Useful devices for travel

Useful devices for travel

The devices and accessories that you need to take with you.

What could be better than traveling? Especially travel to the country. Of course, to take on such a daring adventure of a man without training should not be. First you need to collect an arsenal of useful devices that help carry hardships travel and absence of the usual benefits of civilization.

1. Scanner-disinfector

Useful devices for travel

Take care of your food.

A useful device for "hardcore" of travelers. It determines the degree of contamination and eliminates the vast majority of bacteria.

2. HALO Fuel Cell

Useful devices for travel

cook and charge.

The device is specially designed for the "savages" who can not part with their gadgets, even outdoors. This gas burner will not only help in cooking food and boiling water, but also to charge mobile devices via two USB ports.

3. The safety button

Useful devices for travel

to close not to worry.

Button, which will send the press loved ones a message requesting assistance and GPS coordinates. Useful primarily for tourists and travelers, but can be used on a night walk.

4. Portable battery

Useful devices for travel

It is very convenient in the way.

No matter what you need to do: to charge a smartphone, a laptop or a light car. With any of these tasks can handle portable power bank. Some models also have a "native" flashlight to supply SOS signal.

5. sandals with metal detector

Useful devices for travel

The percentage of the state must pay.

You want to find your own treasure on the beach? Help here are sandals. Not very convenient, but almost imperceptibly. Most importantly, remember that everything you do not find in the ground has a host. And if not - it belongs to the state.

6. Suitcase scooter

Useful devices for travel

An unexpected compote.

Perhaps the most insane thing that came up with designers. Now, all the sights are really within walking distance.

7. superprochnogo socks

Useful devices for travel

Instead of shoes will go.

Americans developed a strong enough socks that can be worn without shoes. No, they can be worn instead of shoes! These socks can be safely used for jogging. They are made of plastic ultrazhestkogo.

8. The compact solar battery

Useful devices for travel

The sun in your pocket.

Solar panels are very useful, but often take up too much space. Just not this one. This literally fit in the palm of your hand and still will quickly fill up the battery of their mobile devices.

9. The UV sensor

Useful devices for travel

Take care of your skin.

Very useful device for those who like to sunbathe. Enter the data of your skin, and the device will tell itself when it's time to leave the beach so as not to become ill. There are variants of the device for adults and children.

10. Suitcase scooter with

Useful devices for travel

Vzhuh on the spot.

Definitely one of the best tourist suitcases ever invented people. In this pack you can then use to speed up the movement of your body where other vehicles are not available for obvious reasons.