From what to wear ugg boots in winter? Short uggs what to wear?

Ugg boots have long been firmly settled in the wardrobe of every second girl. These boots are comfortable, warm, cozy, and looks quite trivial. However, this shoe has both its fans and haters. And all because of the fact that some of the ladies have no idea what to wear with ugg boots is not causing puzzled looks from the outside.

Where did the ugg boots?

The name "ugg" is derived from the phrase "ugly boots", which translated to English means "ugly boots". But, judging impartially, this shoe is not rather ugly and too simple, and this stands out shoes or boots more than usual for us kind.

First ugg boots were sewn more than a century ago in Australia or New Zealand of tanned sheepskin. They were worn mostly shepherds who were constantly on the pastures in any weather and in need of comfortable clothes and shoes. In those days the workers, of course, did not think of what to wear with ugg boots. The main thing - to cold boots heated, and legs in the heat did not sweat in them. These criteria fully comply with fleece, which from the inside is lined with these shoes.

Several years ago, ugg boots have been adopted by many well-known designers and since then did not leave the world's catwalks. Now it is one of the most stylish, but at the same time, whimsical accessories, requires careful combination with other clothing. Boots come in a wide variety of species, so before you figure out what to wear with ugg boots, look at their various options.

What are Ugg boots?

First, ugg boots come in different lengths:

From what to wear ugg boots in winter? Short uggs what to wear?

- short (to the ankle);

- medium-sized (up to mid-calf);

- long (under the knee). In this connection, select the model in the first place it is necessary, depending on the thickness of the legs, and only then decide where you are going to go and what to wear with ugg boots. The higher the boot, the leg will look slimmer. Slender young ladies, on the contrary, should pay attention to short-cut model - Eggs will not look like "a pencil in the bank."

Now a little about the exterior design. If the first party consisted mainly of the homely classic models of standard colors (gray, beige, black), then a few months later in the windows of shoe stores began to appear uggs the most incredible colors and with the incredible decor.

Inside all of these boots are exactly the same - with fur or wool. But outside ... A variety of ornaments, furry, buttons, rhinestones, sequins, decorative plating, knitted items, pockets, embroidery - fashion fantasy truly knows no bounds. In addition, a very common model of suede, leather and water-repellent material.

From what to wear ugg boots in winter? Short uggs what to wear?

In this regard, there is a caveat. That after the purchase of such things you did not have a misunderstanding, what to wear ugg boots in winter, should be before going to the store carefully otsmotret your wardrobe. To dress or a simple sport style is better to buy the classic ugg boots, and for special occasions (hiking guests to meet friends, dating, parties) should be fine and original versions.

What are the styles of clothing are combined ugg boots?

It would seem that there is nothing complicated in this matter. However, sometimes some clothes of the fair sex in conjunction with uggami yet all cause some confusion.

Stylists recommend to remember: casual and sports - the most appropriate under the Australian boots clothing styles. In principle, the experiments are not forbidden, but in any case it is not necessary to wear ugg boots with business suits and evening dresses. Even the "easy to run out of the car to the entrance!"

From what to wear long and medium ugg boots?

As already mentioned, ugg boots up to mid-calf more suitable slender girls and women. Therefore, with these boots can be worn safely:

From what to wear ugg boots in winter? Short uggs what to wear?

- skinny jeans;

- leggings;

- short skirts or dresses in conjunction with thick tights.

Sometimes, the following combination is permissible in winter: shorts, tights and tall ugg boots. However, some stylists see it as quite controversial: it all depends on whether, in what color scheme made clothes and shoes, as well as to where you are going in that outfit.

From what to wear short ugg boots?

Oddly enough, it is best to look around and go just a short ugg boots. From what to wear them, if the window is winter, and want to look stylish even in the cold? Recommendations are practically the same as for long boots, but in the arsenal of fashionistas added various woven and knitted stockings, tight breeches, straight, but not too wide jeans and skirts to the knee.

are ugg boots in different colors What clothes?

Despite the diversity of color boots, the most frequent cause controversy is the classic colors - brown, gray, black. If purple, blue, green, pink shoes is designed to focus on the attention of any overlap in shade with any accessory or other item of clothing in the image, then, for example, then, what to wear black ugg boots, will differ slightly from the items have been picked up by gray boots. Besides, every woman has a tsvetotip, and picked up, albeit subconsciously, by his wardrobe. So:

From what to wear ugg boots in winter? Short uggs what to wear?
  1. From what to wear gray ugg boots? This color - blur, pale, but quite romantic. To him suitable clothing in pastel colors: pink, blue, beige, pearl. Not counter the black and white colors. It can be jeans, leggings, bulky sweaters, sweatshirts, scarves, hats.
  2. From what to wear black ugg boots? These boots can be considered a classic - except their shape. Therefore, the black color will be good with things any shade until the pearlescent or metallic fabrics. The main thing - do not overdo it with glitter. The only thing that is not recommended - too bright and neon colors.
  3. From what to wear red ugg boots? Under the brown and all shades are ideal and super-tight skinny jeans blue and blue colors. Red boots also can be beat in cowboy style, supplementing them with a plaid shirt, a vest and a belt with a massive buckle. Beige ugg boots look great with black and patterned leggings, thick tights and a light sweater. But never wear brown boots combined with leopard leggings, pants or coat.

Ugg boots and outerwear

all too simply here. The only thing that is not recommended to combine ugg boots - long coats or jackets and even more so - a fur coat. The best option considered shortened jacket of tanned and normal skin, not below the knee cushions, fur jackets, coats.

On jackets made of natural materials welcome collars or fringe of wool. It also can be put uggam and rather short coat directly or trapezoidal cut.

Ugg boots and indoor clothing

Winter ugg boots and wear at home as slippers. Pick up for this purpose shortened models with more or less soft soles. Fluffy bathrobes, fleece pajamas, home leggings, T-shirts and tunics combined with warm uggami create a cozy way and will warm the long winter evenings.

From what to wear ugg boots in winter? Short uggs what to wear?

From what to wear ugg boots for men?

In our country, it was felt that ugg boots - is exclusively female prerogative. Happened so mainly because of the stronger sex in the majority are more conservative when choosing clothes and shoes.

From what to wear ugg boots in winter? Short uggs what to wear?

From what to wear ugg boots in winter men, if such a purchase has been made already? The first is, as usual, jeans - narrowed or straight, but not flared and wide. In an informal, country or home setting allowed sports pants made of soft material.

Stylists recommend that men avoid high models. As for color, then it is entirely brown, black and dark gray colors.

As outer clothing is most suitable short stylish coats, jackets, vests and aviators. Add an image can be knitted accessories: hats, scarves, gloves.

Finally I want to say that the UGG boots is best to buy from the official representatives of the manufacturer or factory outlet stores. Only in this case, your boots will last you a long time without losing its original shape and color, and warm your feet, even in the most severe frosts.