Sculptural facial massage: reviews

Perfectly toned face in 40 years - is the result of a systematic care. It includes not only the use of properly selected cosmetics, but also all kinds of treatments. The latter include sculpture and facial massage.

Features sculptural massage

you can tell from the name itself that the procedure is aimed at correcting the face and the return of youth to him. That is, cosmetologist "vyleplivaet" precise contours of the chin, neck, cheeks, massaging all the muscles.

Who should do the sculptural facial massage? Reviews and the description about it you can find different. Still, experts recommend to sign up for this procedure 2-4 times a month only to women of 25 years, when they begin to appear first wrinkles. With thirty years of age, it is desirable to complete a full course of 10-13 sessions.

Sculptural facial massage: reviews

This type of massage is not the main method of removing wrinkles and tightening. To a large extent this procedure is the prevention of age-related changes. In addition, during the session, a woman can relax and get real pleasure from the movements of the hands of a beautician on the necessary lines of the face.

Details of sculpture massage

This type of massage is an alternative to plastic surgery. It is known that surgical intervention may have unpredictable consequences not only once immediately after the operation, but even a few years after its implementation. Therefore it is not worth the risk, but just in time to start making sculptural facial massage as a preventive measure in conjunction with other treatments. Upon completion of the full course of massage tone facial and neck muscles return to normal. It is very important to support them in the same condition and after. Therefore it is recommended to continue to visit the beauty salon 2-3 times a month.

Muscle stimulation occurs by a rush of blood during the massage. Thus, the skin is saturated with oxygen, it becomes more toned and fresh without minimal side effects, irritation, all safely and securely.

Sculptural facial massage: reviews

Sculptural massage - it is not only the prevention!

We have already mentioned that this procedure should be carried out as the prevention of wrinkles and sagging facial condition. But many are asking the question of whether a course of massage will eliminate the existing age-related problems. Indeed, the question is very relevant. After all, many, faced with the problem of flabby skin, begin to think about it just now lifting. Let's try to figure it out.

Indeed, sculpted facial massage can be done not only at the early stages of age-related changes. This procedure is suitable and women over 50. Why?

The analogy with our body. Above it, we also need to work. Otherwise, under the skin accumulates fat, stagnant lymph. How can we address these issues? Of course, charging and power exercises. And what we notice after a while? Yes exactly! The skin becomes taut, we reset the extra weight (fat disappears), the state of the vessels to stabilize. The same thing happens with the skin of our face during massage. Thus, women in the 50-60 years, not only can, but they just need to go to the sculptural facial massage. Photos in many magazines confirm its effectiveness.

Sculptural facial massage: reviews

What procedures should be performed in conjunction with a sculptural massage?

Proper nutrition - the key to the health of the whole organism. All internal organs are directly related to the skin. So, for example, large bags under the eyes caused by improper functioning of the kidneys and mocheispuskayuschey system, and pale skin - lack of vitamins. Therefore, eating a light and healthy food during that time, as you do the French sculptural facial massage, you only help your body fight off age-related problems. Wrinkles and sagging skin do not appear in a single day. All these drawbacks are formed over the years. Therefore, in order to get rid of them, couples massages will not be enough. The first step is to go through a whole range of them and continue to do so several times a month. This is what we have already said. But in order to eliminate the age-related problems as much as possible to quickly and accurately, you need to adhere to proper nutrition and hydration to conduct high-quality facial procedures, chosen specifically for your skin cosmetics.

You have repeatedly heard that choose tonics, creams and other means for the skin is necessary not only according to their age, but also the skin. We dwell on it will not. And just to emphasize the fact that you opt only for high-quality products.

The effect of sculptural massage

Sculptural facial massage helps to achieve the effect of lifting the chin contour, the upper part of the face and neck. During the course of pulling occurs eyebrows, adjustment lip shape, the elimination of the second jaw and crease near the mouth and nose.

Sculptural facial massage: reviews

So, this procedure not only affects the appearance, but also the elimination of facial wrinkles and nemimicheskih, you have the opportunity to "crow's feet" less visible and clear blue circles under the eyes.

It should be noted that this procedure is also considered an effective method that helps restore a person after a stroke.

How is a sculpture massage

Sculptural facial massage technique is as follows:

  • applied to the skin cream;
  • at special lines tingling, tingling, sliding, pressing movements processed cleavage, cosmetologist then conducts the same actions to the chin muscles of the mouth, nose, forehead, cheeks.
Sculptural facial massage: reviews

This procedure is performed only by professionals. Therefore, it should be trusted to perform only experienced a trained beautician. Otherwise, it is likely, on the contrary, worsen the situation: the wrinkles can become more visible, and the skin is stretched. During execution of this massage 1 centimeter of the skin acts to 5 kg. You can only imagine how vigorously performing this procedure!

the massage Contraindications persons

Sculptural facial massage can not be performed in the following cases:

  1. acute inflammatory processes, chronic skin disease, dilated blood vessels.
  2. Pregnancy, especially 2 and 3 trimesters.
  3. Increase and various thyroid diseases, herpes, skin tumors, dermatosis.

If you have even one of these illnesses, refrain from visiting beautician and engage with their health: go immediately to the highly specialized doctor.

Reviews sculptural facial massage

According to many experts, with sagging skin can easily cope sculpted facial massage. Reviews of him leave and visitors of beauty salons, which repeatedly resorted to this method of rejuvenation. They all confirm that, during the session feeling energized and at the same time relaxation. Whether improved facial appearance? Yes, and significantly. Rejuvenation occurs naturally.

Sculptural facial massage: reviews

The ladies, who for many years doing all kinds of treatments, argue that such a technique the massage they've ever seen.

Every year the number of graduates who want to learn techniques for performing this procedure is growing. Many of them know what it can teach one of the professionals in their field Yaakov Hershkowitz. Sculptural facial massage - is a revolutionary latest method of tightening without surgery, which he proposes to do or to learn for everyone.