Things that can ruin your sleep

• Things that can ruin your sleep

There are a lot of non-obvious at first glance things that affect your sleep and interfere with your normal sleep.

Things that can ruin your sleep


Even if you ignore it, it is invisible spoil your life in various ways. He provokes the secretion of adrenaline, increases the rate of heartbeat, blood circulation and overall alertness that drastically affects the quality of your sleep. As a result, you can not get a good rest and relax.


Try to eat more or less the same time before going to bed to give the opportunity to all the stomach to digest properly. And do not go to bed hungry: the body will desperately miss nutrients for proper operation.


Do you think that there is nothing better than to look through social media tape before going to sleep? Certainly not! If you have an hour before going to bed is not fixed on the smartphone, Mark yourself 20 minutes to relax, calm down, lie down in bed with closed eyes and tune in to sleep.


Sometimes it's nice to sleep in a tracksuit, and sometimes completely naked. Neither one nor the other is not very useful. If you go to sleep in too tight clothes, you wake up due to the fact that you will be hot. Conversely, if you sleep at all without clothes, you run the risk of freeze. In general, choose thin and light fabric, it is pleasing to the skin.


Unfortunately, that dream was the best, the day before you have to avoid too disturbing movies or books. Find relaxing funny movie, or read something from the classics, not to cheat yourself.


Alcohol relaxes, but does not contribute to the smooth sound sleep. A glass of wine a couple of hours before bedtime - it's good, and a glass of something stronger will be too. Because of this, the body can not properly relax and recover.