The transformation of the prison matron in the porn star

• The transformation of the prison matron in porn star

Isabelle Deltore - winner among strippers "Naked Miss World - 2018". But who would have thought that once this blonde with model looks has been a prison matron. Now she believes that the change of activity was the best decision of her life.

The transformation of the prison matron in the porn star

It is now Isabel Deltore working in the porn industry, and is not the first time gets the crown in the contest "Miss Nude World". But a few years ago she was a matron in prison. According Deltore, she is constantly subjected to sexual objectification by criminals. In the end, she got sick.

When the cup of patience overflowed, Deltore decided to become a stripper. At first she thought it was for a short while until it does not find a job to match their legal education. But it turned out that the strip - a profitable business.

"I worked his last shift at the prison and went to a strip bar. There I earned for the night as much as the previous work would receive two weeks. At four o'clock in the morning I went to jail an email, where she wrote that resigning. " Now Isabel has been a striptease, webcam model work, shooting for magazine covers and even publishes a calendar with your photos.

"In my work, everyone knows the boundaries. If a man orders a lap dance, I swap service for money, and everyone is happy. I used to complain if the last operation pestering me any officer or prisoner. Now I am much happier. "

True, one can not dismiss the fact that the first work gave Isabel a few useful skills. She is very disciplined, able to manage your time, and most importantly - can easily cope with overexcited clients who are trying to go beyond the limits.

"I led the units of 20 to 40 people, so know very well how to deal with difficult people and how to show the power, without being aggressive."

With discipline and perseverance Deltore managed twice to win the title of "Miss Nude World". Participants in this contest compete in the ability to dance a striptease. To contest Isabel was preparing long and hard.

"I set a goal to win the competition" Miss Nude World ". I prepared a few months, I had to learn from scratch air gymnastics on rings. One of my coaches was one of Cirque du Soleil, we were doing 30 hours a week, and that's not counting performances of dance, choreography and costume creation. It almost cost me my relationship, because I was focused only on the competition. " It is on the scene and the camera Isabelle - porn star. And in his spare time, she meditates, she is engaged in archery, and is looking forward to replenishment in the family - is soon to foal her favorite horse Clydesdale.

For five years, Isabelle worked in the adult industry, but all the same the past constantly reminds himself.

"Sometimes ex-prisoners come up to me and say they can not remember where they know me. And once on my show was the warden. He told me: "You're looking a lot happier," and I said: "I feel happy." "