Hunting for capercaillie fall. Hunting for capercaillie autumn: types, features

Capercaillie - a large bird, so hunters this game the most desirable. Males weight 3-6 kg female, of course, less of the weight comes to 3 kg. They are the largest birds in the forest. Is hunting for capercaillie in autumn and spring, and summer. Let's talk about the shooting of the autumn.

Hunting for capercaillie fall. Hunting for capercaillie autumn: types, features

Capercaillie - sedentary birds, there is a slight resettlement in connection with the change of seasons, and if they start to bother people. They are polygamous, that is, males and females live separately and come together only to mate.

Officially, the shooting is permitted in spring, summer, and there are also hunting for wood grouse in the autumn, the types and characteristics of it, we will now describe in detail.

Hunting period

  1. In the autumn bird rushes to the larch and aspen as well as when there is a dressing on the pebbles.
  2. In the spring in places permitted shoot males on a lek.
  3. In the summer and autumn shoot capercailye broods, and the old cocks. At this time conducted hunt Capercaillie with a husky, setter, as well as Spaniels.

It is very exciting hunting for grouse when they fly in the autumn to feed on tall larch and aspen. At a time when the needles and leaves of these trees are beginning to turn sour, they contain a lot of nutrients that are needed capercaillie. This period lasts as long as the needles do not turn yellow, and the leaves will not become completely red.

Hunting for capercaillie fall. Hunting for capercaillie autumn: types, features

Since the capercaillie bird settled, the trees and it does not change for kormozhki, and mainly feeds on the same site. Kormozhka them going in the morning and evening. This place is easily recognizable by the abandoned branches, half-eaten leaves and pine needles on the ground near the tree.

Hunting wood grouse in the autumn: the techniques and methods of

Hunter, knowing a popular place for birds early in the morning listening to the cod, publish nursing grouse. Then, dressed in camouflage and cover up branches to merge with nature, he comes within range. After that, it is convenient aim, hunter shoots them easily.

It often happens that the capercaillie visit the same place every day. This is the hunter's hand, because you can make a hut on the shooting distance and sit in it. As soon as the birds come to feed, and that's trophies ready. Shelter can be done easily because the birds do not arrive at the same time. Therefore, you can get one, and after arrives next, and so on.

Quite often in this period using husky. Dogs conceal fowl, barking at her. And in the time of their flight grouse shoot.

Shooting birds ambush approach to

Just made the hunting of capercaillie in the fall with Ambush. We need to find a place of deciduous trees in the pine forest that are near the tops of the hills. It can be a larch of different ages, their number can be from one to five. If you have a litter beneath them and cut off small branches - is a clear sign that the capercaillie have chosen this place.

Hunting for capercaillie fall. Hunting for capercaillie autumn: types, features

The process of hunting

To come before dawn and wait for the arrival of birds. If the perimeter of the forest islands with larches who visit grouse, much, then select the one where the signs of their presence anymore. And then you can already get the rest. On such trees the birds are settling, settling close to the tree trunk. Therefore, they are very difficult to notice.

The best weather for hunting

Hunting for capercaillie in the fall will be comfortable on a cold clear day, when the blowing breeze, which removes noises. He makes grouse keep to the middle of the tree, that makes it easier to spot them. After the shot, if there is confidence in the hit, you need to remember the landmark, which has planned a wounded bird. From this point you need to go in the direction of flight wood grouse about two hundred meters, to find him. Indeed, it often happens that the mortally wounded bird is planning quite a long distance and then falls to the ground. They are very strong.

Hunting with a husky

Laika running in search of birds and, finding it, raises her wing. The dog pursues capercaillie, until it rests on a tree. She continues to bark, thereby protecting the prey. Very often grouse watching with interest the dog, sometimes even answering her own way. For the hunter autumn hunting on capercaillie in this way it is that the sound of his huskies go for a shot and get game. Approach must be very careful not to publish any noise. Because, despite the dog barking and the enthusiasm it capercaillie, it can be easy to startle.

Hunting for capercaillie fall. Hunting for capercaillie autumn: types, features

on broods Hunting

It is most convenient to conduct the hunt in a couple with a dog that raises birds. Find broods easiest when grouse feed. This occurs very early, at dawn. More is worth visiting after dark berry marshes, which is primarily a bird flock. Everything else makes the first dog, and then the hunter.

Old grouse quite tricky, so do not hunt with any dog ​​can be successful. It often happens that a dog smelling litter of rushes to him, but the birds do not hurry to take off. they usually run away directly, and it shows in the dog. If he starts to wag, it means that this is an old and experienced individual, which depart from the brood. Inexperienced dog will continue to run in circles, and not being able to raise a bird on the wing. However, an experienced dog can put the squeeze game and still get off.

Hunting on the pebbles

Near the river, where there are rocky slopes, there are pebbles on which love to feed on grouse. Hunters arrange an ambush and then walking along the edge of the river bank, they shoot flies game. This autumn hunting capercaillie is very effective because it allows you to get close to the birds at close range, convenient for sighting shots.

Most convenient to hunt Capercaillie with husky. They are trained to act according to the scheme: raising the capercaillie, the dog rushes after him, trying to observe the place of his landing. And then, already having reached this place, barking animal show host, where the bird. But it works if grouse flying a small distance. If his way over three hundred meters, the inexperienced dog will chase the bird, losing sight of her. More experienced huskies stop and listen attentively, which landed game. When such work is much less error dogs.

fractions Rooms on the capercaillie

If to hunt with a dog, it is quite suitable number five, on the pebbles and aspen - the third. In late autumn, as well as the current - the first and second numbers.