Complex of morning gymnastics exercises. How to create a set of exercises for charging

Morning exercises a number of important functions for the recovery of the body: it strengthens muscles, improves blood circulation, immune system and mood rises. Vivacity, which appears after charging, allows enthusiastically take up any work during the day.

Complex of morning gymnastics exercises. How to create a set of exercises for charging

Charging Benefits

Complex of morning gymnastics exercises includes a number of different movements. From them you can pick the ones that suit each particular person in age, temperament, body type and other parameters.

Speed ​​determined life. The less a person starts to move, the greater the health problems he faces. Muscular frame formed around the internal organs, protecting them from the negative environment and makes it possible to work properly. Bone and cartilage develop without deformation, if from an early age to load them with adequate physical activity.

How to choose the exercises and make a charging plan?

To pick up a set of exercises morning gymnastics, which is right for you, stand in front of a mirror (or look at their child), define the purpose and possible vote.

Complex of morning gymnastics exercises. How to create a set of exercises for charging

For example, a woman or a man need to be addressed from 0, 5 to 1 hour daily. At the same time a young child is enough for 5-15 minutes, or he is bored, and charging does not bring him positive emotions, which are absolutely necessary for the health effect. Plans gymnastic exercises on personal preference, but do not forget about the mandatory their performance, it is important! It should be:

  • head and neck;
  • arms and shoulders;
  • the body;
  • feet;
  • the press;
  • running and jumping;
  • stretching.

The complex of exercises morning hygienic gymnastics, or simply charging is best done as a family. First of all, it's fun. Secondly, the children, because of their love to imitate, just will not go away and will continue to grow strong and confident kids.

Charge for children

Complex of morning gymnastics for children to be cheerful, but properly structured. There is no such age when charging would be contraindicated. The only difference is that it helps make babies mother and baby older gladly handle himself. The task of the senior - send it.

Complex of morning gymnastics exercises. How to create a set of exercises for charging

So the child was born, I rest a few weeks and can start charging. It should not be very long, but may be repeated two or three times a day.

  1. light massage stroking legs, arms, stomach crumbs.
  2. flexion and extension of limbs kid, but so that it did not bring him discomfort.
  3. Turn the child on his stomach. At this time, he will rely on the handle and lift up the head, which helps to strengthen the neck, back, abdominals.
  4. Place a hand under the baby's heels - his innate reflex will make a start.

Activities with children older than three years,

When the child reaches the age of three, it's time to teach him to be charged with the use of sports equipment such as balls, ropes, rings. The exercises, code-named "Bear", "bunny", "woodcutter" define complex gaming morning exercises, which will be enthusiastically received by your child.

Complex of morning gymnastics exercises. How to create a set of exercises for charging

Charging should be carried out on an empty stomach and in a room that previously well ventilated. Ideal outdoor activities, but it is not always possible. Once all the exercises are made, the child should be sent to a shower or wipe with a damp towel. Mood for the day is guaranteed.

Complex morning hygienic gymnastics should begin and end with breathing exercises. the condition of the child should be closely monitored during lessons, since it is not always able to respond adequately to changes in their health. Excessive load, to which baby is not yet ready, can seriously damage his fragile health.

for women Exercises

All children have mothers and fathers, who are obliged to look good, to be for them a good example. Given to the physical development of a lot of time, as a rule, does not work. But something can be done.

A set of exercises daily morning exercises for women has the following exemplary sequence:

  1. Warm-up for a total of 3 minutes, which includes alternate inclinations of the head, and then the body forward, backward, right, left.
  2. Exercises to strengthen arms, shoulders, chest muscles and the press - ups from the floor or from the wall. This element also has a sports kardiostimuliruyuschy effect due to cardiac workout.
  3. The exercises aimed at developing the waist. Ideal hoop. Also, a good result can be achieved by pulling the belly with a single breath. We need to do 20 repetitions for 3 minutes.
  4. The thighs and buttocks also require attention. Suitable movements associated with the active footwork: swings, squats, lunges forward and to the side, running in the open air, or track, jumping rope.
Complex of morning gymnastics exercises. How to create a set of exercises for charging

In addition, the complex of morning gymnastics exercises at home can be carried out using such shells as dumbbells, a chair, ball.

Tonus for men

Excess body fat or, conversely, underweight - a problem faced not only women, but also a strong half of mankind. In order to eliminate the uncertainty of daily life and, consequently, to achieve success in your career, you want to define a set of exercises morning gymnastics hygienic, suitable for the type of physical structure and age.

Any exercise, including the charge in the morning, should be combined with proper nutrition. Proper preparation of the complex morning exercises helps to strengthen the immune system and muscle tone. In addition, it produces during exercise testosterone strengthens the male force that is very important. Exercises should be performed by men with power projectiles. The simplest home - dumbbells, but you can use the bar or any other device.

Complex of morning gymnastics exercises. How to create a set of exercises for charging

Health & Beauty - in effect!

It begins recreational complex morning exercises to the workout. "Cold" muscles, especially in the morning, are not ready to take on the weight that can harm the body. The first 5-10 minutes you need to take to the slopes, torso twists, squats, swings his arms and legs. Then you can start the basic set of exercises morning gymnastics.

  1. Breeding hand in hand, while ensuring the vanes 10 times.
  2. Lift arms straight up in turn. Then move forward and the sharp retraction.
  3. burdens the exercise on the neck muscles, which are carried out by means of hanging cargo. Movements should be smooth in nature, without jerks.

The entire complex is a morning hygienic gymnastics performed by men with dumbbells in his hands. The exception is the warm-up.

Healthy Nation

The most important conditions for a fulfilling life is the lack of bad habits, stress, healthy eating, as well as the regularity of the sequence and the correct set of exercises morning gymnastics. Conducting Charging outdoors actively saturate the blood with oxygen.

To be most effective training at any age is better to change a set of exercises. It adds energy and joy, will make a new sensation. You can replace the charging jogging or swimming. Douches in the completion of the complex will also be welcome.

Complex of morning gymnastics exercises. How to create a set of exercises for charging

Another important requirement is the control of their health. Morning vymatyvanie the body does not add to the health and tone. It should be understood that the charge in the first place is mobilizing and uplifting due to the endorphins produced. Never too late to be healthy.