Cosmetics «Lumen» (Lumene): Overview, prices, reviews

Lumene The company was founded in the middle of the XX century in Finland. First, the main purpose of the brand was the release of chemicals, but a few decades later, the world saw and decorative cosmetics "Lumen".

Lumene in Russia

The first products to appear in the Russian blue-white logo in the 1980s. and immediately won the hearts of our compatriots. Production has been publicly available was low enough cost, had a visible effect on the application and does not cause allergies.

Cosmetics «Lumen» (Lumene): Overview, prices, reviews

on the production features of

All Finnish cosmetics "Lumen" is developed in its own research laboratories of the company, and only after repeated tests produced for sale. Based on the ingredients donated by the nature of the Arctic, it is not tested on animals. By the way, for the brand Lumene was not involved in its history in any scandal, any way related to the products produced.


The manufacturer believes that even such cosmetics, such as lipstick, mascara or foundation "Lumen", should not only adorn a woman, but also contribute to the preservation of her health. These objectives best fit herbal ingredients extracted in the Arctic. They are considered the most powerful in its effects. Moreover, who but the Finns are thoroughly familiar with all of the beneficial properties of each plant, which grows in the harsh environment?

Cosmetics «Lumen» (Lumene): Overview, prices, reviews

In combination with pure spring water used by the following extracts of arctic berries:

  • blueberries;
  • cloudberry;
  • cranberries;
  • wild rose;
  • raspberry;
  • buckthorn.

About technologies

For maximum effect, knowledge cosmetologists-experts in the fields of botany and biology are synthesized with a variety of innovations and developments. However, the main are the following technologies:

  • stem cells;
  • intercellular exchange;
  • encapsulation of vitamin C;
  • antiglikatsionnaya technology;
  • intense hydration.

About cosmetics

Cosmetics «Lumen» (Lumene): Overview, prices, reviews

The preferred group Lumene products for its intended purpose, especially since some of the goods we have to get very difficult. In Russia, "Lumen" cosmetics are presented in the following range:

1. Skin care:

  • daytime, night creams;
  • means for the skin around the eyes;
  • BB-creams;
  • reducing agents and serum;
  • scrubs, products for cleaning and masks.

2. Cosmetics:

  • lipsticks, glosses and lip pencils;
  • mascara;
  • cosmetics for eyebrows;
  • eyeliner and eye pencils;
  • shade;
  • and varnish products for nail care;
  • a base for make-up;
  • concealers and highlighter;
  • creams and powders;
  • rouge.

About cosmetics for skin care

Day and night creams Lumene called upon at any time to moisturize, protect and restore the delicate female skin. In this category you can find tools for all ages. However, the most numerous are the products for mature skin. Cosmetics "Lumen" and the day and night of destination has cost an average of 600-700 rubles. with a range from 280 to 1200 rubles. Women customers characterize these funds as fairly good, but a little rough. Most do not recommend the use of Lumene creams before applying makeup - it will simply "slide".

Cosmetics «Lumen» (Lumene): Overview, prices, reviews

If the skin around the eyes is extremely sensitive, you should pay attention to the special features for this particular area. The main functions of the creams in this category - the elimination of bruises, swelling, peeling, as well as giving a person a fresh appearance. The range can be found as a very inexpensive means - from 180 to 300 rubles, and at a higher price -. To 650 rubles. Reviews say that the overall effect is noticeable after a few applications, small wrinkles are literally melting away, but you need to use this makeup regularly. BB creams are multifunctional - they moisturize the skin, protect it from UV rays, align the color and texture. The customer believes that the funds - some of the best products from the "Lumen". The cream is easy to apply, is not felt on the skin and gives it shine, and is quite inexpensive - about 350 rubles.

Special funds to restore skin from Lumene help cope with particularly challenging: the increased dryness, enlarged pores, redness, irritation and other troubles. The products have a price about 600-800 rubles. for a unit. Cosmetics after application leaves quite a good impression: 9 out of 10 women are happy with the result. However, it should be noted that means having a light tone effect, practically no effect on the complexion, so characterized exclusively as caregivers.

Each representative of the fair sex know that to prolong the youth of her skin must be regularly cleaned of makeup, pollution and emissions of toxins. For these purposes and designed numerous toners, scrubs, creams and masks for washing. The majority of products in this category deserved praise. They wash well, even waterproof makeup, actively cleanse the pores and refresh the skin, and are quite inexpensive - no more than 300 rubles on average.

On the decorative cosmetics

Cosmetics "Lumen" lip - one of the favorite categories of the brand among Russian women. Especially women customers were to the liking of brilliance. Voluminous, delicious smelling, glossy. They are easy to apply, is not hammered into the folds and do not spread. The only negative - the relative stability of color. Lipstick lips well cared for, do not require the use of a pencil in collections enough shades to suit every taste. The price of both types of goods - from 300 to 400 rubles. for a unit.

Cosmetics «Lumen» (Lumene): Overview, prices, reviews

mascara, eyeliner and eyebrows, eyeliner - all cosmetics "Lumen", reviews of which are also for the most part positive. Means of proof is sufficient, kept the whole day without any additional adjustments. Mascara lashes stick together initially, but after 2-3 uses starts to paint almost perfectly. A pencil and eyeliner have no complaints, but the bright colors poorly visible on the skin of the usual tone. Products in this category can be purchased no more than 450-550 rubles.

Lumene Shadows are available in small mosaic 2 or 3 colors - perfect for those who do not like a long time to select and mix different shades for a perfect combination. Recommended for application to a special database of "Lumen". Prices for the shadow, in the opinion of women are overstated - 450 rubles. 3-4 grams, especially when you consider the fact that when using the dry palish color. Product advantages: absence of harmful ingredients, silkiness, easy application.

Cosmetics «Lumen» (Lumene): Overview, prices, reviews

Nail Varnishes from Lumene have a characteristic amount bottles - total 5 ml, so will not have time to get bored its owner or dry out. However, the price of 1 vial is considered among the buyers of high - about 150 rubles. It does not leave indifferent a good selection of colors, flat brush and relative resistance. Of the minuses women customers mark the emergence of bubbles during application, long drying time and the mandatory use of the base and fixer.

Tint Finnish brand no less loved by Russian women. If you briefly describe these products, you get the following. Tone Cream "Lumen" is suitable for oily skin, evenly distributed, is not felt on the face. You can easily pick up the pale shades. Powder well mattes and keeps the tone for the day, but it is inconvenient puff complete and plotnovata for very oily skin. Highlighter and concealers excellent job masking flaws, but using them must be carefully dosed. The cost of products in this category -. 350 to 600 rubles, in the opinion of buyers, it is optimal. At a higher price is better to buy cosmetics categories above. Blush - not the most popular cosmetics "Lumen". Reviews say that for the price of 400 rubles. women customers prefer to buy products from other well-known brands, bundled with a brush. Rich palette of colors, shades without luster, but many seem to be too bright. Furthermore, blush pylyat and have an average resistance.