Biochemical and permanent waving of eyelashes. Eyelash perm at home

Every woman always wants to look beautiful. And for this, it should be noted, women are ready to deal. Now, there are just a lot of ways in which any can change yourself in just a few hours. One such method, which emphasizes female beauty - it is clearly marked in the eye. To do this, you can simply eyelashes and make them a perm.

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Biochemical and permanent waving of eyelashes. Eyelash perm at home

How can I make the eyes more expressive and give your lashes a stunning bend? It is necessary to pay attention to one simple method. This curling eyelashes at home. Run it in two ways. Consider first, which is provided with special curling. To tighten the cilia using it, you need to catch them at the base and lead to the top of the curling iron, slightly bending the lashes. Spend on them curling will need several times. Buy this tool can be for cosmetic stores.

The second way - eyelash curlers. Applying them to the roots of the upper lashes, grab and hold a few seconds so that they spun. Following these procedures will need just a little to emphasize the eyelashes mascara. perming process at home takes a little time, but the result will not be very long that for women with straight or slightly downcast lashes will be very sad fact. Next, consider a more long-term options.

Types eyelash curler

So there are a number of procedures that can make your lashes and your eyes are exactly as you want to. These eyes will appeal not only to you, but many people think. One of these procedures is a permanent waving of eyelashes, which allows you to make the necessary bending and irresistible appearance. The second option, which can do - biochemical perm. These two species do not differ among themselves by the method of. The differences in the compositions of these procedures, which is carried out wave.

Biochemical and permanent waving of eyelashes. Eyelash perm at home

Almost all salons recommend to conduct biochemical perm. This procedure is much less harmful to hairs and it will not lead to breakage and hair loss. I repeat it necessary a few times a year. As they say professionals, the result of a procedure such as biochemical curling eyelashes, must be maintained for at least two, or even three months. After this time it will need to carry out a correction, since each person lashes fall out, and in their place are new. And if you want to have a hard, curved eyelashes need to be carried out every three or four weeks the correction procedure.

How perming eyelashes is

biochemical perm procedure takes time to one hour. It perfectly matched the time period for the procedure, which helps to avoid side effects and allergic reactions. If you have long and thick lashes need a little more time.

During the procedure the wizard uses: Curler (tweezers for eyelash curler is not commonly used), a permanent fixer, special glue, Vaseline, a cleaner, a special pad - pad on the eyelid and supporting materials, to make the process quick and convenient for both the master as well as for client. Pad serves as a barrier between the skin and eyelashes century. With this cushion skin will not yield to the negative impact of the materials and will not dry out from the procedure itself. Basis cushion consists of hydrogel. After putting some of its specialist carefully using a special degreaser cleans your lashes from dust, dirt and makeup residues.

It is necessary to pay attention to

Biochemical and permanent waving of eyelashes. Eyelash perm at home

Depending on the length of the cilia, selected special size curlers for curling procedure. Biochemical curling eyelashes involves the use of one-time curlers who have three or four sizes. They are applied on the eyelid so that they were as close as possible to the roots of the eyelashes. Curler attached using a special adhesive that does not have contraindications for application to human skin. The next step during the procedure to become a perm application of funds for the eyelashes. Stepping back a few millimeters from the root zone, it is applied to a special composition for waving. Ten minutes later he removed from your eyelashes and apply a fixer. Thirty minutes after the procedure, you can already apply makeup on the eyes.

How to care for eyelashes before and after the procedure

Permanent or biochemical curling eyelashes requires more careful care of eyelashes, both before and after the procedure. This is to ensure that, after all the action and you and eyelashes feel comfortable and it was not unpleasant situations. The nursing assistant you are almond and castor oil. The use of these substances help to nourish and strengthen lashes. Just before the procedure, conduct a test for sensitivity to the components, and during listen to your feelings procedure. If there was discomfort, burning, itching, you should immediately tell the master of curling. In carrying out such a procedure on their own always look at the shelf life of raw materials and the instructions read carefully.

Curling home

Biochemical and permanent waving of eyelashes. Eyelash perm at home

For someone carrying out the procedure, and then a constant correction - it is not cheap. Curling eyelashes can be carried out not only in the cabin. It can be done at home. This will require the same tools used by the expert. But except for those devices that are used in the salon, still need: wooden applicators, cotton pads and sticks, caregiver oil.

Do not forget about that when choosing curlers curling, you will need to choose exactly your size. If you take a size larger or smaller, it can give no the result, which is expected.

Choose the right chemical component, do not save, and give preference to the compositions, which include vitamins and keratin. Carefully read the instructions on how to use curling mascara. After that, well, clean your eyes and eyelashes from cosmetics, to degrease them tonic. Proceed according to the instructions. Apply the product carefully and beware of contact with the eyes. Do not forget that at the first discomfort need to uninstall the eyes and rinse well with plenty of water. If after that you'll still feel discomfort be sure to consult an ophthalmologist.

The myths about the dangers of a wave

Biochemical and permanent waving of eyelashes. Eyelash perm at home

This procedure, like many others carried out in beauty salons, eventually grows myths. Afraid to try this procedure, many women are covered by certain myths and convince others that it's dangerous, harmful and more. This is especially true self curling. In fact, if you follow all of the recommendations, curling process will take place comfortably, and the result will please for a long time.

The most important myth that there is - it is loss of eyelashes. In fact, any master can tell you that curling eyelashes assumes no harm. After this procedure, eyelashes do not become brittle and fall out. It should be noted that the wave of eyelashes are very different from the wave of hair. For the first part of the procedure used is much more gentle than the one that is used for curling hair.

And if the lashes fall out suddenly, should refer to their master. Loss can occur for various reasons. For example, the body's hormonal failure, antibiotics, weakened immunity, lack of vitamins.

Pros waving

Biochemical and permanent waving of eyelashes. Eyelash perm at home

First, curling eyelashes give the opportunity to buy more expressive look. Do not forget that you will be able to choose for themselves exactly this level of the navel, which is to please you.

Secondly, after the wave of the procedure will not be necessary to use mechanical devices, such as tweezers for eyelash curler.

Third, holding curler recommended to the eyelash. Your lashes will not stand out much of extension, and will be very beautiful and harmonious look. Fourth, it is simply irreplaceable procedure for those who do not like to use mascara every day. You simply can do this several times a year and forget about what we need to be painted every morning. But if you still doubt whether to hold such a procedure, as a wave of eyelashes, the reviews of other people - this is the best assistant in the selection.

The positive reviews of eyelash curler

Biochemical and permanent waving of eyelashes. Eyelash perm at home

Many clients who have undergone this procedure, very satisfied, and were convinced of the quality and security of permanent and biochemical perm. And after a while, repeat the procedure, and enjoy a beautiful and open view.

During its existence, it has managed to find itself both supporters and opponents. There are a number of people who, without knowing how to use a curling mascara, are already saying that it is bad for the state of the eyelashes themselves.

But the majority of women who performed the procedure in salons, with experienced craftsmen, very happy with the result and are happy that they do not have to use mascara every day and at the same time look great. Furthermore, the holding eyelash curler biochemical procedures in some way has a less traumatic effect than eyelash curlers.

The negative reviews about perms

But you can not say that the procedure has only positive reviews. Like all other tools or actions, it faces opponents. Perming eyelashes, reviews of which can be in many cases negative, in fact, is not dangerous or bad. According to statistics, the bulk of opponents, those who do not try this procedure. Or the second option is possible - those without any special preparation procedure carried out at home and did not get the desired result due to negligence and lack the necessary skills. The first time the holding of such procedures must be carried in the cabin of an experienced master.

for curling eyelashes Contraindications

Particular attention should be paid to the fact that curling eyelashes, reviews of which may be negative, may be such because of the poor quality of the procedure.

There are several contraindications in which it is not recommended to carry out certain procedures. Therefore, if you want to curl your lashes first time, it is worth it to do a professional. He is in the case of occurrence of trouble can quickly assess the situation and to quickly deal with the negative effects. And also need to do the analysis for the presence of an allergic reaction.


In this review we have tried to consider all the aspects that concern a procedure such as curling eyelashes. We hope that the article will be useful and will help to make certain choices.