The best documentaries about politics

The best documentaries about politics

June 14th US president Donald Trump turned 72 years. Trump's political career - a great subject for a documentary film. Just remember, as voters initially joked about the application of an eccentric billionaire, and a few months for a race between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton watched worldwide. On the occasion of US President Born remember best documentaries about politics.

Preset / Primary, 1960

The plot - the primaries Democrats in Wisconsin (April 5, 1960), which was attended by the two candidates from the Democrats - Senator Hubert Humphrey of Minnesota and Senator from Massachusetts John F. Kennedy. All the experts gave the victory to Hubert Humphrey: firstly, he had a convincing political reputation and was one of the main sponsors of the parliamentary movement for civil rights, and secondly, took an active part in the adoption of the law on the support of farmers. Kennedy also was then considered rather weak political opponent and had a dubious reputation.

"Primaries" - one of the first documentaries in which the camera with the microphone freely moved with the characters during filming. The camera work in the film - is an example of how to make the camera almost invisible and does not harm the unfolding of history. The goal of a good documentary - to build a close relationship with his characters, the film crew did.

Thus, viewers saw politics in the first person. The drama and tension of a political campaign is clearly evident in the film and the camera seems to be always in the right place and helps to approach to current events.

The War Room / War Room, 1993

The game's story - the story of Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign, and the team that she was engaged. The film tells about the events that occurred during the global changes in US policy. Clinton was very different from their predecessors, and after a long Republican-led voters to understand that the country needs a change. Bill Clinton has become a symbol of new hope.

Initially, the filmmakers wanted to reflect the campaign not only Clinton, but also its main rival - the elder Bush, but it was more difficult to approach. As a result, producer RJ Cutler decided to focus on the history of the Democratic candidate. Perhaps it's for the best, because otherwise the story would not be so exciting.

Bob Roberts / Bob Roberts, 1992

"Bob Roberts" - a mockumentary filmed actor Tim Robbins. He acted and wrote the screenplay. The film tells the story of a fraudulent political campaign, which brings together folk singer Bob Roberts (Conservative Party) and a candidate for the Senate from Democrats Brickley Peyst and freelance journalist trying to expose this system.

Robbins wanted to show how policies to achieve their goals are on different shifts, violate the principles and agree to the adventure. Critics and audiences for a long time tried to draw parallels between the characters and the real political figures. Robbins in an interview, said that all the images - the collective - and reflect the system "as a whole".

Crisis: Behind a Presidential Commitment / Crisis: After the presidential election of 1963

Access to politicians, who got then Robert Drew ( "Preliminaries", "Faces of November"), is incredible: the director had five cameras that filmed the event for a few days. Film crews followed by President John F. Kennedy and the governor of Alabama, George Wallace. The film depicts the incident that occurred at the University of Alabama in June 1963, and the events that followed after.

A Perfect Candidate / The ideal candidate 1996

Director of the film made by John Cutler and David Van Taylor. "Ideal candidate" - a story about honesty, compromise, and a sorry state of American politics. The picture shows the opposition Democrat Charles Robb and Republican Oliver North for a Senate seat from Virginia.

Charles Robb, both have found opponents, it was in connection with a minor, and Colonel Oliver North was known throughout the country by participating in the "Iran-Contra". This film makes the audience to rethink their ideas about what qualities form a worthy candidate.

The picture ends with the fact that almost all the characters are disillusioned with the political process. Although there is no triumphant end in "The War Room", this film clearly shows how impoverished the American political system.