Rules of ice hockey with a ball. Rules of the game of hockey

Hockey is among the three most popular team games. Today, being watched by millions of viewers from all over the world. This is a very tough and contact game. Nevertheless hockey rules make it entertaining and exciting until the last seconds. No wonder it is assumed that such a game is subject only real men.

Species hockey

Currently, there are several variants. The most popular is ice hockey. This is the traditional form of the game when the matches are held on the ice surface. The washer is a rubber disc. Passes and kicks performed classical stick. Subspecies traditional hockey a roller hockey. Here, instead of the usual roller skates are used.

Another variation of the game is hockey on grass. Where matches are held on a synthetic surface (artificial turf). As the projectile is not used the washer and the solid ball of small size. A subspecies of this game is considered indoor hockey. The difference is only in the coverage area - applied flooring.

Rules of ice hockey with a ball. Rules of the game of hockey

Hockey ice is very popular in Scandinavia. Here the shell is a solid little ball. This subspecies is listed hockey rink bandy, which is carried out at a reduced size area.

Roller key acts as a separate variation of the game. He is very popular in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Argentina. Sticks are similar to the traditional, and skates are roller quads.

In recent years become popular and floorball. Matches are held in the hall and played with plastic sticks. The ball is made of lightweight plastic materials.

Sledge hockey - a variation of the game for people with disabilities. Included in the program of the Paralympic Games. Rules of the game of hockey each species are similar, but there are fundamental differences. Mostly it concerns violations and fines.


This is a team game, which takes place on the ice. The purpose of the traditional hockey is confrontation between the two sides on skates. Passing between a washer sticks, team members tend to throw it as many times in the opponent's gate, leaving her untouched.

The history of this kind of hockey originated in Canada in the late 18th century. In those days, the participants matches attached to the boots for cheese cutters to slide better on the frozen surface of the lake. Initially, the puck was wooden, but then its weighting rubber or even metal inserts.

Rules of ice hockey with a ball. Rules of the game of hockey

In the late 19th century in Montreal, the first generally accepted rules of hockey were published. Since 1904, this game was rapidly move to Europe. France, Belgium, Britain, Switzerland, etc. In Russian hockey has become popular only in the mid 1940s. It is worth noting that the very first game of the Soviet team to Canada in Montreal ended with a crushing victory for the guests - 2: 7.

The Basics hockey

Matches are performed at sites with ice covering dimensions:. In length - from 56 to 61 m in width - from 26 to 30 m In the amateur field 40 bits resolved by 20 meters. pad corners should be rounded with a radius of up to 8, 5 m.

Rules of Hockey define the following dimensions gates:

  • In professional discharge structure should be 1, 83 m in width and 1, 22 m in height. The diameter of the pillars is 5 cm.
  • At the gates of amateur sites may have a width of 1, 5-1, 6 m, height - 1-1, 12 m
  • .

Rules of ice hockey with a ball. Rules of the game of hockey

Also, the international rules of hockey describe the length of the front line. Depending on the competition, it varies from 2 to 44 3 to 6 m. The target area is limited to a radius of 1 to 8 m. Each player must have special equipment, including not only the shape but also protective ammunition, especially for goalkeepers.

Rules: hockey

Game rules restrict teams bid for the match. Each party shall be composed of 20 to 25 people. At the same time on site may be for 6 players on each side, including the goalkeeper.

The duration of the match - 3 periods of 20 minutes. Breaks on the last quarter of an hour. If the game ended in a draw, assigned a series of shootouts.

hockey rules hockey is allowed to count only goal of the Chief Judge of the meeting. The shell is abandoned if it crossed the goal line. A goal is awarded only after hitting a stick or a rebound of player.

Ice hockey, the rules which allow hard power moves within the field, is considered the most contact and dangerous sport on ice. Nevertheless, most of the regulations items occupy exactly penalties for violations.

Rules of ice hockey with a ball. Rules of the game of hockey

Removal of 2 minutes, a hockey player for unsporting behavior, push the opponent to the board, hit the enemy stick or hand shift gate, the intentional blocking of horizontal washer, the time delay, the bandwagon. This small penalty is called.

Removal of 4 minutes is given to the player at injury rival high sticking. Double minor penalty shall be appointed in the event that the referee did not discreet malice in the actions of the offender.

For 5 minutes in ice hockey removed if he deliberately excessive rigidly attacks the opponent. For hitting the end of the stick player offender is disqualified from the match.

Hockey on ice

This alternative form, also known as bandy, represents winter team play. Matches are held on ice in length from 90 to 110 m and a width of 45 to 55 m Dimensions of the gate -. 3, 5, 2, 2 meters.

Rules of ice hockey with a ball. Rules of the game of hockey

Hockey Rules of the ball with respect to equipment and ammunition are similar to the rules of the traditional look of the game with the puck. The movement of the ice skating should be. The aim of the game is the highest number of thrown balls into the opponent's goal.

The first mention of this kind are dated 20 century BC. e. A similar game at that time was very popular with the Egyptians and the Aztecs. On frozen ponds it was moved to the UK in the 9th century BC. e. In Russia, the game full regulations has been imported by Peter I.

Rules: hockey on ice

The first regulations were written in Britain, where the main game and then considered football. That is why the rules on the ice hockey with the ball, and Soccer are so similar. This concerns not only the size of the field, but many other nuances.

Players must pass each other the ball sticks. The winner comes out is the team that has scored more goals than the opponent. In the starting lineup on each side must be 11 people. Unlimited number of substitutions.

Rules of ice hockey with a ball. Rules of the game of hockey

The duration of the meeting - 2 halves of 45 minutes. If required by the regulations, it is possible to extra time (2 periods of 15 minutes) or a series of penalties.

Bandy, the rules are similar to football, is not a contact sport such as his classic variation. Nevertheless, here the players are also removed at a certain time. The penalty comes into force after the presentation of the offender by the judge of their card.

Hockey on grass

Official competitions held under the auspices of an international organization FIH, which includes about 130 countries. Most popular the game was in the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Belgium, Australia and Argentina.

Rules of ice hockey with a ball. Rules of the game of hockey

Bandy, the rules of which were recorded in the official regulations until the end of the 20th century, is considered the matching variation of the traditional command of the game. In countries such as India, Malaysia, Pakistan and South Africa, it has become a national treasure.

Rules: hockey on grass

The main and the only objects pass and hitting the ball is the putter. Any projectile touching hands or feet is prohibited, it can do just the goalkeeper.

The rules of hockey are adjacent something between football and hockey. Here, the field has a length of 91 m and a width - 50 m gate size -. 3, 66 2, 14 meters. The shell is made of rubber and compressed sawdust. Ball Diameter varies from 71 to 74 cm. The weight of the projectile should be not more than 163 g

Each team has 11 players begin the game. The match is carried out 2 times for 35 minutes. Goal is counted if the casting was carried out of the strike zone. Also, hockey rules 2014 specify penalties for different categories of violations: provides green, yellow and red cards. The first player removes 2 minutes, the second - 5, the third - before the end of the match.