Honey face mask. The mask of honey - recipes, reviews

Honey is known not only for their nutritional value, but also cosmetic properties. Although it is not for everyone. Honey facial mask, depending on the ingredients, have different properties. If an allergic reaction to this test should be required to spend in advance.

Honey face mask. The mask of honey - recipes, reviews

How to test skin allergy

To mask of honey was really useful, you must first make sure that it does not harm the skin. To this mixture is applied to a droplet on the inner side of the elbow, left for a few minutes. If during the day at this point does not add any redness or itching or irritation, the mask is completely safe for use. Even a slight pink stain indicates that use a mixture of risky, as it can cause allergic reactions on the skin.


In addition, the mask of honey is contraindicated in those with intolerance to the main component, there are still some limitations. First of all, diabetics need to avoid such mixtures. Second, people with dilated vessels and closely spaced capillaries can not use honey masks, as they only exacerbate the problem. Third, increased vegetation, too, belongs to the contraindications to the use on the face. Shoot a honey mask will be more difficult, and in some cases even with the painful sensations.

The fight against acne

Ripe or even just emerging rashes on the face, you can do almost visible with the help of self-made mixture. Mask with honey against acne is prepared on the basis of several components:

- liquid honey;

- cucumber;

- boiling water.

The advantage of this recipe is that it suits all skin types. Cucumber rubbed through a fine sieve to form a slurry. All you need to about four or five tablespoons. They pour a glass of boiling water, allow to infuse until cool. Infusion filtered through a bandage or gauze, leaving just liquid. It is mixed with two spoons (small) honey, then smeared face with a cotton swab, which is wetted in a mass. Lubricated only problem areas where the rash is particularly strong and noticeable. Quarter of an hour - the best time for holding the mixture on the face, after a wash or tonic water. It is important that the skin was not sticky after the procedure.

Honey face mask. The mask of honey - recipes, reviews

The lotion for acne

Honey face mask, helps to significantly reduce the number of pimples consists of calendula and honey. This recipe is suitable for anyone, but do not dry the skin, because it pulls together a few. Calendula is necessary to insist in hot water for a day, then strain. Infusion is heated over a slow fire, mixed with honey (approximately two large spoonfuls). Promeshat necessary so that the latter is completely dissolved. Infuse the mixture should be still for about a day, then use every day as a means to wipe the face. Mask lotion helps to get rid of acne as it was already ripe, and those who are just beginning to emerge. After she definitely need to wash clean cool water.

Honey face mask. The mask of honey - recipes, reviews

The fight against acne natural mask

Honey facial mask that helps fight acne, consists of:

- liquid honey;

- aloe juice.

Mix needed for a large spoonful of each component. The resulting mass is applied only on mature skin pimples and around them for 15-20 minutes, then washed calendula extract or chamomile. Apply the mask can be a daily basis as long as the acne will not work. It is remarkable that this recipe helps prevent re-occurrence of acne as deep dry the damaged area by acting from within, and not superficially.

Honey face mask. The mask of honey - recipes, reviews

The classic recipe for oily skin

Mask with lemon and honey is very simple. It is necessary to mix the two components in a ratio of 5: 1. That is, 5 teaspoons of honey you need to add only one of lemon juice. Homemade mask liberally applied to the face and neck area and at a quarter of an hour. It is removed with a cotton swab, pre-moistened with a lotion cucumber or cool water. This mask does not only removes the shine, normalizing the sebaceous glands. It has a lifting effect, giving the skin elasticity and softness.

The fight against wrinkles

Those whose skin is experiencing the first signs of wilting, to cope with the aging of help home natural remedy. Honey face mask with tomato not only wrinkles but also gives the face a uniform color and shine. To make it, you need to grind one tomato without the skin to pulp. Then add to it as much honey that has a thick consistency, promeshat. The resulting mask is applied to face a dense layer for some time (about 20 minutes), then rinsed with warm water. Apply the agent may be a couple of times a week. At night, it is necessary to apply a nourishing and moisturizing cream.

The recipe for getting rid of fine lines

The fine mesh of wrinkles gives the true age of the person. To get rid of it, you can use the home remedy of honey and eggs. Its advantage is that it not only removes wrinkles but also prevents their appearance. Mask with honey and egg consists of several components:

- olive oil (2 tablespoons large no slides);

- honey (1 large spoon with a slide);

- egg yolk (half).

All components are mixed until until the mixture is cool and thick, then applied with a soft brush on the face evenly. Through 13-17 minutes wash off the mask with warm running water and applied to the skin of night or day nourishing cream. Can be applied no more than once a week.

Honey face mask. The mask of honey - recipes, reviews

For all skin types

Egg and honey mask for the face consists of a number of ingredients that have in every kitchen. The advantage of this recipe is that it is good for any skin problem, whether it is dry, oily or combination. Mixture can be applied on the face and chest area for hydration. need:

- fatty cream (2 spoons);

- liquid honey (2 spoons);

- egg yolks (one).

All the ingredients are mixed until smooth. Then, the mask covers the entire face and neck, excluding the area around the eyes. Within 20 minutes the mask do not touch, then it is possible to wash off with warm water, massaging the skin fingers that give it extra shine. Do can be two to four times a week.

Honey face mask. The mask of honey - recipes, reviews

for food and moisture

In the winter it is especially important to take care of the skin, because it is exposed to adverse environmental conditions: frost, wind, temperature changes. Honey face mask with curd is useful for all skin types. Its advantage is that it is perfectly nourishes, moisturizes, opens the pores, prevents the formation of wrinkles and acne. The structure includes:

- the curd (2 teaspoons);

- yogurt (2 teaspoons);

- liquid honey (3 teaspoons).

All the ingredients are mixed and then evenly applied to the face for 15 minutes. After washing the skin can rub a slice of lemon to give extra softness. Apply the mask is recommended every other day for months. If lemon is too dry, dry skin, you can refuse to wipe it and replace with a nourishing cream.

Honey face mask. The mask of honey - recipes, reviews

To cleanse the skin

Even the highest quality industrial face masks in the composition have a harmful components that are needed to extend the shelf life funds. Pets also are characterized by their naturalness and budget. Aspirin Honey Mask - is no exception. It consists of only three components, suitable for everyday use and all skin types. It is noteworthy that not only cleans, but also moisturizes, nourishes and stimulates the renewal of the upper skin cells. To prepare it, you need 2 tablets of the drug non-effervescent "aspirin" drip a little warm water, mix with the liquid honey (a couple of small spoons). The resulting mixture was applied to the face in a circular motion, left for some time (about 15 minutes). Rinse off with warm water you need. Be sure to lubricate then the face with a nourishing cream. The mask opens the pores, allowing the skin to absorb all the nutrients most deeply, and it is beneficial to her condition.

Output and feedback

Homemade beauty products are only good if they really fit the skin, do not cause allergic reactions and are used exclusively fresh. Honey face mask is not an exception. Notably, many experimented with were satisfied with the result. First, the skin actually becomes softer and velvety. Secondly, honey as a means for getting rid of acne is well-proven. It opens the pores, acne ousting from the deep layers of the epithelium outside. There are those who are not too happy, because got irritated. This is due to the fact that not all of the components fit skin. For example, those who are allergic to honey or other components.