20 stars, with an impressive breasts

"A good woman should be a lot" - says the well-known, but incorrect proverb. Good woman can be any number, and in Hollywood, have always been the star with the most different forms. But if the dispute Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe you are on the side of the latter, then you should be interested in our hit parade, where we have collected the current Hollywood movie stars and television with the most spectacular busts.

Note that we have given information about breast size are conventional and are not necessarily accurate at the time when you read an article, as star busts are often changed during a career thanks to the personal trainers and plastic surgeons. The latter, by the way, how to increase breast and reduce it, and we were forced to exclude from the charts of several performers who were previously known for their volume, but then they are rejected. Also, there is no music stars, sometimes acting in movies (sorry, Mariah Carey!), And former celebrities coming down from the race (sorry, Lindsay Lohan!). Breast and professional solvency for us in the first place.

20 stars, with an impressive breasts 20 stars, with an impressive breasts

Blake Lively. Third the size of

Rising Hollywood star Blake Lively can not yet boast a long track record, but it completely known films: teen drama "Traveling Pants", a collection of short films "New York, I Love You," a crime drama of Ben Affleck's "The Town" , failed, but the sensational comic book blockbuster "Green Lantern," a crime thriller Oliver Stone's "particularly dangerous" ... And soon exiting rental Fantastico-romantic drama "The Age of Adaline," where partners give the title role became the star Harrison Ford Ellen Burstyn and Kathy Baker. Blake also known for starring in the popular "female" TV series "Gossip Girl" and the fact that three years ago she married her partner of "Green Lantern" Ryan Reynolds. At the end of last year they had a daughter. Belatedly, congratulations!

20 stars, with an impressive breasts

Jennifer Lawrence. Third the size of

Until relatively recently, the existence of Jennifer Lawrence knew only her parents and her agent, but now it is almost a major Hollywood star. And this is not the case when one and only elevates the role of the actress on a pedestal, not able to repeat his great success. About Lawrence started talking as soon as it in 2008, began to play a major role, and since then her praise without interruption, where the star of any shot - in the low-budget "independent" drama "Winter's Bone", in the comic book blockbuster "X-Men: First Class "in the blockbuster TV series" The Hunger games "in the romantic tragicomedy" My guy - crazy "or tragicomedy criminal" American Hustle. " And what she gives an interview! It seems that Lawrence might be glorified at the expense of only one of his funny and sincere behavior on the red carpet. It is thanks to its openness, we learned that the actress is shy about his bust, because her breasts are not symmetrical. Well, Jennifer, this is, of course, a terrible crime against beauty, but we gladly forgive you!

20 stars, with an impressive breasts

Kirsten Dunst. Third the size of

Kirsten Dunst won the "Golden Globe" for the game in "Interview with the Vampire" at a time when only beginning to transform from a girl into a girl, and, fortunately, early fame has not brought her a "curse-child actors", forgotten as soon as they cease to play younger students (or young vampire). On the contrary, "Interview with the Vampire," "Little Women" and "Jumanji" became the springboard for Dunst, thanks to which she soared to the height of the blockbuster "Spider-Man" and made it to the prestigious art house tapes like "Melancholia" by Lars von Trier.

Although the role Dunst only occasionally require stars to emphasize its form, it is very proud of her breasts, and even seems to suffer from the fact that all directors refer to it as well as director of "Spider-Man 3" Sam Raimi (on the set of this film Dunst wore enhancing bra to make your forms even more appetizing).

20 stars, with an impressive breasts

Uma Thurman. Third the size of

Historically, the Hollywood star, regardless of sex, usually do not differ impressive growth, and colleagues at the background of a 180-centimeter Uma Thurman often seems to "watch tower". No wonder she has inspired Quentin Tarantino to create a "Kill Bill." When you shoot a two-part blockbuster about a woman who cuts through hordes of enemies, well, if the main character looks alarmingly dangerous even against a whole crowd of armed men. However, most known roles Thurman demanded from her acting talent rather than skill with a katana, "Dangerous Liaisons," "Henry and June", "Gattaca," "Pulp Fiction," "Nymphomaniac" ...

As to the breasts of the actress, she is known not only for its size but also by the fact that in 2007 Thurman came to the red carpet in London, in a transparent gown that practically bared her right breast. This scandal is still commemorated as an example of that risk must pay to try at the maximum bright light.

20 stars, with an impressive breasts

Heather Graham. Third the size of

"I have breasts, and I do not hesitate to use it!" - as it says Heather Graham anyone who studies her erotic filmography. The list of her outspoken role of such a length that just wanted to check to see whether it is necessary to transcribe her name in the French manner. After such filmography usually only with renowned Parisian, which is much less shy naked than their Hollywood counterparts. But Graham is not only French, but not "erotic star". Does she undresses completely and remains in a bikini - actress doing it for dramatic or comedic scenes, and not for the anxious spectators. "Boogie Nights," "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me," "Killing Me Softly," "The Hangover," "Compulsion" ... All these films are deservedly known far not only by what they dealt with Graham.

20 stars, with an impressive breasts

Amanda Seyfried. Third the size of

How to distinguish Amanda Seyfried from many of its star the same age? Very simply - by the fact that most of her famous roles - in "female" films and serials. Whether it is her acting debut in the long-running "soap operas", an iconic school comedy "Mean Girls," a dramatic series about a clan of Mormons-polygamists "Big Love," the musical "Mamma Mia!", Art house drama "Chloe" or the fantasy thriller "Red cap. " However, we have also seen it in the "male" fantasy film "Time" in the biopic about the famous porn actress "Lovelace."

In 19 years, Seyfried was an impressive fourth the size of the breast, but her bust size declined when the actress lost weight in later years.

20 stars, with an impressive breasts

Halle Berry. Third the size of

Say what you will about the acting talents of Halle Berry and about the disgraceful failure of "Catwoman," but no one can take away from the actress honor of being the first black star, received the "Oscar" for the female lead. Yes, the reward for "Monster's Ball," may not have been fully deserved. But what are known prizes are given only and exclusively for his contribution to art, without taking into account a variety of political and politically correct reasons? No. So Berry has something to be proud of in addition to its participation in a series of blockbuster "X-Men" and "James Bond" film "Die Another Day", as well as her early roles in "Black" films (in particular in romantic drama Spike Lee's " Dengue"). Berry still boasts perhaps the most solid bonus in Hollywood history, paid for one single scene. The actress received 500 thousand dollars for the exposure of their perfect breasts in the crime thriller "Password" Swordfish "." Why was such a great bonus? Because it was the first on-screen nudity Berry.

20 stars, with an impressive breasts

Jennifer Love Hewitt. Third the size of

What you need to know about Jennifer Love Hewitt? First of all, in 2008 it recognized the most sexy woman in American television. An amazing achievement, considering that on American TV beauties, seems to be more than a Hollywood movie. And Hewitt seven years ago, all of them walked. And shooting the TV series "Ghost Whisperer," which still was not frank erotic show and a relatively respectable paranormal drama. At the time of the release of "Talking" actress he was already a well-known American and international public due to its appearances in other television series and in films such as horror, "I know what you did last summer", but the role of the medium has become its hallmark.

In recent years, Hewitt employs almost exclusively on television. Officially, the actress is considered the owner of the third breast size, but some experts (more likely, "seksperty") believe that the impressive bust Hewitt fourth size.

20 stars, with an impressive breasts

Angelina Jolie. Third the size of

Angelina Jolie is now in the unusual position of career. On the one hand, it is still the undisputed superstar and stunning commercial success of "Maleficent" is clearly demonstrated. Because it was a rare occasion when crowds of people went to the cinema to see some actress in a particular role. On the other hand, "Maleficent" came after a four-year acting hiatus Jolie (voice, "Kung Fu Panda 2" we do not believe for a full-fledged starring role), and it seems that today the continuation of its recently launched the director's career, the star is more interesting than the appearance of foreign films . In addition, Jolie discussed more frequently in recent years, as a wife, a mother and a woman than as a Hollywood actress.

But that would be with her no matter what happens, it's still pretty darn attractive. Even despite the fact that her breasts are now artificial. As is known, doctors recently deleted Jolie its natural "talents" to repeatedly reduce the risk of breast cancer, from which the dead mother and aunt of the actress (Angelina Jolie's family through the female line are genetically predisposed to this form of cancer).

20 stars, with an impressive breasts

Salma Hayek. Third the size of

Thank God that the Mexican-American star Salma Hayek looks the way it looks now! And "the glory of God" in the preceding sentence - not the expression and circulation. Because Hayek once confessed in an interview that it was teased at school "board" and that one day she went to church and prayed to Jesus that he sent her chest. And God help her! And so well it helped that when years later she starred in the vampire movie "From Dusk Till Dawn", its short appearance as a stripper was enough to make Hayek memorable even for those who have not seen it in the title or at least significant supporting role.

Unfortunately, the Mexican roots and the associated limited set of possible Hollywood roles prevented her break out into a superstar. But outwardly Hayek has always been worth it. And her nomination for "Oscar" for the title role in "Frida" was totally deserved.

20 stars, with an impressive breasts

Susan Sarandon. 4th the size of

Amazing fact: although filmography Susan Sarandon packed with on-screen nude, she did not associate with them. That's what a dramatic flair! Actress undress on the screen, and the audience does not think about her body and that she plays her face. So Sarandon is not one of those who continued to breastfeed their way to glory. She did this by working with brilliant directors and finding bright prominent role in the scenarios.

For the first time Sarandon was nominated for "Oscar" in 1980, with the romantic-crime tape Louis Malle "Atlantic City," and so far it has four nominations and one statuette for her role in the drama of her then-law husband Tim Robbins' Dead Man Walking " . Her natural breast size - the third, but due to a successful plastic surgery on her breast size increased, and gained a better shape than one might expect from a no longer young beauty.

20 stars, with an impressive breasts

Jeri Ryan. 4th the size of

If you see casually American soap operas and are not interested in the epic "Star Trek," you probably have never heard of boiling still fan debate over the introduction of Jeri Ryan in the television series "Star Trek: Voyager." Introduced in the fourth season of the show, Ryan walking around in tight clothes, highlights its charms, and many fans of "Star Trek" were offended by the fact that they are seen as sexually obsessed teenagers who watch a fantastic show for "big boobs".

However, the heroine of Ryan is not exhausted by its looks and sarcastic cyborg-seventh of nine would be an excellent addition to the "Voyager", even if it played a less "talented" actress. Hence the controversy over this producer stroke, which raised the ratings of the show and saved it from closure. And before the "Voyager", and after Ryan worked almost exclusively on the TV.

20 stars, with an impressive breasts

Patricia Arquette. 4th the size of

Good ideas in Hollywood often go in pairs. In 2005, the "doubling" happened to mysteriously show about a female medium who communicates with the other world. In September, on the screens out "Ghost Whisperer" with Jennifer Love Hewitt, and in January - "Medium" with Patricia Arquette. According to the sexuality Hewitt then bypassed competitor, but at Arquette thanks to plastic surgery was a little more than chest.

Arquette also boasts more impressive "cinematic" track record and a bunch of awards, including the "Oscar" and "Golden Globe", which she received for the execution of the mother role in Richard Linklater's "Boyhood".

20 stars, with an impressive breasts

Katherine Heigl. 4th the size of

Katherine Heigl started acting as a teenager, and she first became famous all over the world when his niece played the main character in the blockbuster "Under Siege 2: Dark Territory". Until filming her at school teased "board", and when Catherine came back from Los Angeles to his native Connecticut, classmates decided that she made herself in California cosmetic surgery - her breasts doubled! In fact, it was a normal female maturation. Plastic Heigl made only relatively recently, and now her bust more than he was while working on her star "adult" roles in the TV series "Gray's Anatomy" and the romantic comedy "Knocked Up." After a series of commercial failures and secret scandals actress was forced to move from a great movie on television.

20 stars, with an impressive breasts

Katey Sagal. 5th the size of

How different are television mother? Katey Sagal filmography can be used to answer this question. In the 1980s and 1990s, she played the lazy and selfish mummy in the sitcom "Married With Children." In the early 2000s, Sagal won the role of "right", responsible mother of a middle class in the sitcom "8 Simple Rules". And in recent years, it is "burned" in the role of matriarch biker gang in the series "Sons of Anarchy". The same actress, and very different women and mothers!

And its distinctive voice is known to fans of the animated show "Futurama" in which Sagal voiced the main character, the one-eyed mutant Leela. Unfortunately, the film roles she almost was not. But she has always been impressive chest, which is easiest to look at in the series "Married With Children," where she almost always wore a deliberately provocative outfits.

20 stars, with an impressive breasts

Hayley Atwell. 5th the size of

Good to be Captain America! Of course, this superhero many difficulties and problems. But in difficult moments, he always can say to yourself: "I love a girl with a fifth the size of the breast!" And this is not the only plus Peggy Carter, that we saw in "The First Avenger" and in the TV series "Agent Carter." She and beautiful, and an excellent student and athlete, and the heroic warrior ... And feminist convinced that for women 1940 is not necessarily a plus.

But it seems that Steve Rogers had not protested against this ... As for the role of singer Carter, Hayley Atwell is also a wonderful woman - a young British stage actress, who recently regularly in films and on TV.

20 stars, with an impressive breasts

Kat Dennings. 5th the size of

Kat Dennings, once said in an interview that she wants to play a superhero from the eccentric director like Tim Burton. After that, she actually managed to break into two series of "Thor", but only as a friend of the main character, so distant from supergeroizma as possible. Well, at least it's a better use of the gift of comedy girl, who would have been lost in vain, if Dennings plays a major role.

So she probably already resigned to the fact that in the coming years, her career will be built around roles such blatant and witty waitress Max, which depicts Dennigs in the sitcom "Two girls on the rocks." Many of the jokes in the show beat an impressive chest of the heroine, and her actress always readily shows, appearing on the red carpet in a dress with a plunging neckline. Way to go, Kate!

20 stars, with an impressive breasts

Scarlett Johansson. 5th the size of

Frankly, we were not sure whether we have the right to put Scarlett Johansson so high in the charts, as some recent photos the actress appears with a smaller volume of a breast than we are accustomed to see her. But as now Johansson - a young mother, then we can assume that her breasts, decreased sports exercises for boevikovyh roles, will return to its usual impressive sight. On the other hand, Johansson deserves the highest positions in the charts beauties, even when her breasts "fluctuates" down.

As the body it has the perfect size for any bra. Her acting achievements, we must admit, it is not so impressive, but on account of its many famous paintings and colorful characters. Of the latter, of course, this is Natasha Romanoff from Marvel film cycle that we have seen in "Iron Man 2," "The Avengers" and "Captain America: The Other War". Soon we will see her again in "The Avengers: Age of Ultron".

20 stars, with an impressive breasts

Sofia Vergara. 6th the size of

When Colombian Sofia Vergara in 13 years grew fifth the size of the chest (it has since further increased), the girl was so shocked, that was the dream of plastic surgery. She knew perfectly well that her breast with such will never be taken lightly. Her mother, however, persuaded Sofia that her bust - a gift of God, and since then, the actress does not allow himself to even think about breast reduction. Although, when she moved to the United States, her agent told her to "fix" themselves, to claim not only the frankly sexy role.

As might be expected, Vergara did not immediately made its way to the stars, but when it happened, it turned out to be an international success. Sofia was invited to the sitcom "Modern Family", which is now considered to be one of the biggest hits of American television. And a big chest was very handy for the role of the eccentric "Latin" beauty, zahomutat older Americans.

20 stars, with an impressive breasts

Christina Hendricks. 7th size of

How to determine the winner in the competition with the most impressive star-feeding? Very simple. Enough to know that, according to the Association of British plastic surgeons Englishwoman became noticeably more likely to increase the chest, when the TV started to show the historical drama "Mad Men" with Christina Hendricks in one of the main roles. Moreover, the British woman politician Lynne Featherstone while serving in the Cabinet said that the television should be more likely to show the beauties like Hendrix, to defeat the epidemic of bulimia and other pathological manifestations of women's struggle against excess weight.

The actress, however, was very upset by the fact that it discuss how an inflatable doll, and not as a star, plays a complex dramatic role. But for women with its forms is, unfortunately, quite common. Well, at least Hendrix was awarded several professional awards and numerous nominations for his work on "Lunatics". And her celebrity fame certainly worth it, that men sometimes do not look in the eye, and below ...