Facials after 30 years

The life of the modern woman runs at a furious pace. The birth of children, homemaking, race through the ranks - all this gradually leave traces of fatigue on our faces. Unfortunately, after 30 years of a woman's appearance begins to require special care. The girls on the nature of a thin, delicate and dry skin than men. Certainly, at this age, most ladies think about the need for enhanced care for the face or have already fully apply special facial care after 30.

What are the first signs of aging?

The fact is that after 30 years in the body slows down the production of collagen and elastin, the skin becomes more prone to the appearance of wrinkles. Also gradually slowing down and the body's metabolism.

As a rule, the majority of women in this age complain about the imperfections of the following:

  • Small facial wrinkles.
  • Dull skin, unhealthy complexion.
  • Acne, acne.
  • The excessive dryness or oiliness of the skin.
  • tired facial appearance, dark circles under the eyes.
Facials after 30 years

By and large, the imperfections of the face at this age due to external factors: unhealthy lifestyle, congestion, lack of care and so on.

Why aging skin?

Let's understand in detail the reasons that contribute to fading of the epidermis:

  • Bad habits.
  • The lack of a competent skin care.
  • Lack of sleep or disorders.
  • sluggish.
  • An unbalanced diet, unhealthy food.
  • stress.

It turns out that most of the skin problems we create ourselves, and deceleration processes in the body only exacerbates the situation. Respectively, to 30 years, we are beginning to reap the fruits of neglect with their own health. Before you run to the beautician or buy expensive creams and masks will be more rational to minimize the factors contributing to the appearance of the first signs of aging. No, even the most high-quality and expensive, facials after 30 will not be as effective if a woman begins to take good care of their health.

Facials after 30 years

Despite the fact that it is sometimes difficult to give up their traditional way of life for youth and beauty, perhaps, is this sacrifice. At least three items from the list of negative influencing factors should be erased from your life. In this case, the effect of beauty treatments will be clear and will continue for a long time.

What to do first?

Giving up alcohol and cigarettes, adding to your diet a mass of useful products and vitamins, allowing yourself less nervous and more sleep, adding high-quality skin care and more activity in the fresh air, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how transformed your face.

Drink more water. It does not tire of repeating, doctors and beauticians, but for some reason many still neglect this rule. On the day you need to drink at least 1, 5 liters. Please note, we are not talking about tea, coffee or juice, namely the Clean Water Act. Facial after 30 must include a sufficient amount of liquid consumption.

Once and forever forbid themselves to squeeze pimples. Firstly, it is a risk that the inflammation may spread further. Secondly, you stretch your skin and brutally injure her. Persons who have never had the habit squeeze pimples, look smoother, younger and more well-groomed.

Avoid excessive tanning in the sun, always use equipment with a UV filter. Summer face after 30 years of age should use a powerful sunscreen. Unfortunately, no matter how beautiful tan, ultraviolet light is one of the strongest catalysts appearance of early wrinkles and aging of the dermis.

Facial Care after 30 years. Tips and tricks

If bad habits and proper nutrition is more or less clear, the choice of care products still brings many women to a screeching halt. Despite the fact that most of the ladies shelves with cosmetics "bursting" of the huge number of creams and masks, many of them still are in search of "their" money. Indeed, the only option is ideally choose for themselves cosmetics - try it. After all, this is a purely personal matter, and that will approach a woman, can have the opposite effect in another. To avoid disappointment and unnecessary expenses, try to find the probes LETA cosmetics, avoiding the purchase of large amounts of unknown and promising products.

Facials after 30 years

After 30 years, the skin requires additional moisture and nutrition. Day and night creams must meet these requirements. Try different products and be guided by their own feelings. On the face should not be a feeling of dryness and tightness. In addition to creams at this age should connect serum. In fact, this lightweight fluids enriched with useful substances to the skin, and cause them to have to cream. Be sure to pick up a few masks for the face, suitable for you, and alternate them. After 30 years it should be done at least 2 deep moisturizing mask a week.

Also at this age, you should not neglect the thermal water. Refreshed by it several times a day, you will give your skin to be fed with life-giving moisture. The complexion becomes smoother, the pores narrowed, and fine lines smoothed slightly. A particularly good use of thermal water at the end of the working day, to erase, like an eraser, the signs of fatigue.

And remember: it is not necessarily known or very expensive professional cosmetics. Can often be found on sale very cheap and excellent means for skin that will give odds to many luxury products.

Look, learn, be interested, read the reviews - and you're sure to find something that is right for you.

Get a smooth new skin by getting rid of the old

Facials after 30 should always include high-quality exfoliation of dead cells. It is possible to cope with this problem and at home on their own. To do this, there is a huge variety of scrubs, peels and skatok. Yet home care - it is rather a result of maintenance, because no one scrub not cope with this task as a professional exfoliating facial at the beautician. Depending on the skin type and the desired result specialist may recommend chemical peels or microdermabrasion. If, after the deep peeling skin needs recovery period, then microdermabrasion painless, and after the procedure, you can immediately return to normal life. Such activities are carried out courses, from 4 to 10 sessions. The skin is updated, it stimulates collagen production, improves blood circulation, and slowed aging.

Facials after 30 years

Even the selection of scrubs for home use would be best to first consult a beautician. When excessive traumatization of skin effect can be reversed. Exfoliate and updating should be moderate.

Using the scrub, gently clean the face of the massage lines, and do not pull the skin. After this comes the renewing procedure is the time to use a good mask. If the salon beautician will select for you a professional product, the house can be used as the purchase, and natural cosmetics.

Facial Care after 30 years of folk remedies

It has long been the majority of women came to the conclusion that the ideal skin care and hair care should include:

  • Preparation of the body all the necessary materials.
  • The use of professional cosmetics and specialist help.
  • Mandatory use of natural resources.

Only in conjunction, these manipulations will delight you unsurpassed results.

When choosing natural products for your skin, you should first rule out the possibility of an allergic reaction. As for the rest, anti-aging, moisturizing and regenerating properties have many products. You can use shea butter, coconut, and various essential oils-pomace oil from various seeds, fresh juice of aloe. bee products are also widely used: propolis tincture, honey, royal jelly. From the pharmaceutical products can be supplemented with cream home regenerating and rejuvenating solkoserilom, iodine drop several drops of glycerin, liquid vitamins A and E. Badger and bear fat characterized miraculous smoothing properties, but such ingredients are not suitable for vegetarians. In principle, to transfer a list of great natural anti-aging products can be infinite.

How to make homemade face cream?

So, what is the natural facials after 30? At home, prepare the cream is a snap: all solid masses are melted in a water bath until smooth, then add the liquid to the same substance. Since vitamins and bee products are sensitive to high temperatures, they are added to the mixture in the last turn. The formulation is then thoroughly mixed, poured into jars and stored in the refrigerator. Since the home cream contains no preservatives, it is better to cook it in small portions, as a means to store can be less than a month. It's best to use fatty creams home as the night and in the morning to apply a lighter weight.

Facials after 30 years

Face Care after 30 years in the home may include natural and peels. Slurry of acidic fruits and berries (e.g., kiwi, pineapple guava or strawberry), at the expense of fruit acids, update the upper layer of the epidermis. Wiping the skin with ice cubes, made from a decoction of herbs, it will also contribute to a good complexion, toned and fresh mind.

Massage and feysbilding - the key to youthful skin

It is known that in order to maintain the body beautiful shape people involved in sports and enhance the effects of massage. So what's the worse our face? The facial expressions are utilized thousands of muscles, so why not do special exercises? Today, you can find a variety of workshops and books on the so-called feysbildingu.

Facials after 30 years

With the help of only one massage can achieve excellent results even in the skin with strong age-related changes. Regular massage provides correct conducted by youth and beauty of the face. To understand and appreciate how to make anti-aging tonic massage, is to go a few times to a professional. You can then carry out the procedure at any convenient time. Properly conducted by massage after feysbildinga increase the effect. But remember that it is carried out strictly on massage lines, the skin should be treated gently, as if from the finest silk. The area under the eyes is desirable to massage with fingertips and only with light tapping motion.

Beauty injections

Unfortunately, it happens that a 30 "with a tail" Women have a very clear age-related changes. This may be due to hard work or even genetics. In this case, need special care for a person after 30 years. In the salons beauticians offer such ladies "heavy artillery."

Facials after 30 years

With the help of Botox injections relax the muscles in those areas of the face where it is needed. Due to this, for six months does not appear facial wrinkles and do not become deeper. Biorevitalization hyaluronic acid radical method is less than botulinum toxin injections. In this case, the problem areas are filled with fillers, the composition which is useful for the skin and helps to further retain moisture. Weigh the pros and cons and decide if you are ready to start this injectable facial after 30 years. cosmetologist advice in this case would be superfluous.

It is important that women care about their appearance and even in the bustle of everyday life do not forget about facial. After 30 years, the skin begins to require special attention. And, of course, is to remember that the appearance of a woman depends on her mood and well-being. Be positive, enjoy life, live for pleasure - and then you will be sure to look younger than their years!