Workout for the mind

paper and pen can be useful for solving some brainteasers you

Each pleasant experience the feeling of moral satisfaction from solving a complex problem. And the more complex the task, the more emotions. On the Internet, we have collected a few puzzles and logic problems for fans move convolutions. Do not rush to read the answer, give yourself time to think.

1. If I you have, do you want me to share. Once you have me to share, I'm gone. Who am I?

Workout for the mind

A: The secret.

2. You are trying to get out of the maze. Here are three doors: the left leads to the crater of the volcano, the average for skillful assassin, and the right to the lion, who has not eaten for three months. Which door would you choose?

Workout for the mind

Answer: The right-hand door.

Explanation: If the lion had not eaten for three months, he had died of starvation.

3. The old man, dying, he left a will, according to which all the inheritance will go to two sons, whose horse will come in the last race. And these are the sons mounted their horses, but no one would budge. And then it came to the sage and whispered something, and then they rushed at full speed. What wise man?

Workout for the mind

A: to change horses.

Explanation: Whoever wins the race will receive an inheritance because his horse (he was sitting on was originally) come last.

4. Put me on my side and I will be all. They stripped me two and I'm nothing. What am I?

Workout for the mind

Answer: The number 8

Explanation: turn on its side Eight is the symbol of infinity. Halved Eight becomes two zeros.

5. A farmer wants to move across the river fox, a chicken and a sack of grain. He has a small boat, in which, apart from him, put only one subject. Unattended, chicken sklyuot grains and the fox will eat the chicken. However, the fox will not touch the seeds, and none of the animals did not run away. As the farmer to cope with the task?

Workout for the mind

Answer: The farmer must do the following:

To carry the chicken. Go back and take the grain. Leave grain on the other side, to bring back the chicken. Leave the chicken, carry the fox. Go back over the chicken and move it.

6. Do you have a pair of hourglass, measure 7 and 11 minutes. How do you cook an egg for exactly 15 minutes?

Workout for the mind

A: Starting to cook egg flip and they both watch. When a 7-minute over the sand, turn them over again. In the 11th minute of sand left for 4 minutes. When all he vysypetsya again turn the 7-minute clock. Now they sand to 4 minutes. When they expire, you will receive a total of 7 + 4 + 4, that is 15.

7. Did you go on the road and come to a fork. One path leads to a certain death, the other to eternal happiness, but you do not know how much. At the fork are two brothers who know the way. One always tells the truth and the other always lies. You can ask them only one question. How do you choose a path?

Workout for the mind

Answer: Ask any of the brothers: "If you were your brother, no matter what way you have me to eternal happiness?". And go for another.

Explanation: Suppose that fortunately leads the right way. Then, each of the brothers would say: "He pointed to the left." In other words, you have to choose the way that is different from the one on which they will indicate to you as one of them is telling the truth about the lie and another lie about the truth.

8. What is the next number in the sequence: 1, 11, 21, 1211, 111 221, 312 211, ______?

Workout for the mind

Answer: 13112221

Explanation: Each successive number is the digital representation of the verbal expression of the previous one. Thus, starting with one, the next number will be "one unit" or 11 "two units" Then there is or 21. Then, "one deuce one unit" or 1211 then "one unit, one two, two units" or 111 221 and etc.

9. The four night suited to a river that can be crossed by a narrow bridge, only lasted two. In all four of one torch, it is necessary to keep from falling off the bridge in the dark. Or cross the bridge in 1 minute, two B, B and D for five eight. When the two crossed the bridge, they are moving at a speed slower pedestrians. Can they all get to the other side of no more than 15 minutes?

Workout for the mind

Answer: They will shape exactly 15 minutes.

Explanation: A first cross bridge and B, and A relates torch back. It takes 3 minutes. then cross the bridge and D and give the torch B, which carries it to A. It takes 10 minutes. And then A and B are moving to the other side, which takes another 2 minutes.

10. During the census man told the clerk that he had three children. When asked about his age, he said, "The product of their ages is 72, the sum of age - is the number of my house." The clerk looked at the house number, but still could not determine the age of the children. To which the father replied, "Oh, I forgot to say that the eldest loves chocolate pudding." Then the clerk silently recorded the age of three in the profile. How old are the children?

Workout for the mind

A: 3, 3 and 8.

Explanation: Looking at the house number, the clerk found out the amount of ages. However, he still had a few options. Only two sets of numbers in the product yield of 72, and the sum of the same number. This is a 2, 6, 6, 3, 3, 8. When the father reported that senior loves chocolate pudding, it was clear that the children have an older, which leads us to the second set.

11. You are in a dark room, where there is a candle, a fireplace, and gas lamps. What you will light first?

Workout for the mind

Answer: match.

12. Before you five bags of gold coins that look exactly the same. Each pouch 10 coins. It is known that one of the bags of gold false. Coins look exactly the same, but the real coin weighs exactly 1 gram and 1 false, 1 gram. Do you have accurate digital scales, which only be used once. How to determine which bag fake gold?

Workout for the mind

Answer: Take one coin from the first bag, two from the second, three in the third, fourth, and four out of five of the fifth. If the total weight ends on 0, 1, means the counterfeit coin was the first bag, if at 0, 2 - in the second, and so on.