"Lord, burn out!" Or stories about people who nearly burned himself alive, trying to kill the little nice little spider

Come on you guys, every one of us, for sure, at least once heard a very vital joke that if the house crept spider, an urgent need to pack their belongings, money, documents, drag a can of gasoline and arrange little bastards fascinating fire show titled "burn in hell, vile creature, burn!".

So, my friends, for some of us this is not a joke, and the sad realities of life. And indeed, if I sue, well, if there is a man who is not afraid of small vosmilapyh creeping thing, and that at any moment you can ask to take an entrance hall sneakers and put an end to torture the poor spider, disturb the peace of your cozy home.

But what about the poor arachnophobia, who stayed with this creepy devil incarnate one-on-one? That's right, burn it, baby! That's such a comrades and we will tell you, dear friends, in our today's article. So there you go!

The guy from Detroit tried to kill the spider and almost blew refueling

Apparently, this guy from Detroit, gallant feat that captured the video camera, or just very afraid of spiders, or was just very dull, because otherwise its original decision is almost impossible to explain. So, what is the whole point of the mix?

The man on the recording saw the big scary spider when poured gasoline into his "swallow" became frightened and decided to immediately kill the reptile. How best to kill the spider at the gas station? Of course, the thing to burn!

Needless to say, it was worth the guy clicking his lighter in the vicinity of the column as it immediately burst into flames. Fortunately, the fire was at the time to put out, and no one was hurt in the fire, but you just imagine the headlines if it ended not so well: "A resident of Detroit blew refueling and destroyed the hell half a block when trying to burn the spider at the gas station ".

The lady from Wales burned the house, chasing the spider with a makeshift flamethrower

In 2014, one old lady from Wales has seen in his house spider, scared, but did not lose smekalochki. Inventive woman quickly found a purse hair spray, lighter and started to chase the vile creature with homemade improvised flamethrower.

I do not know that there is a spider, but the fire quickly spread through the house, and, despite the best efforts of firefighters, in a few hours turned into a cozy home smoking ruins. Morality? Do not chase a flamethrower for spiders.

The man from Essex accidentally blew himself up, protecting from spider wife

In 2010, a small spider, who settled in the bathroom, made the horror, panic and shock in the measured life of 28-year-old programmer from Essex and his wife Hon. If anything, it is specified: the horror, panic and shock were associated not with the spider, and the consequences of creative solutions to which our hero decided to resort to protect against uninvited guest vosmilapogo his lady love.

So, the situation was as follows. Frightened woman saw lurking behind the toilet threat and called on the help of her husband, who did not come up with anything better than to sprinkle on the offending explosive aerosol, and then click on it lighter to check whether the dead creature in fact, or just pretending. The result of this venture was very natural.

The explosion was quite powerful to Man knocked off his feet and threw a few meters, and doctors, who arrived at the scene, had to urgently take the hapless "paukobortsa" in the burn unit. Oh yeah, it's interesting! According to that same frightened wife, in spite of all the efforts of our hero and he received "battle wounds" in the form of burns on the hands, feet and the back of the head, the spider was able to freely escape from the scene.

A young man from California wanted to kill the spider, who in retaliation burned his apartment

In January 2018, a young man from Redding, California, has unexpectedly found at his home uninvited guest: a huge wolf spider, who looked at him with kind eyes, discreetly hinting that the apartment belonged to him now. Any other place on our hero would have immediately realized that's what, and without much legal wrangling would give way here to this enchanting mils all rights to their hard earned property.

But no, our guy was not the timid. He grabbed a gas lighter and successfully arson his treacherous enemy. That's just a spider has found a way to take revenge on her abuser, even when dying. being covered by fire has managed to run on the mattress, which immediately caught fire, and flames began to spread rapidly throughout the apartment.

Fortunately, firefighters promptly arrived on the scene, managed to locate and extinguish the fire before the fire destroyed all the apartment building, but the damage caused by a vengeful spider, was worse than any expectations.

Flat and all belongings of our hapless hero was completely destroyed by fire, and the cost of repair of the building after the fire is estimated at about 11 thousand dollars - the amount that our warlike arsonist have to reimburse out of pocket, as the vengeful burning wolf spiders in the standard insurance policy in California so far not included.