Rules of Life TV presenter and actor Ivan Urgant

• The rules of life of TV presenter and actor Ivan Urgant

Rules of Life TV presenter and actor Ivan Urgant

I am often unsure of himself, much fear to many treat with care, and, of course, humor helps me. Better to die with a smile on his face than with tears.

I can not seriously treat your age. Of course, I think I'm younger than his years. My grandmother, she was 89 years old, he says: "Vanya, how fast time flies. Life has flown by so fast that I did not even realize how fast. " The longer I live, the more I realize how right she was. Maybe that's why I'm always running late?

I know how to make a face to the wrinkles smoothed.

Each of us is constantly repeated. I try to change the monotony and paint palette with the help of simple every day that I have. Colors a bit, they are basically the same with the Russian tricolor. But it is better cartoon color than black and white.

Less and less I laugh at the work of plastic surgeons. Increasingly, I suddenly associate participation pulse with the weather. Periodically to note that the nearest pharmacy within three minutes walk. But something tells me that the main thing - to keep the youth inside. Therefore, I like crazy, listen to the songs of those who fit my sons. And always I feel like I'm younger people who are smarter than me and know more. I envy those who can keep up. On New Year's the first time I made a promise to myself - to read 50 books. And it's a little bit about a book a week. Especially that books come in different thicknesses, and the letters - of different sizes. At the same time, I find myself thinking that I was sitting fourth hour with a smartphone in hand, and article about proper nutrition does not end there. I want now from the pages of Esquire, to offer all at least an hour before bedtime to postpone the phone sideways.

I do not like to be with someone in a quarrel. I know people who have the pleasure of conflict, and it is their incredibly fuels. I feed off completely reverse things. If someone is offended at me, I immediately try to make it clear that calling a person embezzler, thief and a child molester, did not want to offend him.

I do not know how to give up and do not like. Therefore, people with whom I work, I feel the most gentle, sentimental feelings.

I would not be able to manage a large shipyard. We would sit with welder and talked about literature, drinking Georgian wine. And on the horizon softly to drown our tanker.

My mother was a steel character. I keep referring to it mentally. In general, it seems to me that women are better than men. Firstly, they are beautiful. Secondly, they are thinner. Third, wiser. Fourth, the patient. And fifthly, they are stronger. In this country, certainly. I have not read "The Three Musketeers". But I listened to the record Dunaevsky countless times, and now give me any musical instrument - I will sing all the songs in any state, and all I will sing as one, regardless of whether they have or not Bitcoin. Like a lamb I sing!

Now is a joyous time when, coming on the scene, I do not need to expend energy on something that I have learned.

If I had something gnawing, worried, I do not keep it to myself, I am able to utter. Therefore, I am surrounded by people who can listen to me at least the first hour and a half.

My ideal morning I wake up to the birds singing, graceful deer jumps off the bed with laughter cast aside the scales. And on the morning dew run somewhere where there are people. Without people, I can not do it.

Life should be loved. It will end, but it must be love. When I eat tiramisu, I understand that tiramisu is over, but I love him.

Behind it is enough to leave one phrase that would enter into the textbooks. I have this: if in the land were no women, there would be no men.