How to make and how to make purchases on eBay

In the age of information technology, many people prefer to make purchases through online auctions. The most popular of our time is the auction eBay. On this site you can profitably sell or buy interesting things. Before you begin to trade, you should learn how to make purchases on eBay.

The auction is convenient that it trafficked people from different countries. It is for this reason, not being able to go abroad, you can buy a profitable online foreign things. By learning to use the site features, you can not only buy but also to sell different kinds of things that are not prohibited by the law enforcement agencies.

Register online

Almost every state has its own branch of the eBay auction. For example, in Germany -, and in the UK - You can register at any of these sites. After registration using a login you can go to any of these auctions.

It is best to register at Visiting the homepage of the site, it can be seen from above, "Sign up" button. Pressing the button will be the first step of registration.

In order for the registration process was faster, you must specify the mailbox is located on a paid service. For example,

After filling in all the fields and press "Send" button, the user will receive the specified mailbox registration confirmation. Having confirmed the registration, you can go to the Members Area. Now user your purchase on eBay will be available.

How to make and how to make purchases on eBay

The search for products on the site

Going into the personal account, you can start searching for products that are of interest to the user. To find a specific product, enough to drive into the search box the name of the product. After that it is possible through the advanced settings to reduce search according to certain criteria. For example, at a price. An interesting feature is the search for "free shipping." By selecting this option, the user will see only those goods which are supplied free of charge to the country of his residence.

After the product was found, you can think about how to pay for purchases on eBay. After selecting the desired item, the user can see his detailed specifications and delivery time.

Evaluation of goods sold

To be sure of the reliability of seller, you need to carefully examine the goods. First, we should examine the attached photos. After that, you can find the details about the delivery and payment.

Each seller has a rating by which you can determine the level of reliability. Making a purchase, the user has the right to leave a review about the product and the seller. Thanks to the reviews and the rating will be formed. If the seller high rating, you can not worry about his honesty.

Each state has the nuances of customs, according to which the user can make a purchase only a certain amount. Otherwise you will have to pay the state fee. After selecting the product should determine the type of delivery, so that later to know how to track purchases on eBay.

How to make and how to make purchases on eBay


There are two types of purchases. First - this is an auction, under which users raise the price, and the buyer is the one who paid more. The second type of purchase - a "Buy Now". Clicking on this button will purchase the product.

Very popular is the first option purchases. This is due to the fact that the goods can be purchased much cheaper than its price.

If the selected item is not sent directly to the country in which you live, the site will not be able to bid on the lot. In order to avoid this problem, you must use a special group. There are several kinds of shopping online:

  • Self-shopping with international delivery. It is the most common type of shopping.
  • Purchase using the address, which provides forvardingovaya company. Sending out to the address of this company, which is in the United States. Thus it is possible to solve the problem associated with the lack of delivery in the country of residence. Employees know how to combine purchases on eBay, who come to them in a variety of assumptions. With this purchase mean, you can solve the problem associated with the inability to send parcels in one or another country. Recently Russian citizens use forvardingovye companies to quickly get interested in their product.
  • Purchase, carried out by intermediaries. Just send an intermediary link to the goods and to pay him money.
How to make and how to make purchases on eBay

Payment for purchased goods

To pay for the purchased goods, you need to register an account in the PayPal payment system. This payment system is only an intermediary between the auction and the international standard credit card. To bind the payment system to the auction, you must open a page that describes the purchase instruction on eBay.

Just recently there was an opportunity to pay for purchases at the auction using QiWi payment system. It is necessary to issue an invoice for the purchase of goods and then pay for it.

There are other ways to pay, but they almost nobody uses, as trust the PayPal payment system.

How to make and how to make purchases on eBay

Advantages of PayPal payment system,

Before you make purchases on eBay, you need to know about all the pros PayPal payment system:

  • It is easy to keep track of each payment. The payment system has on each vendor data. This means that you can learn not only the rating of the person selling the product, but also other information. For instance, the reliability.
  • No fees. A great advantage of the payment system is that with the money sender can not be removed for the transfer fee. The costs will be paid by the recipient of funds.
  • Fast payment. The payment takes place in a few minutes, even if there was a technical failure.
  • In the case of fraud, you can get back their money. Buyer protection system called "Dispute".
  • If you follow all the rules, the payment system PayPal provides its users with the insurance.

The lack of payment system PayPal

No matter how good was the payment system, it has its drawback. Of course, in comparison with other payment systems is a very small negative, which is still there. Residents of the former Soviet Union, except the Baltic countries and Russia, can not make money on your account PayPal.

In that case, if you had to withdraw from the purchase on eBay, and was made to withdraw funds from an unscrupulous seller, they will fall into the bank account of the buyer. This does not apply to residents of the former Soviet Union, since they kakmuzhe said, can not withdraw money from the account of the payment system.

Russian citizens have the opportunity to withdraw their funds from your PayPal account to your bank account until the end of 2013. Up to this point they also had to look for other options for the withdrawal of their money from the account.


Having dealt with how to make purchases on eBay, and buying the right product, you need to decide on the method of delivery. It is worth a lot of patience, as any of the deliveries will take a certain amount of time. For example, USPS Priority shipping, carried out from the US to Russia, can take several weeks.

Regardless of the delivery method, the movement of the long-awaited parcel can be tracked on the website of the postal operator. It is enough to specify the number assigned to the parcel. When the parcel will cross the border of the Russian Federation or another state, you can use the public postal service. Sending comes to the local post office, where the recipient must take her own.

You can choose the delivery method that will be carried out by courier to the door of your apartment. If payment of purchase on eBay has been made, the goods sent to your country and into the courier company. Courier calls the recipient on the phone and arranges for the delivery time. It is possible to agree on a time that is convenient for you, not the messenger.

How to make and how to make purchases on eBay

goods received from the auction

If purchased items are not a commodity, which is subject to restrictions on eBay purchase, then soon it will be possible to pick it up from the post office. After receiving the goods, the receiver first checks whether the purchase corresponds to what is lecturing in the dealer network. Make sure that the product, you can leave your positive feedback a person who sells goods.

There are cases when the goods are fully consistent with the description, but not the right size. Do not be upset, because the product can be returned. For information on returning points each seller. Of course, there are citizens who do not accept the refund, but such people are very few. It is important that the product you purchased has remained in its original packaging and had no traces of use. In that case, if the description does not match with the goods, you can request to forcibly return spent on the purchase of goods vehicles. The seller must pay return shipping parcels. If you agree with the seller fails, offer "dispute", and the amount in dispute will be locked in its accounts to full trial.

How to make and how to make purchases on eBay

Prohibited methods of payment for the goods on the eBay

Before you make purchases on eBay, you need to know that there are illegal payment options.

At first glance it may seem strange that the popular payment methods allowed for the purchase of a product on the site. Terms of the auction to pay for the goods prohibited by such payment systems as WebMoney, Western Union, Money Gram, and the like. You can buy it by using one of the above systems, but then the likelihood is high that the buyer will take the money and leave the product itself.

Of course, the use of bank transfers easily and quickly, but it is strictly forbidden to use them, to avoid potential problems with unscrupulous users.

It is strictly forbidden:

  • Use a prepaid payment card.
  • Cash in the letter. This method is disabled and other auctions. This is due to the high probability of cheating.
  • Use non-bank payment methods.

If the seller will ask or require to pay a prohibited method, you can refer to the site's administration.

For violation of the sanctions imposed on the seller:

  • This product was withdrawn from the auction or removed.
  • limited to account features.
  • Take the status of the seller.
  • blocked account without refund of cash proceeds.
How to make and how to make purchases on eBay


To understand how to make purchases on eBay, you need to explore the site. After finishing the study, you can go directly to the purchase of goods. First select desired item and press the "Buy" button. After the purchase is necessary to decide on the method of delivery. The method will depend on the time and cost of shipment.

When the parcel is received, should carefully examine the goods to conform to what has been the seller wrote. If the discrepancy is found, it is necessary as soon as possible to return the goods to the seller. Pre Online specify that the goods do not correspond to the ordered. The seller is obliged to return the money spent on the purchase of goods.

In 90% of the goods corresponds to what it says about the seller. Auction - this is a very good tool to buy quality products at a low price.