Collection of the most curious pearls sports commentators

Collection of the most curious pearls sports commentators

Not only football fans know the episode with Nikolai Ozerov: commentator thought that the ball flies into the goal, and he cried out: "G-of-the-l!", But the goal was not. Then Lake in the hearts cried out: "X ...! Boom! "

Our favorite commentators, whose names we have for ethical reasons do not indicate, gave a lot of pearls. Here are collected the most curious examples of word creation.

1 6: 0! This is more than "what a pain ..."

2. Juli Lopez effort on goal! Juli - is his name.

3. Varlamov on the shirt the third number, and shorts 9th ... What is the reason I can not explain, but it is unlikely to size.

4. This - Koeman. You probably know his curly legs.

5. The players who do not have offspring, it is not recommended to get up in the wall, when the free-kick Roberto Carlos.

6. Passing is good, but the field was over!

7. Well, you know, for it is necessary to beat the scoreboard! Sorry, face.

8. I am confident that the entire male population glued to their television screens, not a good life, and bolelschitsky ecstasy.

9. Under his arm, like soap in the bathroom slid the puck.

10. Due padosti that scored takomy silnomy and gpoznomy sopepniky, Baggio hung on shutters.

11 ahead of Germans and a half kilometers. It's not even a tram stop, and the distance from the river port to God knows where. (biathlon)

12. And the ball, having overcome the last obstacle between the legs goalkeeper, flies into the goal.

13. Davydenko immediately took an opponent. He decided not to drag out indefinitely. 14. Delete an Apbitp pulled out of his pants.

15. Igpoki are in the wall, depzhatsya known for that.

16. Defense pours plaster.

17. In the second half they only shone in his eyes.

18. Argentina breaks Serbia do not even like Tuzik warmer, he rips her vanity, but as a housewife tearing old jersey for small pets cloth. Calmly, methodically, while managing to ensure that even in the pan does not burnt.

19. The Russian national team has got into a liquid black streak.

20. Side apbitp ppinimaet kpasivye posture. Perhaps he panshe doing ballet.

21. We hope that Nedved everything will be fine, although they carry him feet first.

22. Dynamo today act without the usual blue shorts.

23. As the tape closed up its gates saturnovtsy.

24. Ai-yai-yai-yai-yai! You agree with me?

25. Well, where are you to pass the ball! I cry to you, that he is out of the game!

26 Figure skating - it's art, it's not even football!

27. Protection limping on both legs, almost on her knees.

28. I've been knocking on the head of the monitor on the books. What's around another wood, my God!

29. myachy odnovpemenno potyanylis pyki golkipepa Fabpitsio and baldness.

30. Here he holds an opponent for his pants, his shirt, his sides ... virtually anything that can hold.

31. Fate plays with a man, and a man playing football.

32. Footballer Sami Nasri approaches the gate and the target. Commentators exchanged remarks:

- Information, exit to the gate, Nasri! - That he did.

- Yes...

- Um, I'm sorry.

33. Rather than play football, would be going to take a bottle!

34. Footballers easily run on the field, and you try to intelligently comment on their actions ...

And, remember Nikolai Nikolaevich Ozerov maestro commentary shop, and his vivid quotes.

Collection of the most curious pearls sports commentators

"This hockey we do not need!"

Ozerov's famous phrase, heard during the Summit Series 1972 with the participation of Soviet and Canadian hockey players, was delivered when the ice field swept frankly rough play and unsportsmanlike conduct. Goal of Canadians, which was not immediately counted, provoked at the site downright boxing match between the players. Since then, this quote became airborne.

"Again, this number nine!"

Ice Hockey World Championships in 1976 in Poland. Sensation - the Soviet team lost to the hosts of ice with a score of 6: 4! The whole match the magnificent "nine" as part of the Poles with dissonant for Nikolai Nikolaevich name Yobchik tormented defenses of the Soviet national team and has challenged commentator embarrassing - not to mention goalscorer every moment was getting harder and harder. During the meeting three times Yobchik opened the gate - first Alexander Sidelnikov, and then Vladislav Tretiak, who replaced. Here, as they say, can not escape it, it is necessary to disclose the author. And the lake again to not repeat the "cutting-ear," surname, brilliantly said: "Again the number nine!".

"Sorry, technical difficulties outside the territory of the USSR"

It is this distracting phrase applied Nikolai Ozerov, when during a hockey match starts fights. The camera switches to the neutral fan and commentator talked about events in the world of sports. In one of the reports that had been re-used "on duty phrase," Nicholas had time to talk about foreign tours of Soviet ballet.

"Tell him: the anthem of the Soviet Union have to perform standing up!"

This was the answer of the legendary commentator addressed through a translator to an American millionaire who, lounging on the couch and laughing in the hotel lobby, his hands began to show three-dimensional shape Ozerov and sing the anthem of the USSR.

"As we continue our report!"

And indeed, he continued to report, but with a bandaged head. It was a payment for love lead hockey coverage, standing at the rail. In one of the matches between CSKA and "Spartacus" in the presence on the podium of the General Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev, one of the "army" reserve commentator on the head with a club. A report had to be stopped. At the time, while Ozerov provided medical care, the reins passed to Evgeny Mayorov. But after the break, the famous voice of "broke the silence" with the phrase: "We continue our report".

Collection of the most curious pearls sports commentators