Little-known facts about the weather

Little-known facts about the weather

In nature, there is no bad weather.

The weather most people look every day. Surprisingly, for all that, in this area there are so many misconceptions, errors and other "gaps in education" at all the same overwhelming majority of people. Well, let's test your knowledge and to eliminate defects.

1. Lightning strikes at one place

Little-known facts about the weather

The myth, nonsense and superstition.

There is a statement to the effect that the lightning would not strike twice in the same place. It is a myth. A lightning strike to a particular location does not reduce the likelihood that the next will be followed here also. In this case, the tall buildings get hit by lightning more often than other buildings.

2. Typhoons against hurricanes

Little-known facts about the weather

The same.

In fact, between a hurricane and a typhoon there is no difference - they are one and the same. All this has tropical cyclones occurring over warm sea surface. They are accompanied by a guarantee extremely strong winds, heavy rains and strong thunderstorms. If the wind speed exceeds the rate of 117 km / h, the Beaufort scale hurricane storm turns into.

3. Ice and sleet

Little-known facts about the weather

This is not the same thing.

Two congruent with the notion that in this case describe the different phenomena. Thus, the ice - a frozen road or on the ground moisture after rain. Ice thickness may amount to several centimeters. Black ice is - is the formation of snow and ice. For motorists ice at times dangerous black ice.

4. No storm Silent

Little-known facts about the weather

You did not hear, and it is.

In fact, there are lightning thunder. The fact that they can not be heard from afar, does not mean that they do not occur at all. Most often you can hear thunder all at a distance of 10-20 km from the outbreak site.

5. Humidity does not matter

Little-known facts about the weather

Without an understanding of the issue - an empty parameter.

The weather forecasts are often heard on the relative humidity. This term is the ratio of the current absolute humidity to the maximum absolute humidity at a given temperature. By itself, the moisture does not mean anything. The figure of 90% of importance at 30 degrees and 0 degrees - are different indicators.

6. The snow in the cold

Little-known facts about the weather

Even as is, take at least Antarctica. Some people think that in the bitter cold is not snowing. In fact, there is. However, at this time rain falls is really less.

7. nonsolar tan

Little-known facts about the weather

It is possible for.

Earn sunlight can burn the skin and on a cloudy day, as through the clouds pass up to 80% of UV rays. Especially likely to burn people with sensitive skin.

8. The common cold is not the cold

Little-known facts about the weather

It's all about viruses, not cold.

Colds arises not from the cold and from the virus. We remind you that it is SARS - a viral disease that affects the mucous membrane of the human airway. In winter, people get sick more often because of poor indoor humidity, rare ventilation and general weakening of the immune system.

9. A drop of rain

Little-known facts about the weather

They are very different.

In fact, the rain does not look like water beads, pointed at the top. The smallest are spherical. Large drops under its own weight flattened at the bottom.