Mascara "Meybelin": a review of popular models


For nearly a century the company "Meybelin" emphasizes female beauty with the help of high-quality and at the same time the available cosmetics. This makeup reflects the boldness and directness of New York, in which hum with life. Despite the fact that "Meybelin" is an expert in all the lines of decorative means, its history began with the establishment of mascara. In 1913 a young chemist Thomas Williams has created an interesting mass of Vaseline and coal dust, which gave a stunning volume of your lashes. So there was the first mascara "Meybelin", named after the sister of the founder and the first woman who managed to experience the novelty in the beauty industry.

As time passes, the composition of the carcass modernized and lineup of innovative new products periodically replenished, allowing you to choose the most suitable product. Presenting your attention the most popular types of mascara from Maybelline.

The enormous volume of

The Colossal Volum Express - the most stellar mascara "Meybelin". Consumer reviews concur that the lashes increased in volume after the first wave of a magic brush. By the way, this is a special development of the New York technologists. The brush allows you to distribute ink evenly without sticking and lumps. Moreover, thanks to a massive size and the presence of long separation fiber brush grips the entire width of the eyelashes, significantly reducing the time for makeup. Mascara "Meybelin" The Colossal Volum Express creates the impossible: even the most rare and delicate eyelashes transformed.


The tremendous volume is achieved due to the presence in the composition of the collagen molecules, which feeds inside the eyelashes and a protective film covers their outside.

Satisfied women customers say that means really excellent: expressive eyes framed by a halo of eyelashes and reflection in a mirror pretty smiling.

Means justify all the expectations placed upon it and unambiguously recognized by consumers as the best mascara "Meybelin". The price of this product is 7, 61 dollars. Score - 10 out of 10.

Instant volume, like a rocket


Advanced gel formula The Rocket Volum Express lets you apply mascara smooth as cream, avoiding the formation of lumps. Innovative brush with elastomer mikroschetinkami simultaneously spray on the entire surface of the lashes and comb them, performing the dividing function. If the lashes are not formed as it should, stuck or dried, the slight movement of the brush-comb correct the situation. Eightfold increase in the volume of advertising promises, you are unlikely to be achieved, but the eyelashes are really long and fluffy. This mascara "Meybelin" for a long time retains the original texture, it does not dry up. Eyelashes bears up, no flaking even after an 8-hour workday, but may smear when rubbing the eyes. Color deep with a slight glossy shine. The price of this model 7, 86 dollars. Score - 9 out of 10.

Cat eyes

If you are looking for a mascara "Meybelin", which will give a flirty lashes bend, then Volum Express Cat Eyes - this is what you need. The arcuate brush with bristles of varying length allows the eyelashes to paint a single motion. A minimum of effort to achieve a seductive cat eye.


At first glance, the brush may seem uncomfortable and too bulky. But if a little practice in the application, you can achieve incredible results. Consistency carcasses moderately thick, medium does not spread evenly and lies clearly on each eyelash, where there is all day. Waterproof effect is observed (even when hit by rain does not spread, if not rub eye) is removed by a conventional jelly, which delivered from makeup. Price carcass 6, 59 dollar. Rating 9 of 10.

Unreal length


If nature has endowed you have enough volume, but short eyelashes, Illegal Length must be an integral part of your beautician. Thanks to a brush with bristles sticking out in different directions, the eyelashes are tinted on all sides, and staining the error is reduced to almost zero. The product includes waxes of varying degrees of softness, allowing eyelashes to create around each shell adds length. Among the shortcomings of the wearer noted a slight bonding lashes with a multi-layer application. Also the owner of this type of carcass was determined to be "small-section": lengthening the lashes well, she does not care about their scope. the unit price is kept at around 7, 61 dollars. Score - 8 out of 10.

Make up Tips


To lashes look like Accrued little powder the top of them before you apply mascara "Meybelin". For this purpose you can use, and ad hoc basis, but the cost of such a facility today is much higher than the average powder. Placing the base layer uniformly apply mascara start wait 2-3 minutes until complete drying means and then apply the final layer, a special comb eyelash brush.

Apply mascara on the lashes central, holding a brush directly on the inner corner - the brush at an angle to the nose, outer corners - at an angle of the face. Such simple manipulation will allow you to paint all parts of the eyelashes and avoid bonding, regardless of the selected ink.

Before applying fresh makeup on the eyes is best not to remove the remnants of cosmetics using fat milk. Mascara very fatty or loose eyelashes, and you most likely will not get the maximum result.