Interesting facts about ancient Jerusalem

Jerusalem today - the most interesting historical object for religious people and atheists. As long as political forces fighting for the Eternal City, which is the 70th anniversary of the proclamation of the State of Israel, the United States recognized the de facto capital of Israel, very few people realize that the most interesting places of the city are located deep underground. Some of these places are well known, for others have no idea even scientists, and others are closed to the general public for various reasons. In this review, the facts that shed light on the life of ancient Jerusalem.

Interesting facts about ancient Jerusalem

1. The first mention of Jerusalem

Interesting facts about ancient Jerusalem

Oddly enough, the first record of the city of Jerusalem in fact found at all in the Bible. Even before the city was mentioned in the Bible, the more ancient evidence of its existence has been found - in the text of curses written more than 3,800 years ago. There, along with other cities, the city of Shalem is mentioned or Ur-Shalem, and the researchers believe that this Ancient Jerusalem. The texts of curses - the curse is written on pottery during the special mystical ceremony. ceramics destruction symbolized the fate waiting for the city that would dare to rebel against the Egyptian reign.

2. Jerusalem was conquered during the time of Jesus of Nun

During the Israeli conquest, despite the fact that the king of Jerusalem, was killed in the battle for the city, Jerusalem has never been conquered by Joshua. The reason for this, as scientists believe, due to the fact that Jerusalem was a very well-fortified city, and it was very difficult to capture.

3. The oldest record in the Bible

Interesting facts about ancient Jerusalem

In the ancient Jerusalem was discovered the oldest artifact associated with the biblical text - two tiny, carefully twisted silver scrolls, which date back to about 600 BC. e. These scrolls were written the words of the Holy Blessing from the Bible. Expanding the scrolls had to be postponed for three years, it has not yet been developed a method of expanding them without risk of damage. Only ten years later a team of scientists using advanced technology, successfully deciphered the entire text found. Today, silver scrolls on display at the Israel Museum.

4. The names mentioned in the Bible

Ancient Jerusalem - the only place where artifacts found with the names of the people who lived in the city and are mentioned in the Bible. One example is a seal with the name of Gemaryahu ben Shaphan, one of the scribes of the Prophet Jeremiah.

5. Where it all began - the place which was written in the books of

City of David, which is part of ancient Jerusalem mentioned in the Bible, is a place where there is a significant part of the well-known biblical stories (such as the anointing of Solomon, the story of Bathsheba, and more). The city of David was written about half of the books of the Bible, and the stories of biblical Jerusalem, with which everyone is familiar, there were in this place.

6. One of Israel's most impressive water systems

Interesting facts about ancient Jerusalem

Researchers at the Hebrew University, using a radiometric test, successfully proved that the tunnel created in the period of King Hezekiah in 700 BC. e. and is located outside the city walls, is the source of water while in the city. During the war, when the city was attacked, the inhabitants of Jerusalem were cut off from the only source of water, and the enemy would use this precious resource for their own benefit. To resolve this issue and take the flow of water to the city, from the source of the Gihon dug a tunnel half a kilometer Siloam (Shiloah tunnel), which today is recognized as "the most impressive ancient water system in Israel."

7. Temple Mount never dug

Everyone thinks that the Temple Mount never excavated by archaeologists. This is true, but only partially. Although archeological excavations have never occurred on the mountain, in fact, it was the rubble from the holy place has been analyzed.

Interesting facts about ancient Jerusalem

In 1999, the Temple Mount was a huge pit dug without the participation of archaeologists, and 400 truckloads of gravel, interspersed with artifacts, were simply thrown away. After that, the scientists screened gravel for many years, finding a lot of rare artifacts such as coins of the Roman era, the Roman dice, darts and more. Works are carried out so far.

8. Tunnels Western Wall

Today, a tour of the Western Wall tunnels is very popular among tourists. But for the first time this building was discovered in 1867, it was a sewer tunnels. British researchers who discovered the tunnel, decided to sail on it at ... wooden doors, using a branch as oars. The tunnel ended in the basement of the Priory of Sion sisters and nuns were so frightened dirty figures that came out of nowhere in the middle of the night, they decided to seal the outlet in the wall, leading to the ground.

9. The most dynamic archaeological site

Interesting facts about ancient Jerusalem

Continuing the ongoing excavations in the city of David, lead to the fact that each visit to this place brings something new. Previous excavations quickly become irrelevant, as found new artifacts.

10. The world record for the number of excavations

Interesting facts about ancient Jerusalem

David's City - a place that excavated the largest number of scientific expeditions in history, and is able to find a wealth of information. However, only a quarter of the city of David neighborhoods has been excavated so far, and still much more hidden than revealed.