Lymphatic drainage massage the face, feet and body. Reviews of lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massage is widespread in medicine. The word "massage" comes from the French word masser, which means "to rub", "massage". The procedure is the impact on the human body through the touch: rubbing, pressure, vibration, which are held directly with hands or also special devices.

There are many massage techniques, which are able to relax, invigorate, heal from illness. Massage art has been around for a long time, but never ceases to evolve, surprising new and exciting styles.

The operating principle of an organism

Lymphatic drainage massage appeared in the mid-twentieth century. It was developed by a French doctor Pascal Kosh. During his practice, he noticed an interesting feature: the swelling disappear more quickly if knead them along the lymph flow lines.

Lymphatic drainage massage the face, feet and body. Reviews of lymphatic drainage massage

Lymph is the foundation of the immune system, because it is through it from the body toxins and toxins, normalize the volume of interstitial fluid, as well as the elimination of pathogenic bacteria. lymphatic drainage massage helps the lymph to circulate properly, normalizing the function of internal organs and strengthening the immune system.

Realizing this fact, Cauchy began to use this technique to treat venous insufficiency in patients. Lymphatic Drainage Massage is known not only efficiency, but also pretty unpleasant sensations. However, it is very popular not only in medicine but also in Cosmetology.

Lymphatic drainage facial massage

Youth and beauty are the indicators of a successful person and are particularly important for women. Indeed, so eager to face looked fresh and healthy without any special tools and cosmetics! But alas, skin aging are felt. Wrinkles, fine lines visibly age the appearance and the second chin, under-eye circles and puffiness create tired, painful way.

Lymphatic drainage massage the face, feet and body. Reviews of lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage facial massage is able to fix the problems of wrinkles, swelling and bruising under the eyes, enhance lymphatic drainage, thereby removing excess fluid buildup in these problem areas. The skin becomes noticeably lighter and younger. Lymphatic drainage face massage has a very potent therapeutic effect, but also has certain contraindications. This procedure has a distinct character of beauty. Lymphatic drainage massage applied to the face area, stimulates the outflow of venous blood, resulting in a healthy glow appears on the skin. Aligned with the tone of the skin.

Update foot treatment

Lymphatic drainage massage legs allows you to forget about the problem of swelling, relieve fatigue, pain and heaviness in the problem area. It also corrects the shape of the legs, making them slimmer and fit. It will get rid of the problem of stagnation of lymph in the tissues caused by uncomfortable shoes and clothing, lack of rest and a sedentary lifestyle.

Lymphatic drainage leg massage acts directly on the lymphatic tissue, normalizing it and allowing the display of the vessels the excess liquid. Together with liquid stagnation and leave decomposition products, toxins and wastes. Thus, lymphatic drainage massage the feet allows the fabric to saturate with oxygen and nutrients, eliminating puffiness and improve the venous valves.

Lymphatic drainage massage the face, feet and body. Reviews of lymphatic drainage massage

Features of treatment of

It is important to know that the treatment of the data massage view has its own characteristics: the movement should be in the same direction with the flow of lymph, then they will bring healing effect. They must have soft wavy character. the patient's problems are always individual, so the massage course, the time of the meeting shall be appointed according to the testimony of each.

Preventive sessions

In order to avoid serious medical problems, it is useful to visit the preventive courses of lymphatic drainage, which are prescribed by the doctor. The course itself is no more than 12 sessions at intervals of them in one day. If you are prone to varicose veins, visit preventive massage at least once a week.

Body Lymph

Lymphatic drainage massage body has a pronounced immunomodulating and immunostimulating effect because accelerates lymphatic drainage, displaying all the toxins from the body, improving nutrition tissues nutrients and oxygen. It allows you to adjust the shape, get rid of the swelling, weight loss, cellulite. Lymph also known powerful analgesic effect, since the outputs of a plurality of tissues of pathogenic bacteria, thereby accelerates the natural process of recovery.

Lymphatic drainage massage the face, feet and body. Reviews of lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massage the body also has anti-aging and health-improving effect. After this procedure the skin is radiant beauty, and people feel more alert, cheerful and renewed. body massage can speed recovery after injury, accelerating the flow of lymph, thereby fueling the muscles and internal organs of useful vitamins and microelements.

Massage accelerates all the accumulated excess fluid in the subcutaneous tissue, making the figure slim and toned, and your hips will forget about cellulite forever. Thanks to this type of massage is normalized and improved exchange of substances as lymph drainage is working on it. Tired, tense and painful muscles immediately after the first session come in tone. A full-body lymphatic drainage the skin rejuvenates, nourishes and tones.

A hardware method of treatment

Hardware lymphatic drainage massage is by far the least popular and in demand than the manual. This massage has several ways to perform: for example, when used galvanatsii small charges of current, which act on the fabric. Elektroionoforez galvanatsiyu similar to, but different in that provides an introduction to the skin of nutrients, thereby moisturizing, stimulating and nourishing the epidermis.

Lymphatic drainage massage the face, feet and body. Reviews of lymphatic drainage massage

Protsessoterapiya effective for weight loss and figure correction. For it uses a special suit and 2 microprocessor. Vacuum limfodrenazh acts locally in the skin tissue using a vacuum force stimulating lymph flow and accelerating the exchange process. Microcurrent lymphatic drainage has gained widespread popularity in recent years. This massage effect on the skin and tissue through microportions electric current acts on the capillaries within the skin, aligning its color and making it more elastic.

Are there contraindications

This procedure is prohibited for patients who are inflamed or enlarged lymph nodes of the neck and face. Also, massage can not be used in inflammatory processes in the skin, people with bad blood clotting, as well as during the post-operative period after intervention on the tissues of the face. Strictly vospreschon lymphatic drainage facial massage patients oncology and cardiovascular system. If you are going on a healing session, but are sick of SARS - better wait for recovery.


Of course, lymphatic drainage massage reviews has mostly positive. People who have more than one procedure, claiming that after treatment significantly improved the health of the organism as a whole. For example, many women complain of pain in the legs and the severity of that hampers their movement, which is considerably spoils the quality of life. However, due to the sessions of this type of massage relief is felt from the first.

Lymphatic drainage massage the face, feet and body. Reviews of lymphatic drainage massage

On the women forums often share information about how you can lose weight with the help of these procedures. Other women who have experienced the lymphatic drainage massage, reviews written about how to get rid of cellulite in problem areas. You can also learn from the patients how effective this massage appeared to them, and how long does the effect of this procedure. Quite often, experts speak on the topic of how to choose the best technique, using lymphatic drainage massage. Reviews written by grateful patients who have benefited from this type of treatment. Many of them because of it greatly improved their health, get rid of the long-term edema.