Celebrities who have been abducted

Kidnapping the rich and famous that have occurred at different times in different parts of the world: in Russia, Italy, the USA and the Netherlands. What was the fate of the victims after their release?

Celebrities who have been abducted

The abduction of the son of Eugene Kaspersky

Ivan Kaspersky, 20 years old at the time of the kidnapping in April 2011

Celebrities who have been abducted

In spring 2011, 61-year-old Muscovite Nikolai Savelyev showed his wife, Lyudmila, Forbes magazine list of the richest Russians - was among them and Evgeny Kaspersky programmer who developed the popular antivirus. Savelyev nothing ever worked out, but behind it there was a sentence for fraud. Seeing the characters salary "Forbes", the pensioner remembered youth and decided to make the kidnapping of the child of a millionaire. Wife had endorsed. Saveliev enlisted the help of 30-year-old son, so that he found on the Internet information about the children of the rich. Nicholas did not consider ideas senile parents fad. On the contrary, a man on fire, and even offered to enter into a share of the three friends. The gang set to work.

Initially Evgeny Kaspersky was not the purpose of the criminals. The choice fell on the programmer, because his youngest son information, 20-year-old Ivan was the most complete and was in the public domain. Student Ivan Kaspersky on his page on the social network "VKontakte" have a home address, place of work and study - Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, the fourth course. The kidnappers had to check with the schedule of the guy and remember the victim's face.

April 19, 2011 Ivan was abducted in the metro "Strogino", near the office of his mother Natalya Kaspersky, where the young man earned. Ivan was pushed into the car, put on the head of the mask, was taken to a rented cottage, took away the phone, shut down in the bath, was ordered to call her father and demand of 3 million euros. redemption day was set for April 24 - at the same time the couple were detained Saveliev with his son, who had come for the money. Later, three families accomplices were arrested.

Celebrities who have been abducted

Ivan Kaspersky held captive for five days, surrounded by the care and attention of their captors. The defendants admitted that "the victim treated politely, not intimidated by him, consoled, fed, watered, gave books" (but do not remove the handcuffs). But, despite the sensitivity and sincerity, father and son Saveliev and their two accomplices received from 7 to 11 years of the colony. Fifth convict Alexey Ustimchuk intelligence officer, served 4, 5 years.

After his release, Vanya, first of all, brushed profile "VKontakte" and later changed his name.

Kidnapping Freddy Heineken

Alfred Heineken, 60 years old at the time of the abduction of the autumn of 1983

Celebrities who have been abducted

About this story a couple of years ago made a movie with Anthony Hopkins in the title role. Everything that happens on the screen - the truth. Freddy Heineken, the Heineken brewery owner of the famous, founded in 1864 by his grandfather, was kidnapped along with his driver in the center of his native Amsterdam. Criminals (five young men) demanded that families Heineken 35 million Dutch guilders (about 16 million euros), the amount of space, and to this day, and for the time - incredible. Millionaire held 20 days, chained to the wall in a soundproof chamber, which was built in an abandoned hangar abductors. Heineken was sure that he was not killed or harmed. Entrepreneur not only remained calm, but also acted on the nerves of the ringleader of the gang, causing the offender. But the driver Ab Doderer nerves passed quickly. The man almost had a heart attack, which is not included in the plans of the kidnappers. The kidnappers began to quarrel and panic. Perfect crime threatens to turn into a failure ... but not turned.

On the day of redemption criminals successfully took the money and fled. The two fled to France, others lay on the bottom in the Netherlands. As a result, all five arrested and tried for periods ranging from 8 to 12 years. But here is the fate of the money is not known so far. Police found and returned home Heineken only 4 million from the 35. Did the kidnappers to spend the rest of the purchase (and what ?!) or bags of cash hidden somewhere - that the investigation could not figure out. Heineken himself to the loss of 30 million, as well as to his abduction, philosophically. Keep calm helped him another 9, 5 billion guilders in the account.

Celebrities who have been abducted

After his release from prison all the members of the gang, except for the mentally unstable Franz Mayer returned to the crime. And after the release of Freddy Heineken he held the post of chairman of the board of Heineken for another 6 years, transforming from a local brand in the world-famous. After retiring Heineken brewery continued to participate in life until his death from pneumonia in 2002.

The Abduction granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst

Patty Hearst, 19 years old at the time of the kidnapping in 1974

Celebrities who have been abducted

Hurst was born in the family of a millionaire who owned silver deposits, but their empire mogul made of other treasures: the scandals, gossip and news yellow. Having bought on the money my parents boring New York newspaper with a modest circulation, Hearst turned the publication into a hit. He earned millions on Criminale, catastrophes, rumors, reports from the scene of the murder - with color illustrations! By the beginning of World War II, Hearst published many newspapers throughout the United States, owned radio stations, film studios, news agencies. Hearst Corporation factory without interruption a sensation for every taste, and once ironically Hurst family itself became the focus of a criminal scandal. Fortunately (or unfortunately), Mr. Hurst had not lived - he died in 1951. Several hundred million dollars of inheritance and management of the holding company was divided between his 5 sons, among whom was a 36-year-old Randolph Hearst, the future hero of the tabloids.

In February 1974, the daughter of Randolph Hearst, a student of the University of California Patricia stole radical left terrorist group "Symbionese Liberation Army". Woman two months locked in a closet, the first few days is not removed from the mouth gag, do not remove the blindfold, were not allowed into the toilet. Prisoner was beaten and raped. The purpose of the kidnapping was not initially the redemption and exchange of the successor to the two members of the "Army", convicted for the assassination. The authorities categorically refused to extradite prisoners. Then the kidnappers put the family Hurst other requirement - to provide every indigent Californians food aid. Patricia's father immediately allocated two million dollars for the poor products, but humanitarian action in a suburb of San Francisco turned into chaos, needy are left with nothing, and refused to let go of the CAO Patricia. 3 April, two months after the kidnapping, the terrorists presented audio recording on which Patty Hearst announced to join the "Army". She renounced her name, refused to return to his family and announced that, together with "new friends" begins "struggle for peace".

Celebrities who have been abducted

In the next six months as part of Patti group participated in robberies and killings. In September Woman arrested. Patty admitted that all this time living literally under the gun. In case of disobedience, she was threatened atrocities constantly raped, she was ready to die at any moment. Examination confirmed that Patricia serious post-traumatic disorder. So when, in March 1976 was sentenced to Pattie 7 years in prison for robbery, the country erupted protest - and three years later Hurst released.

Celebrities who have been abducted

Immediately after the liberation of Patty Hearst married policeman Lee Bernard Shaw, whom she met during the investigation, and had lived with her husband until his death in 2013. They had two daughters, one of whom, Lydia Hearst, model.

Patricia (now she '64) released an autobiography, to do charity work, he has played in several films. In 2019 it prepares to enter a film about Patti Herts, the main role which will play Elle Fanning.

The abduction of his grandson Paul Getty

John Paul Getty II, 16 years old at the time of the kidnapping in July 1973

Celebrities who have been abducted

The American industrialist J. Paul Getty earned his first million at 24 years and 15 years to build his own empire of "black gold". On the one hand, this is not surprising. Father Paul Getty was the oil magnate and did not skimp on the education of his son. However, when it came to business, Getty Sr. creaking and at interest allocated heir minimum start-up capital. Paul Getty learned his lesson: money is expensive, do not give a reason, and if you spend them in vain - are disappearing property. The talented son managed to surpass his father - and in business, and in the art of saving.

In 1966, 74-year-old oilman J. Paul Getty with a fortune of $ 1, 2 billion became the richest man on earth. In terms of the present course, this amount is equal to about nine billion. Modestly, but in the middle of the last century did not have that kind of money no one - except Paul Getty, who more than anything loved to spend their money - neither himself nor to close, including their own children. Even if it was a question of their health and life.

Celebrities who have been abducted

In 1973, the capital of the 80-year-old Getty was $ 6 billion. Behind the tycoon was 5 short marriages, 4 of which collapsed after the birth of children. Infants require so much attention - and so much waste! But while Paul Getty was happy to provide their adult heirs the opportunity to earn and increase family capital.

John Paul Getty Jr., was born in the fourth marriage, ruled by the Italian branch of the family company Getty Oil, but has lost the confidence of his father, when hippies began in the '60s. John Paul Getty Jr. went traveling with his second wife, actress, and his son from his first marriage, John Paul Getty III was living in Rome with his mother. Paul Getty was not interested in any hippie son or grandson of an adolescent, and he did not count on the legacy of his grandfather. 16-year-old grandson of billionaire wrote paintings for sale, braided baubles, experimenting with substances and was satisfied with his life, while on July 10 unknown persons in the town square on the night did not wear a bag on his head and was taken to the mountains in the south of Italy. The kidnappers demanded a ransom of $ 17 million, but Paul Getty was not going to pay. He was confident that his grandson-slacker faked his kidnapping to brazenly extort money.

A month passed, "joke" delayed, but refused to buy billionaire grandson. Even if it all really, the guy's own fault, was sure Paul Getty. Why this addict wandered through the streets at night? "I have 14 grandchildren, and if today I'll pay a penny, tomorrow I'll have 14 kidnapped grandchildren," - said the Getty authorities and journalists.

Celebrities who have been abducted

As time went on, the mother of the kidnapped boy pleaded with her father to help, and after a couple of months he paid for the work of ex-CIA agent to help the investigation, but it only angered the kidnappers. November 10, 1973 to the editor of the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero parcel came with his ear cut off. Criminals have reduced the ransom of three million dollars, but claimed this amount within 10 days, otherwise they will return their captive in parts. The parents of the kidnapped was no such money, and against the mean oil king this time risen halfway around the world. Finally he agreed to help, but he donated allocated only $ 2, 2 million and 800 thousand remaining lent son at 4% per annum.

December 15, 1973 live John Paul Getty III found at a gas station in the city of Potenza, in the south-west of Italy, but did not care of his grandfather. The billionaire did not want to talk to exempt his grandson on the phone and never saw him until his death in 1976.

In the case of the abduction were arrested 9 people, among whom were members of a mafia clan 'Ndrangheta ", but went to jail only two - blame others, including crime bosses, not proved.

Life of John Paul Getty III formed unfortunately. At age 18, he married and became a father (his son Balthazar Getty - actor), surgeons have restored sliced ​​ear, but his continued nightmares experienced captivity. Due to dependence on alcohol, drugs and sedatives in 25 years Paul Getty III suffered a stroke, was left paralyzed and speechless. It took care of the mother and the father, a former hippie John Paul Getty Jr., continued the age-old family tradition: He did not communicate with his son, and even refused to pay for his treatment.

Celebrities who have been abducted

John Paul Getty III was not February 5, 2011. Grandson of the richest man in the world has died at age 54, in poverty and disease, and 7 years later came the film "All the money in the world", dedicated to high-profile kidnapping. In March this year, the premiere of the series "Trust", which also tells the story of J. Paul Getty-third.