Dry skin of the body, what to do? Dry body skin: Causes and Treatment

Dehydration can not only hurt human health, but also the cause of death. Without water no one can live, eat it, bathe in it, it is the main way of life and beauty. If the body of this element is contained in very small quantities, immediately deteriorates the internal state of a person and its appearance. This is manifested as follows: dry body skin, peeling, persistent redness, obvetrivaemost, lethargy. To get rid of such troubles, it is necessary to find the causes of this condition and fix them, and then do a full rehabilitation of the body shell.

What role does water

In order for skin to look healthy and beautiful, it should consist of 73 percent water. When this index falls below collagen, which is a basis for the extracellular matrix, it is saturated properly oxygen and moisture, because of what can not fully carry out metabolism in soft tissues. Consequently, it becomes more thin lipid layer and it is already entails a reduction in the barrier function of the body. In this case, the skin may pronimat visceral bacteria that will provoke disease. This ailment is in the name of science xerosis. Its symptoms - a malaise, dry skin of the body, weakened hair, brittle nails, a weak immune system.

Dry skin of the body, what to do? Dry body skin: Causes and Treatment

Causes dry shell body

In this issue there are two main reasons. The first is hereditary, according to which xerosis is transmitted from parents to children. In such cases, the permanent preventive and total self-care. The second - acquired illness. This is a problem with metabolism, solar factor and more. In this case, it is often enough to restore normal supply to the skin. Also, a person goes through a certain number of procedures that speed up the process.

Dry skin of the body, what to do? Dry body skin: Causes and Treatment

Acquired factors

Let us consider in more detail why you may be dry body skin. Causes:

  1. Dehydration.
  2. The frequent bathing in hot water.
  3. The use of food that removes moisture from the body.
  4. Allergies of all kinds.
  5. Abrupt climate change.
  6. Irregular lifestyle.
  7. Use of the wrong cosmetics.
  8. A poorly balanced diet.
  9. Excessive exposure to the sun, excessive tanning in a solarium.
  10. stress.

disease and heredity

Sometimes some problems with internal organs can be the impetus for the fact that a person becomes dry body skin. The reasons may lie in the work of the thyroid hormones in the blood circulation and the secret glands. But among the diseases that provoke dryness of the skin, we call the following:

  1. Diabetes.
  2. Psoriasis.
  3. Dermatitis.
  4. Renal failure.
  5. Sjogren's disease.
  6. Ichthyosis.
  7. Seborrhea.
  8. Kerotoz.
  9. Hormonal disruptions.
  10. Hypothyroidism.

Dry skin of the body, what to do? Dry body skin: Causes and Treatment

determines the type of the skin

The following items can be determined, the dry skin you have or do not have the body. So:

  1. On the dry skin of the continuously formed pigment spots. Even if you disable the old, new ones appear with surprising speed.
  2. pores on their skin is almost not visible.
  3. She always shelled, peeled off from the surface as it were scales.
  4. If you spend a hand on dry skin, you feel it rough.
  5. Such sensation as burning, itching, occur after water treatment.
  6. Dry skin of the body is always as it is stretched, it brings immense discomfort to its owner.
  7. dry and cracked heels, hands, cuticle.

The presence of at least one of these points is to a man of great discomfort. Because to fight this disease is necessary for all known and unknown methods.

Dry skin of the body, what to do? Dry body skin: Causes and Treatment

Dry is different

Conjunctival can be manifested in two forms, which differ from each other in terms of severity. The first type - is dry with an excellent tone. It is most common in young people. The skin peels, red, sensitive to all react, but remains smooth and supple. The second type - very dry skin of the body. There is no tone, no smartness. A notable feature is the wrinkles around the mouth, are eliminated by way of creams, and even more impossible home recipes. It can occur in young age and later in life.

Dry skin of the body, what to do? Dry body skin: Causes and Treatment

Basic prevention of

Now you have set (of course, it would be better it was not) that you have dry skin of the body. What should I do to fix this little problem? The reason may be a sharp change in climate or high dryness of the air in your home / city. Resolve this problem, you can use a humidifier for air. The same is put in the car, and at work in his office. When the cause of dryness is only the climate, you can choose the cream for dry skin of the body and use it daily. In order to increase the moisture content in the internal organs, drink per day up to three liters of water. Saturate the body with moisture can also be proteins, because of the strict diet is to abandon in favor of foods containing this element.

Dry skin of the body: the treatment of

Yourself be yourself recipes against xerosis is strictly prohibited, since you can only worsen your condition. To cope with the disease, it is necessary to consult a dermatologist who will prescribe medications, both internal and external, that have to be taken during the course of treatment. At a young age, dry skin of the body is treated through a protein diet, increased water intake. In some cases (if the patient can afford it), people are going to live in a city with a more humid climate. If the dryness was the result of menopause or other hormonal disorders, the doctor prescribes hormone therapy, which can restore the balance.

Dry skin of the body, what to do? Dry body skin: Causes and Treatment

Daily care rules

Today, the majority of people living in our climate, dry skin of the body. What to do with such an unpleasant drawback, how to get rid of the feeling of tightness and constant itching? In addition to the treatment has a number of simple procedures that have to be performed on a daily basis:

  1. On the day you need to drink at least 2, 5 liters of clean water. It is best to buy it in bottles, as in cranes, we fed the liquid unsuitable for consumption.
  2. Dry skin needs a huge amount of water, but he can not consume it properly. Therefore, when taking a shower or bath, make sure that the water was the most cool. Let you will be better a little uncomfortable half an hour, but then the skin condition has improved markedly.
  3. After water procedures each time applied to the body or nourishing moisturizer. Best of all, if this tool will be oil-based.
  4. Any cream or lotion should be strictly comply with your age group.

Facial Treatments

On the face dry skin is especially sensitive, because it is necessary to watch out for special attention. Every day you need to spend three preventive procedures: cleansing, toning and moisturizing (or food). Cleaning should be very soft. Scrubs and peels, which contain hard particles, strictly rule. Tone the skin, you can use a contrast shower. Wash with warm water and then ice. Moisturize and nourish the face need masks, oils, and in the end - creams.

Dry skin of the body, what to do? Dry body skin: Causes and Treatment

What if the window frost

Cold season - a real torture for those people who have dry skin of the body. In winter, take care of it should be even more carefully than usual, protecting it from wind and frost. The main role here will play a special cream marked with the label "winter." This nutritional formula that covers the skin with a protective layer, and it is not strongly weather-beaten. If winter in your area are too severe, try as much as possible are wrapped scarves, hats. Do not forget about your hands. They need to use cream and always wear gloves several times a day. Actual use of liquid vitamins in winter E and A, as well as oils as face masks. Also help to cope with dryness paraffin mask for the face. It is necessary to add the same oil or milk and apply on face for as long as it does not harden. When used regularly, the water balance will gradually improve.


Fight skin dryness can be like a cosmetologist in the office and at home. It all depends on what the cause of this deviation, why the skin becomes so. If it is a disease, a hereditary factor, then deal with scaling and discomfort will only be a specialist after the testing. When the skin affected by climate, water, diet or constant stress, you yourself can restore moisture balance. It is only necessary to force myself to take care of yourself regularly and efficiently.