The best bait for roach. How to make a bait for roach with your hands?

Roach - is widespread in our latitudes schooling fish of the carp family, which is found in almost every pond with clear water. This inhabitant of the depths of the river is very popular among fishermen, especially during their most active. It is constantly moving over the pond in search of food, so properly chosen bait for roach plays a significant role in the process of catching.

As is known, the result of any fishing depends not only on tackles, a special place, weather conditions and the bait, but also by properly chosen bait. Its role is to attract and hold fish at the desired location. Properly chosen mixture is able to attract the inhabitants of the depths at a distance of several hundred meters.

Where to look for roach

The favorite habitat of the fish are coastal areas rich in aquatic vegetation. In such places, and the food is easy to find, and you can escape from a predator. On the rivers roach avoids flow, look for it stands in quiet areas with the "return flow" or in the creeks.

The best bait for roach. How to make a bait for roach with your hands?

In early spring, she prefers to stay in the steep banks of water bodies, particularly drains where melt water, carrying a variety of seeds and insects. Closer to the summer roach spawns in the warm shallows, overgrown with reeds and water lilies. In the hot season it descends to a depth, going to the shore to feed in the morning and at sunset. In autumn and winter flocks of these fish keep their familiar places, but with the change of weather for a walk and feed in the shallows, and reeds.

On that catch and the lure roaches

Pick up the bait should be based on the natural diet of roach. Its natural food - is water plants, larvae, insects fallen in water and small crustaceans. It is best when fishing for roach proven bloodworms and maggots. It is also nice to bite on worms, dough, boiled wheat and bread.

The best bait for roach. How to make a bait for roach with your hands?

The choice of bait for roach should depend on the following factors:

  • time of year;
  • times of the day;
  • type and size of the reservoir;
  • flora and fauna of the reservoir;
  • weather conditions

Early spring is the best bait for this fish are maggots, worms and insect larvae. During this period it is most hungry and exhausted winter cold, so protein foods is a must for her. But in the summer roach appetite decreases. Often it even caught the green alga thread wound on the hook. The bait for roach as bait, it should contain natural food according to season.

Features choice of bait

Going for roach, can freely buy ready groundbait mix in the store or on the market, but most fishermen somehow prefer the product of their own making. It is, first of all, saves money, and secondly, to choose the perfect purchase bait for a particular body of water, time of year and location of fishing is simply impossible. Therefore bait to roaches, with his own hands made from selected ingredients, will make the most effective fishing.

In no case can not use universal groundbait. Roach, though is a fish of the carp family, but the way of feeding her a bit different than that of her relatives. In other words, shop for roach bait and bream, carp, crucian carp and others. Distinguished by its properties. This is due to the fact that all these fish have different feeding horizons. If the carp, bream and crucian carp fed from the bottom, then fry searches for food in the water column and at the surface.

The best bait for roach. How to make a bait for roach with your hands?

In this regard, the bait for roach should not sink immediately, but soluble in water, but once in it. It is also desirable that the mixture is not strongly contrasted with the bottom color - it alerted the fish.

The composition of the bait for roach

Standard for roach bait should include the following main components:

  • base (steamed bread crumbs);
  • cooked cereals or legumes (rye, wheat, peas, lentils);
  • milled bagasse (often sunflowers);
  • maggots, chopped worm, bloodworm (for winter) and algae (for the summer);
  • flavoring;
  • clay.

It is based on a roach baits often use breadcrumbs. They perfectly swell and dissolve in water and have an excellent flavor. Boiled wheat, rye and legumes recommended necessarily apply in the mixture for fishing throughout.

The best flavors to attract roaches, which are used in the various bait are:

  • honey;
  • caramel;
  • anise;
  • seeds of hemp and flax;
  • cinnamon;
  • coriander;
  • thyme

The clay in the composition of the bait acts as an adhesive and a weighting element, and allows you to reach the bait, without spilling, the right place.

The best bait for roach

The range of baits for roach is quite wide, but choose the best free advice based on their own experience, it is impossible. However, there is a mixture, which during the years of stay in the market really have earned the trust due to its effectiveness:

  • "FishDrimElit";
  • "Chip" (Roach);
  • "Chip" (Feeder)

These baits are focused precisely on the roach and its culinary preferences. But they can also be used for fishing bleak, Leucaspius and chub.

To find the best bait, be sure to take into account the time of year, because the fish food varies depending on the temperature, pressure and the presence in the water of a particular food.

The best bait for roach. How to make a bait for roach with your hands?

The bait for roach in winter and late fall apart plant components must include small or chopped bloodworms, worms, as well as dry milk, cocoa to form "dusty" cloud. In cold weather it is desirable to also add proprietary flavoring spices that will attract the fish, even under the ice.

The bait for roach in the summer may include shredded seaweed. During this period, as well attractants to use flax seed or hemp and crushed leaves of nettles, mint, basil.

on the roach bait their own hands

The bait for roach at different times of the year must have its own structure, which is best suited her natural diet in any given period. Here are a few popular recipes.

For spring before spawning:

  • bread crumbs - 200 g;
  • roasted buckwheat - 200 g;
  • milk powder - 50 g;
  • chopped bloodworm or worm - 50 g;
  • flavoring anise - 5 g;
  • clay or river sand. The best bait for roach. How to make a bait for roach with your hands?

For the summer:

  • crumbs or bread crumbs - 200 g;
  • boiled rye - 200 g;
  • porridge "Hercules" - 100 g;
  • cannabis seeds - 20 g;
  • filamentous algae - 50 g;
  • cake (cake sunflower) - 100 g;
  • fine (aft) maggot - 30 g;
  • clay or river sand.

to fall:

  • breadcrumbs - 150 g;
  • biscuit - 150 g;
  • rye bran - 100 g;
  • maggot feed - 30 g;
  • joker - 20 g;
  • cumin - 3 g;
  • clay.

For winter:

  • bread crumbs - 200 g;
  • sunflower cake - 50 g;
  • joker or worm - 100 g;
  • cacao or milk powder - 3 tablespoons;
  • flavoring (pepper, cumin, coriander) - 2-3 pinches.

Preparation of bait

Before making a bait for roach, you need to choose the ingredients in the right quantity. Cereals or beans or zaparivat previously boiled and then crushed in a meat grinder. Dry components necessary to grind to a powder.

The best bait for roach. How to make a bait for roach with your hands?

Home bait for roach, for that matter, and shops, is mixed on-site fishing, using water from the pond where fishing is carried out. This will prevent the mixture from foreign odors, which may alert or scare away the fish. Liquid purchased flavorings are added last.

Methods for feeding

The kneaded mixture was formed into balls, the size of which depends on the prevailing conditions. If there is no flow, and the bottom solid and smooth, it is best to use small lumps. In the case where for fast, the best option would be balls size 5-8 cm in diameter.

The best bait for roach. How to make a bait for roach with your hands?

To throw the bait on the fishing spot, you can use in several ways, depending on the distance and the gear used:

  • manually;
  • with "missiles";
  • with a special slingshot;
  • using the trough (when fishing on the feeder).

Experienced anglers catching zakarmlivayut place a few days before fishing. This allows the fish to get used not only to the appearance and flavor of the mixture, but also to a specific area of ​​the reservoir. This solution significantly increases the efficiency of fishing.

In winter, when fishing with the ice, at a shallow depth roach lure pinches with such timing that 300-400 g of the mixture should be sufficient for a full day. If the depth is more than 5 m, the best option would be to use the trough. When winter fishing should not be fed plenty of roach moth, the more they alone - it's sure to attract flocks of perch and ruffe.

Some features of making and using the bait

That fishing was the most effective and did not produce frustration, it is important to also take into account the nuances of the following:

  • in the preparation of the bait can not be abused flavors - pungent smell of roach scary as any predator;
  • it is not necessary to use the old (stale), sunflower seed cake and other components having a rotten smell;
  • bait for roach summer should contain a maximum of ingredients of plant origin, and in the winter - the animal;
  • the amount of feed in excess of the divert fish from the bait;
  • to lure rank better in small portions, with an interval of 15-30 minutes.