called "Hongo".

discoid fungus body, dense, smooth and shiny top, in the center of the colony living fungi and bacteria, which are involved in the processing of sugar, and the bottom meduzomitseta - a sprout zone consisting of hanging threads, formed colonies of bacteria. Mushroom growing, filling all the allotted space, so in an industrial scale it can reach a weight of 100 kg.

The more layers of the fungus, so it is stronger and healthier, but with such a difficult to manage - it is more difficult to remove from the jar, rinse properly. If your mushroom "fatter", remove one or two layers and give them to other fans of Kombucha, even grow.

What is kombucha, than it is useful to man, and how to grow it at home

The fungus lives in a transparent glass container, and eats sweet tea. variety of tea can be anything, and instead of sugar can add honey or fructose. You can replace tea herbal extract, but you can not use the teas and herbs that contain a lot of essential oils (eg, sage, pepper, chamomile, wild currant and a number of others). From these infusions meduzomitset can get sick. Yeast in living fungus, fermented sugar to form alcohol and carbon dioxide, and fungal bacteria oxidize ethanol to acetic acid. Through these processes 8% solution of sugar in the tea turns into a sweet and sour lightly carbonated beverage - "tea kvass."

Main components of the infusion meduzomitseta on sweet black tea - is gluconic and kojic acid, lactic acid, acetic acid and carbonic acid, small amounts of citric and malic acid sugar, caffeine, up to 2, 5% ethanol, vitamins B, C, D, PP various aromatic substances, enzymes protease, amylase and catalase.

What is kombucha, than it is useful to man, and how to grow it at home

Do not forget to once every two weeks to wash the tea jellyfish warm boiled water. And the fungus can be sent on vacation, if you ever need to take a break in production: fill it with boiling water or a weak solution of tea, let relax.

Useful properties of Kombucha drink

Tea brew has a slight antimicrobial (antibiotic) action, but due to the enzymes contained in the composition improves digestion. Protease helps cleave proteins into amino acids, amylase involved in the processing of carbohydrates and toxic catalase destroys hydrogen peroxide formed during the various oxidative processes in the body.

Back in 1929 a scientist in Germany conducted an experiment with the names of Kombucha: already knowing that the principal agent of Kombucha is gluconic acid, he poisoned the experimental rat, rabbit, dog and cat vitantolom. This drug has caused a sharp increase in the animals blood cholesterol levels, and they would certainly have died if the scientist did not introduce them to an infusion of tea fungus. The drug helped to bring cholesterol levels to normal. In 50-ies of XX century in the Yerevan Veterinary Institute at the Department of Microbiology, Professor and Associate Professor Danielyan Shakaryan developed methods to identify the active principle from the infusion of tea fungus, using the method of adsorption on ion exchange resins. They managed to isolate high antibacterial substances: crystalline bakteritsidin-CA, CB, CM, is completely devoid of toxic properties.

Around the same years, the therapeutic properties of tea fungus, in particular its concentrate meduzina, noted Professor Naumov. She tested the drug on rabbits, guinea pigs and white mice. Infecting rabbits experimental pneumococcal infection, diphtheria pigs, mice infected with salmonella and diphtheria bacteria, it introduces them to a preparation of tea fungus for several days and has achieved positive results in 80% of cases.

Doctors reasonably believe that the content of medicinal substances in the infusion of tea fungus is small, so it can not replace medication, it can be taken only as a preventive measure.

Concentration of nutrients in the infusion of tea fungus is optimum when its pH is in the range 4, 5-3, solution pH 5. At least 3, 5 begins rapid accumulation of acids. Drink at this stage is useful to use as many useful components, such as meduzin accumulate during long-term cultivation, but only in a diluted form as kobmucha already turning into vinegar, and its acidity is high.

How to care for Kombucha

If the infusion of tea fungus leave at room temperature, then after 1-2 weeks on the liquid surface of a thin semitransparent layer - colony of microorganisms which eventually turned into the same adult mushroom. Mushroom grow in this way it is possible, but difficult. It is better to find a donor from whom you come off a few layers. This is a normal process, mushrooms from this just in positive territory, but in the early days of the young fungus can lie on the floor or even a little pribolet and covered with spots. If in a week or two, he does not recover, then throw away and buy another.

What is kombucha, than it is useful to man, and how to grow it at home

on how you care for your kombucha, it depends not only taste, but also the chemical composition, and therefore the useful properties of the drink. The cycle is as follows: infusion merged, washed mushrooms, poured new sweet tea.

Find a home for mushroom jar (volume of not less than 3 liters) with a wide neck. It can not be kept in containers of mushroom metals other than stainless steel, because the acid produced by culture may be reacted with metals.

Prepare the nutrient mixture: for each liter of water put 2 teaspoons black or green tea, and 5 tablespoons of sugar. Completely dissolve the sugar, and strain the mixture: Welding particles should not be. Allow the tea to cool to room temperature, and then pour directly over meduzomitseta.

If your fungus is still young, then add a little tea fungus infusion of banks where he previously held as a "starting leaven" - about 1/10 of the total volume.

Maturation infusion: close the container with the fungus with gauze or paper towel. So Kombucha be able to breathe, but the gnats and dust will not penetrate into the jar. Jar in a dark place, and the warmer place - the ideal temperature of 22 to 25 ° C. After 4-6 days of infusion is ready for use.

Storage: ready to pour the drink into a glass container with a tight lid, and let it ripen in a cool place for 2-3 days - bacteria without air cease to function, and the yeast continues to work. Therefore, if the container is tightly closed, the gas resulting from the activities of the yeast will not be able to go out and you get a fizzy drink.

Mushroom in old age reaches a thickness of a few centimeters, so you can drink the extract on a daily basis directly from the banks, where he lives. Do not forget to fill up a new portion of the infusion of cold, sweet tea.

Keep a can of mushroom in the dark with good natural ventilation. Cold and direct sunlight inhibit the development of tea fungus, so it is best to keep him away from the window.

What is kombucha, than it is useful to man, and how to grow it at home

Do not pour sugar on Kombucha and place it in a solution with no sugar is dissolved. It causes burns in the form of brown spots. Tea should not be too strong - excessive concentration of tea inhibits the growth of Kombucha. If the top of Kombucha Buret start - this is a sign that the fungus begins to die. Sometimes it happens when Kombucha perestoit solution. Wash the mushrooms, peel off and discard the top layer and start again to take care of pets.