The best base for make-up. What is the basis for the makeup to choose: Givenchy, Clarins or L`Etoile

Today, in any store makeup is presented as a large range of different tools, it is no wonder that confused them. In addition to the usual mascara, lipstick, blush, powder, can be found on the shelves of products with unfamiliar names such as concealers, glitters, lyuminayzery, highlighter. One of these cosmetic products is a primer or base under make-up. This is a relatively new product. However, it should be present in every woman's purse, since the quality and correctly applied the base is actually a half perfect makeup.

What is a base for make-up?

This is a special cream that smoothes the skin. Due to the existing silicone in its composition it fills wrinkles, cracks, dimples, pores. At the same time, skin irregularities are smoothed. It becomes smooth and silky.

The best base for make-up. What is the basis for the makeup to choose: Givenchy, Clarins or L`Etoile

If the base for make-up has any shade, it can be used successfully to correct skin color. Transparent same funds will applied after foundation cream evenly distributed over the surface of the face.

Without primer can not do any professional makeup artist on the set and shows. As you know, lighting, aimed at different angles, able to detect the slightest imperfections. So, base for make-up is always present person in a favorable light.

What is the basis for make-up?

Cosmetics are much nicer and easier to put on the prepared skin. This is the first plus primer. What is more useful a tool such as a base for make-up? The advantages of the product weight:

  1. Makeup lasts longer, does not spread and can not be deleted.
  2. The base for make-up, leveling the texture of the face, removes skin imperfections, the signs of fatigue.
  3. to update and refresh the complexion.
  4. Makes the skin matt, absorbs excess sweat and grease.
  5. It protects the pores from getting makeup.
The best base for make-up. What is the basis for the makeup to choose: Givenchy, Clarins or L`Etoile

Do not confuse a base for makeup and concealer. Last resort only gives the face a desired hue, while the appointment of the primer - prepare the skin for the application of cosmetics.

Who recommended base under make-up?

First of all the attention it is necessary to pay for those who dream of a perfectly smooth skin. If there are specific problem areas such as the chin, nose and forehead, the primer recommended for use separately - only in these areas. If the skin itself has a fresh new look, base for make-up is better not to apply. "Overloading" the person is not worth it.

Women with dry skin are recommended based moisturizing primers. With oily - containing special components that will absorb excess sebum excreted.

What are the base for make-up?

Primers, there is great variety. There are separate products for the eyelashes, lips, eyelids. However, the most popular are the base for makeup for the face. They, in turn, are divided into the following types:

  • Fluorescent. It incorporates reflective particles, visually aligning the skin surface.
  • The silicone base under make-up. Most effectively eliminates the visible skin imperfections. It soothes, relieves dryness, protective face cover plenochkoj.
The best base for make-up. What is the basis for the makeup to choose: Givenchy, Clarins or L`Etoile
  • tint. The texture of these primers has a different color. The basis is chosen under a certain area of ​​the skin tone that you want to adjust.
  • Matting base under make-up. It is recommended for oily skin. Effectively absorbs fat and helps to cope with glitter.
  • Silk. Within this framework there are a large number of amino acids, moisturizes the skin for several hours. A person instantly becomes softer and smoother.

What are the bases of color make-up?

As mentioned above, the primer can be not only transparent, but and color. Each tone corresponds to a certain person or area of ​​a specific defect which must be addressed:

The best base for make-up. What is the basis for the makeup to choose: Givenchy, Clarins or L`Etoile

- white - smooths out the bumps and roughness all over his face;

- peach, beige or Nude - refreshes the complexion;

- Green - eliminates red spots, capillaries, acne masks;

- Yellow - effectively blurs the bruises under his eyes;

- purple - neutralizes jaundiced complexion and gray;

- pink - makes dull skin a well-groomed.

How to apply the base under make-up?

Even the best base for make-up requires a certain algorithm of actions of the substrate. The entire process is carried out in several stages:

  1. Face Cleansing.
  2. The application of moisturizer.
  3. The application of the primer.
  4. Toning face.

Properties base for make-up, and especially its application of its quality are determined directly. Many well-known manufacturers of decorative cosmetics have already released such a product. Below is an overview of primers brands most popular among Russian buyers this year. All three of them.

Base of Givenchy make-up

The products of the French brand Givenchy is positioned as a luxury cosmetics. Among the buyers, the manufacturer is renowned for high-quality goods, which do not cause allergies. To date, the stores often you can find the following primers of the brand:

  1. The base under makeup Givenchy Mister Smooth.
  2. The base under makeup Actimine.
  3. The gel for skin radiance Mister Radiant.
  4. Matting Base Mister Mat.
The best base for make-up. What is the basis for the makeup to choose: Givenchy, Clarins or L`Etoile

As can be seen from the names of each product for their particular purpose. They are all about the same: the average price is around 1800-2000 rubles. Although any primer Givenchy is good in its own way, because all of these products is considered to be the best Mister Smooth. This is the base for make-up, reviews buyers about which are the most positive. The women say that the cream does not only smoothes, but also tightens the skin and makes wrinkles invisible make-up and promotes resistance.

Mister Smooth - the optimal base of this line of Givenchy. If Mister Radiant is used to make the face of freshness and Mister Mat mainly helps to hide the shine, the Mister Smooth successfully combines all these qualities to a certain extent.

The high cost and uneconomical consumption - perhaps the only negative that I have this base under make-up. Reviews of shoppers indicate that 1 tube Mister Smooth miss just a couple of weeks. (It should be noted that the product is recommended to use only in exceptional and urgent cases:. Celebrations, shooting or when there is no time to make a refreshing mask) is connected with a very dense texture primer.

Base under makeup Clarins

In the line of primers, the famous French brand Clarins also has some very interesting and good tools:

  1. The base under makeup Clarins Eclat Minute.
  2. Concentrate Lisse Minute.
  3. Corrector Eclat Minute.
  4. means Lisse Minute.

All the bases are cream texture. The cost of products at the manufacturer's website is from 1300 to 1700 rubles, in retail stores and resellers prices may vary. The main purpose of each primer as follows: - Eclat Minute base gives the skin radiance, evens and smooths her;

- Concentrate Lisse Minute wrinkles, enlarged pores hides;

- Eclat Minute corrector for eye area (which is very rare among the make-up base), refreshes the skin and improves the complexion;

- means Lisse Minute is almost transparent texture, evens tone and protects against environmental influences.

Cosmetics Clarins created not only for decorative purposes but also to provide a therapeutic effect. The same goes for their primers. The best option for the price, suitable for all skin types, for our shoppers became base for makeup Eclat Minute. This primer has a 3 shades: rose, champagne and peach. That allows you to choose the base almost every skin color.

The best base for make-up. What is the basis for the makeup to choose: Givenchy, Clarins or L`Etoile

In the opinion of women using foundation Clarins Eclat Minute, its main advantages - a refreshing effect, giving the skin a feeling of tenderness and uniformity, the possibility of daily application. In addition, each shade can be used as a light concealer to eliminate redness, pimples, bruises under his eyes.

From bases shortcomings makeup Clarins is worth noting the heavy shading, especially with abundant application.

Base under makeup L`Etoile

L`Etoile network of stores is well known to every woman who were interested in decorative and medical cosmetics. The brand has its own line of cosmetics, among which are present and the base under makeup. All in the range two names:

  1. Enlumineur (cost about 250 rubles).
  2. Illusionniste (approximate price - 550 rubles).

The base for make-up "Letual Enlumineur" - it is a means to improve the complexion. It contains light-reflecting particles that impart shine skin. Another primer, Illusionniste, is colorless, light texture and a matte effect. Gives the face a velvety, corrects skin imperfections.

The best base for make-up. What is the basis for the makeup to choose: Givenchy, Clarins or L`Etoile

These products in the survey - the lowest in price and, as shown by responses of buyers, quality. Cost, large palette of colors and the presence in the silicone oils - perhaps the only advantages possessed and both base under make-up. Reviews of the disadvantages often outweigh assessing the merits of these primers: the structure is very dense, poorly stretched, to apply uncomfortable, Enlumineur makes a person too unnatural and Illusionniste the middle of the day is no longer hide greasy spots on the skin. But such comments leave, as a rule, experienced owner more expensive cosmetics.

So what basis is better to choose? First of all, it should be guided by their needs (for what exactly is needed primer) preferences regarding the producer and financial constraints. In addition, base for make-up - a very specific cosmetic product, so if there is such a possibility, it is better to go to the store and pick up by testing the best option for themselves.