As zaparivat Peas for fishing. How to cook the peas for fishing

Pea is one of the most popular baits of vegetable origin. He is very practical, because it is quite simply stick on the hook, and bait such clings. Plus, this kind of bean can safely assume that the universal attachment, because it even caught a big fish, including carp, carp, carp, bream and ide.

Which peas are best suited for fishing

The local stores can be purchased as a single or split peas (halves). The second option is suitable for preparing a variety of lures, as well as filling the feeder. Also from the bean halves can be mastyrku.

As zaparivat Peas for fishing. How to cook the peas for fishing

With regard to the appearance of the grain, the experienced anglers say that wrinkled varieties of peas give a better result than smooth. Of course, the easiest way to prepare the bait - is to buy a jar of canned peas. Much more interesting to cook all their own hands, but it needs to know how zaparivat Peas for fishing.

Can you catch on the fresh beans?

Whole peas can be used as a separate attachment. In this case, a good result gives the green fresh peas, which requires no special preparation - just wash it with water. Such an embodiment is most convenient, since there is no need to pre-plant soak nozzle. How to cook the peas for fishing, if it is fresh? It is enough to boil it in boiling water for just a few minutes.

As zaparivat Peas for fishing. How to cook the peas for fishing

zaparivat peas in a pressure cooker

The process of preparing this type of bait has a few secrets, thanks to which bait is particularly attractive to the fish. As zaparivat Peas for fishing to get an excellent bite? Firstly, you will need dry grains are not crushed, they must be the same party. Next you need to consistently follow a few steps: 1. Measure out the required number of pulses - a half-liter cans is enough. Since the fresh air like bait hardens quickly, you do not need to cook it too much.

2. Soak the peas for fishing? For this purpose it should pour into a deep bowl or pan and cover with cold water and left for 6-8 hours for swelling. After soaking the grains to increase significantly in size. Now, if there is no immediate need for the preparation of bait, the peas can be sent to the freezer.

As zaparivat Peas for fishing. How to cook the peas for fishing

3. The most convenient way to prepare vegetable packing of these legumes - is to use a pressure cooker. For example, cook for about an hour, while the pressure cooker with the process takes about 10-15 minutes in a conventional pot soaked pea grains.

4. To peas remained intact, they must cover the grid, pressing her slight weight.

5. It is important to determine when the boiling contents of the pressure cooker. Typically, the valve produces a characteristic whistling, and from under him coming out steam. Now it is necessary to detect 10 minutes. It is important not to digest grains otherwise disintegrate.

6. How soar Peas for fishing, so as not to miss his willingness? It is necessary to remove the sample. To do this, select a small seed and crushed two fingers. It should be soft but not falling apart.

7. The finished bait is necessary to drain the water balance and spread out on a towel to cool.

How to Boil the peas for fishing in a simple manner?

First, you need to take the whole pea sort and substandard, spoiled by insects. Then you need to soak the peas with water. It's enough to fill it with cold water and leave overnight. To improve the process of swelling for each gallon of water, you can add one teaspoon of baking soda. It also will prevent the bait from the cooking of. After the grains increase in size, they need to shift into a white cloth or gauze bag, which is placed in the pan so that it does not touch its bottom. For example, you can snap the thread tight to the handles and utensils hung on her bag.

As zaparivat Peas for fishing. How to cook the peas for fishing

Then peas need to pour the water in which it soak - so the bait will richness. Pan covered with a lid and cooking process begins. To plant bait is not deteriorated, it is necessary to check the readiness of every 15 minutes. Once cooked future bait (grain should be soft, but not to crumble), the water is drained, peas is poured onto the towel, dries and cools.

In the cooking process can also add some natural flavors, such as milk or vegetable oil with a strong odor. So the bait will be more attractive to fish.

As zaparivat Peas for fishing - prepare mastyrku

For a good bite experienced fishermen use pea porridge, cooked in a special way. It is best to cook rotary cut (half-hearted) grains. To do this, take 200 grams of peas, pour it into an aluminum pan and cover with cold water for 2-3 hours.

After it swells slightly, it is possible to start the cooking process mastyrki. How to steam the peas for fishing to get a lot of that will securely hold the hook? For this use the same water, which occurred soaking, the liquid level must be at least 3 cm above the level of legumes. When the contents of the saucepan boils, it needs to cover, and the fire should be eased, and cook until cooked porridge, stirring it from time to time that it is not burnt. After a while the water on the surface of pea mass does not remain. Nerazvarivshiesya grain to be crushed with a fork until smooth puree.

As zaparivat Peas for fishing. How to cook the peas for fishing

You can also add a teaspoon of honey, the fragrance of which is bound to attract the fish. Then the pan off the heat. After that, the porridge poured two Zhmenka decoys and one - of flour, then all well mixed. If the weight is too rare, you need to add to it a little more flour and semolina. While the porridge has cooled down, it is poured a little vegetable oil, and then you can start modeling balls, the size of which is selected depending on the size of hooks. Each pellet is lubricated with oil and fit into the pail. To avoid soaking the balls, they should be turned periodically until they are completely cool.

The bait in a water bath

As zaparivat Peas for fishing, so it does not seethe in the cooking process? It is better to use the method of the water bath. Pre Enumerated pea (preferably wrinkled) must be placed in salt water for 10-15 hours. Then, the swollen grain shift in a small pan and fill them with fresh salt water so that the liquid level was slightly above the level of peas. We put utensils on fire and bring the contents to the boil.

Then, the pan remove from heat and place in a bowl more, filled with boiling water. Further steaming is continued at least one hour on a water bath. Ready-bait should be soft but not falling apart with gentle squeezing fingers, as only the top for receiving the whole peas are used on the hook.

As zaparivat Peas for fishing. How to cook the peas for fishing

Storage bait

Few know how zaparivat Peas for fishing. It must be remembered and how to keep such a bait. If the whole process of fishing will take no more than two or three hours, it can be nothing to worry about. But in the case of long-term fishing, which can last several days, pea bait can deteriorate quite quickly. To extend the life of such a nozzle, it must be put into a wet cloth bag, or better yet put it right into the pond.

Mounting the hooked

If you look closely at any of the peas, then it is possible to see a brighter spot. The sting of the hook you need to stick to the same "eye" and gently stretch it between the two halves peas. At the same time cautious when catching fish sting better hide in the grain, but if the fish greedily swallows the bait, then there is no such necessity.