Russian rating of female celebrities

Russian rating of female celebrities

Buzova Sobchak, Navka - who else from the fair sex was rated show business stars and Sport?

In July 2018 Forbes has made an annual ranking of "50 stars of show business and sports." Like last year, 13 women got into the list.

The leader was Olga Buzova and moved up from 14th position to 6th overall. Its revenues rose by more than half to $ 3, 9 million, of which 90% comes from advertising the posts in social networks. Buzova won first place at the request of its name to the "Yandex". She actively doing singing career, she opened a restaurant in central Moscow and launched its own cryptocurrency Buzcoin. Last year's leader among women - Anna Netrebko - lost ten positions and took 19th place.

Nyusha, Serebro group and Renata Litvinova not included in the ranking this year, replaced by Tatiana Navka, which in 2017 earned more than her husband, Dmitry Peskov 14 times. Also returned to its position of Valery and Pelagia, who last year dropped out of the rankings. "50 stars of show business and sports" made taking into account three factors: income for the year, a mention in the media, and the frequency of queries in the "Yandex".

Russian rating of female celebrities

Olga Buzova

32 years old, divorced, Moscow

Salary: $ 3, 9 million

Place in the rating: 6

References in media / TV: 14 867

Requests to "Yandex": 28778790

Total score: 42, 93

TNT TV presenter, a former participant in the show "Dom-2", the singer. She recorded her first album, "The sounds of kisses", which immediately took first place in the Russian iTunes.

In June 2018, she opened a restaurant BuzFOOD on Tsvetnoy Boulevard in the center of Moscow. We have Buzov own brand of clothing and jewelry stores network Bijoux Room. She announced the release of its cryptocurrency Buzcoin.

Russian rating of female celebrities

Ksenia Sobchak

36 years old, married with a son, Moscow

Income: $ 1, 4 million

Place in rating: 10

References in media / TV: 45 462

Requests to "Yandex": 12322128

Total score: 34, 36

Daughter of the first mayor of St. Petersburg, Anatoly Sobchak, and Federation Council member from the Republic of Tyva Lyudmila Narusova. Due to the participation in the presidential elections Xenia temporarily left his journalistic activities. In September, she again plans to begin work on the program "Sobchak alive" to "Rain" TV channel at the beginning of the summer she returned to the place of the chief editor of the magazine L'Officiel. Advertising contracts in Sobchak this year, significantly less than in the past. Major contracts were now Bork and cosmetic brands MixIt and "Flourish".

Russian rating of female celebrities

Polina Gagarina

31 years old, married, two children, Moscow

Income: $ 1, 4 million

Place in rating: 18

References in media / TV: 3271

Requests to "Yandex": 712,896

Overall Score: 27, 11

Russian singer, composer, winner of the "Factory of stars - 2". In 2015, she won second place in the course of "Eurovision". In 2015 and 2016 Gagarin was in the jury of the popular show "The Voice". Despite the birth of their second child, daughter Mia in April 2017 Gagarin did not pause in their professional activity and July have released a video for the song "Drama is no more."

In the same year he signed a contract with the company Danone. Collaborating with such brands as Mercedes, World Class, Alexander Terekhov. In 2018 he became a confidant of Vladimir Putin.

Russian rating of female celebrities

Anna Netrebko

46 years old, married with a son, Vienna, Austria

Income: $ 5, 8 million

Place in rating: 19 References in media / TV 1641

Requests to "Yandex": 875,646

Overall Score: 26, 76

Opera singer and People's Artist of Russia in August 2017 she made her debut at the Salzburg Festival in the title role of Verdi's opera "Aida". Critics called it a lot better, and the last decade of musical life - "Anna Netrebko time." In February of 2018, after a joint concert with her husband Yusif Eyvazov in the Hall. Tchaikovsky Netrebko troubled by high ticket prices and threatened to no longer perform in Moscow. Ticket price reached 150 000 rubles.

On the eve of the opening of the World Cup on Red Square featured works by Russian composers performed Netrebko, Denis Matsuev and the Mariinsky Theater Orchestra under Valery Gergiev.

Russian rating of female celebrities

Maria Sharapova

31 years old, not married, Longboat Key, United States

Income: $ 5, 5 million

Place in rating: 20

References in media / TV: 6084

Requests to "Yandex": 1348425

Total score: 26, 36

Russian tennis player and Merited Master of Sports of Russia, at age 17 won his first Grand Slam - Wimbledon. At age 18, he became the first racket of the world.

In April of 2017 he returned to the sport after being disqualified due to the discovery in her blood prohibited drugs.

In the season 2018 decided to take a break before Wimbledon and the US Open and withdrew from the four tournaments. Sharapova earns on advertising contracts, for example, is the face of Nike. She has a business under the brand Sugarpova - manufacture of chewing candies and chocolate. In the fall of 2017 in America came autobiography Sharapova - Unstoppable: My Life So Far (in a Russian translation - "Uncontrollable"). By the end of the year the book was published in 20 languages. She starred in a cameo role in the US TV series "Billions". Tennis meets with British millionaire Alexander Gilks.

Russian rating of female celebrities

Tatiana Navka

43 years old, married, two daughters, Moscow

Salary: $ 3, 4 million

Place in rating: 28

References in media / TV: 2037

Requests to "Yandex": 2202538

Total score: 19, 43

Russian figure skater, three-time world champion, the wife of a government official - the press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, Russian President Tatiana Navka obliged to declare their income. According to tax records, Olympic champion in Turin 2006 has earned for 2017 of 200, 4 million rubles, 14 times more than her husband. In 2018 its revenues are likely to rise. This winter Navka launched its own ice show "Ruslan and Lyudmila", where she serves in three capacities: as a producer, director and performer of the title role.

Since 2016 Navka - Ambassador of jewelry and watchmaking house Chopard, it behooves her to attend status events such as the Cannes Film Festival and watch exhibition Baselworld.

Russian rating of female celebrities


50 years old, married, three children, Moscow

Salary: $ 3, 1 million

Place in rating: 29

References in media / TV 1308

Requests to "Yandex": 7926769

Total score: 19, 19

The singer, People's Artist of Russia and a member of the Arts Council under the President of the Russian Federation Valery present in the Forbes ranking of Russian stars in 2005, that is, from the very first of its release. In 2017, she temporarily dropped out of the rankings.

From 1993 to 2002, he was married to music producer Alexander Shulgin, since 2004 - for producer Joseph Prigogine.

April 20, 2018 Valeria gave a concert in Crocus City Hall in Moscow. The singer leads a healthy lifestyle and is actively involved in sports.

Russian rating of female celebrities

Natalia Vodianova

36 years old, divorced, has five children, Paris, France

Salary: $ 2 0000000

Place in rating: 34

References in media / TV 1398

Requests to "Yandex": 722,072

Overall Score: 14 07Cupermodel philanthropist Vodianova is the founder of the Fund "Naked Heart", which helps children with special needs.

In Paris Vodianova took part in the fashion show fall-winter collection of his girlfriend Ulyana Sergeenko, which offered guests recall the atmosphere of the XX century and the fashion of the USSR. In 2017 Natalia joined the board of directors and became an investor of mobile applications for women Flo Period Tracker. The application includes an ovulation calendar, fertility and pregnancy weekly.

In January 2018 in the AppStore appeared the latest version of its applications Elbi, or Love Button. Opening Elbi, the user sees a few projects and charities, by clicking on the button to the fund, which he really liked, donates $ 1.

Russian rating of female celebrities

Svetlana Hodchenkova

35 years old, divorced, Moscow

Salary: $ 2, 1 million

Place in rating: 35

References in media / TV 1106

Requests to "Yandex": 2210480

Overall Score: 13, 63

Theater and film actress. In 2011, the Russian played Hodchenkova beloved British agent in the European movie "The Spy, get out", after which it was invited to appear the producers of "Wolverine: The Immortal." In 2016 he starred in "Viking", where she played a major role. In 2017 she received the award "Woman of the Year" by the magazine Glamour in the category "Actress of the Year". Hodchenkova starred in the video for the song "Ecstasy" group "Leningrad".

Russian rating of female celebrities

Christina Aguilera

47 years old, married, three children, Moscow Income: $ 1, 5 million

Place in rating: 38

References in media / TV: 2624

Requests to "Yandex": 3251937

Total score: 12, 45

Honored Artist of Russia, daughter of Alla Pugacheva. At the age of 12 Aguilera starred in the film "Scarecrow". Since 1992 began a solo singing career. In 2002, he received Lithuanian citizenship. Aguilera appeared in films, including her work starring role in the comedy "Love-carrot".

In 2018 Aguilera was invited to play a major role in the play "Two for the Seesaw" in theater "Contemporary", she replaced Chulpan Khamatova.

Russian rating of female celebrities


32 years old, married with a daughter, Moscow

Income: $ 1, 7 million

Place in rating: 39

References in media / TV 1716

Requests to "Yandex": 3343925

Total score: 11, 41

Pelagia received the title of "Best performer of folk songs in Russia 1996", participating in the contest "Morning Star." Mother Pelagia Svetlana Khanova is a producer and director in her group. The singer - a member of "The Voice" of the jury musical project.

She married hockey player Ivan Telegin, January 21, 2017 the couple had a daughter, Taisiya. Pelagia is not represented in any of the social networks.

Russian rating of female celebrities


41 years old, not married, Moscow

Income: $ 1, 5 million

Place in rating: 44

References in media / TV: 853

Requests to "Yandex": 3792549

Total score: 9, 98

Singer, songwriter Zemfira noticeably lost in their income, in 2016, she earned $ 6 million last year -. $ 5 million peak of the singer's popularity has fallen to 1999-2004. The most successful album - "Forgive me, my love." In May 2017, the premiere of the play Renata Litvinova "North wind" in the Moscow Art Theater. Chekhov wrote music for productions Zemfira. According to estimates of the music market experts for speaking at the party ID "Kommersant", which was held in late May at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum - 2018 could pay € 270 000. The singer admits that the money for it did not mean anything. "For me the money - it's not something that is not an end in itself. For my money - nothing, "- said in an interview Zemfira.

Irina Shayk

32 years old, unmarried daughter, London, UK

Income: $ 1, 3 million

Place in rating: 45

References in media / TV 1326

Requests to "Yandex": 1418467

Overall Score: 9 64Cupermodel Irina Shayk received its first major contract with the brand Intimissimi, she became the face of companies such as Guess, Lacoste, La Perla, Avon, Nike. In December 2016 the first time participated in the fashion show of lingerie Victoria's Secret Fashion Show 2016 in Paris. It consists in a relationship with American actor Bradley Cooper, in the spring of 2017 the couple had a daughter.