Feeder accessories, photo. Fishing at the feeder

fishing equipment on the feeder is becoming more common among the fans of this hobby. No wonder. It's convenient to the usual English invention Donkey, and catch her richer. In particular, the reason for this - a rod with a special signaling bite.

Feeder accessories, photo. Fishing at the feeder

We should not forget that fishing on the feeder requires thorough preparation. It is necessary to take into account many circumstances and subtleties. One of the most basic - feeder accessories. This is an important device. Even in the case of a simple Donka accessories may be different. It depends on the reservoir, goals, and fishing conditions.

What is it?

Feeder - a kind of bottom fishing gear. It is a reliable fact. This device is a bottom bait using load-trough. It is thrown with a special rod, equipped with the coil. In essence, this invention will solve problems such as strong currents, large depth of the pond, a place for fishing, located too far from the shore, and rarely occurring large fish. Abandoned feeder accurately distribute the bait. It will also attract the fish to the place of fishing.

Said device - this is the basic instrument provided extreme fishing, especially if the reservoir does not allow the use of other gear. Fishing on the feeder is no less exciting than the usual fishing float rod. This is important.

Feeder accessories, photo. Fishing at the feeder

First, a caveat is necessary to specify. Namely, what a casing feeder. The terminology is still enough confusion, as this gear is called pickers, vinklpikerom or kvivertipom. The exact name in Russian sounds like "English bottom rod." Hang a bird feeder on it or not, should be addressed to the fisherman. In this case, we can say that kvivertip becomes a feeder.

British anglers invention has certain fineness, difficulties in application, as well as, of course, important advantages. Of course, it requires a certain amount of knowledge, experience and skill to make effective fishing. However, all this applies to absolutely everyone, even the most mundane devices. Also, a simple rod assumes some knowledge of the secrets and skills. Fishing with the specified device is quite interesting and requires a lot more knowledge. And it is that you need to choose the right feeder rods, equipment which should be at an appropriate level, and choose the trap lure. It is nemaloznachimym fact. Of course, that if the result is not worth the labor, feeders would not have received such wide circulation. Next, consider the question in more detail.

Feeder accessories, photo. Fishing at the feeder

Types feeder rigs

There are two main types. Give details of each of the two options.

  1. Asymmetrical loop. It is particularly popular because of its sensitivity. Since it is easy to understand that you will get overlap. In this case, the fish just will not bite. The main drawback - long leash, often confused.
  2. Paterno is not less popular because of the simplicity, reliability and sensitivity. He does not respond as clearly as asymmetrical loop. However, it is not much lags behind in this respect. It is sensitive enough to provide a comfortable fishing. In this link it is quite simple and fast. Paterno is done in two ways: with a deaf or two loops. Each method has its own characteristics and advantages.

Selection Criteria

Rigging feeder tackles - the most important factor. It affects the determination of successful future of fishing with the use of this useful device.

Choosing one of the above species should consider the following:

  • The more sensitive and easier rigging - the better.
  • The shorter cord for vyvazhivaniya and throw - the better.

feeder accessories protivozakruchivatelem with

It's a pretty interesting device. Besides the two, the above embodiments may be made with their hands casing feeder mounted with protivozakruchivatelem. It consists of a tube, into which the fishing line. This device is not specifically listed by experienced anglers, but it will be very useful for beginners. The reason is the ease of installation. Just what you need to do is thread the cord through the device with the shameful beads and implement its consolidation with a carabiner and a loop with a hook. In this process, there is nothing difficult. After that we can start fishing and waiting for successful strikes.

In this feeder with snap protivozakruchivatelem it has a sufficiently low sensitivity. So say the experienced fishermen. In addition, when a snap fish is not so willing to pay attention to the bait, and casting distance is greatly reduced.

Feeder accessories, photo. Fishing at the feeder

sliding feeder

In this case, there is also this kind of variation. Its main feature - the simple installation of the feeder equipment. To do this, just make a loop connecting the leash to one end. Then you need to hang a bead shameful. In this there is no difficulty. Then you need to connect the feeder and the second bead. In this case it is necessary to comply with another condition. It lies in the fact that the lead should be done not very long, so that it is not tangled when casting.

In general, feeder accessories has many varieties. It is possible to choose the most suitable, depending on the conditions and purpose of fishing. Further details about this.

Fishing on the river

In this case, the casing feeder rods is quite simple. For this purpose, the fishing line is knitted loop. After which it is attached swivel. To him prisoedinenyaetsya feeder. It is important to allow it to move freely in the loop. This is important. Then, a second loop which allows to adhere to the main line at a right angle leash. It should have a length of 50-100 cm.

Such equipment for feeder fishing works so that the fish from leaving the feeder, usually picks up speed, and then it goes into a kind of trap. It's pretty simple and straightforward. That is, first of this fish does not interfere, and then committed samozasechka.

Attachments for carp

In this case, there are nuances. It recommended the installation of a feeder equipment in such a way for this fish:

  • Attach the swivel to the main fishing line. Thereafter, to fix it on the fishing line by means of special rubber stoppers.
  • Then it is necessary to mount on the end of line one more swivel. It is subsequently mounted feeder.
  • After that, the first swivel need to attach a wire with a hook.

This feeder accessories for carp is also called "helicopter". It has a very short leash. Namely less than 45 cm. In this case, the feeder is located below the leash 70 cm. This is a comfortable seating. After casting rods with reels down for about half a meter of line. This feeder accessories for carp fishing is designed for cautious fish large size. Bait for a trap of the type also used considerable: vypolzok, sliced ​​potatoes, corn or peas. Another feeder accessories "helicopter" perfectly solves the problem of fishing in the pond with muddy bottoms. This is a significant fact in carrying out this process. Even if the manger with the bait will stick in the mud, it will remain hooked on the soft bottom and will be visible to the fish. In general, this casing is designed for larger fish, do not immediately feel resistance fishing line after pokleva.

Feeder accessories, photo. Fishing at the feeder

This outfit for bream

There are also certain criteria. Feeder outfit for bream requires a peculiar approach. In this case it is necessary to start with a choice of main and povodochnoy woods. That is to be determined are the ones that are best suited for catching bream. In this case, the best choice would be the main fishing line braided line. This is an alternative option. It has many advantages over the ordinary monofilament. Due to its thin diameter is significantly increased casting distance usual braid. Cord much stronger fishing line. This is especially noticeable when comparing these two variations, with the same thickness. However, this is only one of the existing advantages of the said cord on the monofilament.

Also, for the dignity of this device include the fact that due to the zero elongation platting gear sensitivity is greatly increased. Therefore, even the most languid leisurely bite bream will not go unnoticed. In addition, the cord increases the chances of a fish hook in time.

Of the disadvantages of braided fishing line when fishing at the feeder may be mentioned the need to apply a shock-leader.

The thickness of the braid generally selected independently. It depends on the fishing conditions and the intended bite sizes. In this case, the cord, the diameter of not more than 0, 2 mm, rarely used. Leash for catching bream made from conventional monofilament. Use braided line for this purpose is not recommended, as it will be clearly visible in the clear water. After bream - a very careful fish - in this case, the bait will bypass side. The thickness chosen depends on the size of line of fish living in the water. Its diameter can be varied from 0, 12 to 0, 1 mm. Bream feeding trough for catching on the feeder must comprise enough feed. That there was no need perezabrasyvat it as a long time. It is important to bear in mind that the longer the throw the tackle is in the water, the higher the chances of a successful bite bream. Weight feeders chosen should depend on the flow of forces in the river. It's a lot of important facts. Ie for more than, the harder it is to be a feeding trough. However, the weight of the food placed in the trap too, should be taken into account. For lakes and reservoirs with weak currents can be applied in the spring trough shape of a cone or cylinder.

Choosing hook in this case is also different. He depends on the bait, which the fisherman is going to catch bream. It is important to know. Experienced anglers use for this purpose numbered hooks from 3 to 8. In general, it is all the subtleties of bream fishing, which could tell. Further work enough skills individually.

Feeder on carp

In this regard, there is also a lot of interesting nuances. Feeder accessories on carp does not require any abstruse subtleties and special knowledge. The main criterion in this case is that it should perfectly fit the intended conditions of fishing. It is important to know. For example, if the water in the reservoir is transparent, and a small depth of the trough must have a natural color. As a result, it will be more invisible to fish. Preference in this case is better to give the trough-container made of plastic green or black color. This is the best option. The trough is made of metal can scare off the fish. Since it is the sun blikovat. It should be remembered that the carp - just shy fish.

With all due seriousness should be taken to the choice of the weight and size of the trough. When fishing at shallow depths, these attributes should be minimal to avoid the strong surge at lowering the water trap. Also in this case, quite stringent requirements put forward to the selection of fishing lines. It must be very strong, and have a minimum memory and excellent keeping units. Leash need to be made of a thin fishing line, which is able to withstand a heavy load. This is an important condition. It should be remembered that the leash - this is extremely important feeder accessories. Therefore, his choice should be taken wisely and not to spare funds for its purchase. As already mentioned, bream - a very shy fish, and therefore no less cautious. So we can not say with certainty when and in what quantity this individual will sail to the spot feeding. We can only wait patiently. The English say that carp - spoiled, naughty dog, the mood of which is changeable as the spring weather.

In this case, you must have patience. As though it was hard, but to catch carp on the feeder is quite real. Unless, of course, at the same time use the right diet and choose the right place. Initially worth throwing feeder strictly in the same place. The nozzle should be used bigger. To cut off the small fry. Hurry and often overfeed perezabrasyvat in this case is not recommended.

Feeder accessories, photo. Fishing at the feeder

Fishing from shore

In carrying out this fishery should be aware that in order to achieve success in this regard, observe the relevant criteria for selecting a particular place. Therefore, fishing on the feeder from the bank will be successful if you stick to certain rules. They are nemaloznachimymi. They are as follows:

  1. Find shore without bushes and tall grass at least 4-5 meters. It is necessary to set the bait properly and conveniently located on the ground. In addition, the space needed for maneuvering when playing, as used to be not one but two or more rods.
  2. It is useful to add "complementary foods with your hands," if conditions permit.
  3. At the beginning of fishing you need to reduce the time between throwing a fishing rod. So will be able to throw a larger number of bait. Be cast even in the absence of fish. It is important to determine how long it takes the bait out of the trough. On average, it can last from 1 to 5 minutes (depending on the type of bait and current forces).
  4. For greater effectiveness of fishing with a feeder trough must always be thrown into the same place. Its worth remembering. The benchmark for this may be a tree on the bank or displacer. To accurately measure the distance you can make notes on the line waterproof marker.
  5. Well, if the place is familiar to catch the fisherman. This facilitates the process. However, in the new location should be carried out reconnaissance before getting down to business. This is done with the help of the fishing line to which is attached a cargo pear-shaped. It is necessary to make the fan casting. When the load reaches the water, it is necessary to start the countdown to the bottom of his achievements. So determined conditional depth of the reservoir. This is an important action. If the depth differences are present, then we made a few casts in different places. In this regard, an individual approach.
  6. When the place for fishing is selected, you need to make a mark on the line. This is done quite simply. For this fishing line zaschipyvaem for the clip reel. Then it is bound to the locking unit. Or you can mark a part of the fishing line marker. The locking assembly is not sufficiently reliable. As it can slide along the line. This complicates the process. The most convenient method zakidyvaniem fishing line. But it requires sufficient skill and accuracy, because the fishing line can break.
  7. The bottom relief is determined by means of the float marker. This device is bombarded by a maximum distance and are when it comes up to the surface. Then raise the line until it is tensioned. After that you need to turn the coil in the opposite direction. This should be done as long as the float will not appear again on the surface. Thus, it is possible to accurately determine the depth, if you know, for what length of fishing line falls in one turn. Next, you need to pull the float. Keep the bait at the same time should be in the direction of casting to float touched swivel and sinker. Then you need to gently pull the fishing rod until the tip rests on the same height as the head fisherman. Thus, the sinker must move along the bottom 1, 5-2, 5 meters. It's quite laborious occupation, but at the same time the information about the topography, can be used for a long time. This is a significant fact. In this case, it should be remembered that in the study of the relief, slowly drag the sinker on the bottom. Thus it is necessary to turn the reel gently. Such a method will allow a detailed examination of all the irregularities of the bottom and the nature of the vegetation. It's definitely a necessary skill. According to acquire the experience this way makes it easy to recognize the nature of the bottom: muddy, sandy or rocky.
  8. In addition to the depth and relief, you need to know more and azimuth. Otherwise, the lure is too scattered over a large area, and this trough will lose efficiency.
  9. One of the most complex intricacies of fishing - to choose the right moment sweeps. Bite, of course, can be seen with the help of the float. It is a reliable fact. However, the fish are biting each in their own way. Several touches can be skipped. But after the first fish bait should be cast in the same rhythm.
Feeder accessories, photo. Fishing at the feeder

Types of traps necessary

Currently, there are different types of devices. However, in this respect it is also necessary to make the right choice. Namely:

  • to water bodies without flow-trough will approach the trap. This is the best option. Also in this case, the effective use of feeder-trap, as the lure quickly washed away. In this regard, you should choose a light trap with a short leash. Bait feeders you can do yourself: breadcrumbs, sugar cookies, corn flour, ground hemp seeds and a little coconut. Special mix for the feeder can be purchased at the fishing shop. The required amount - 1.2 kg per fishing. It is important to know.
  • For fishing on the river is suitable trap with a flat lid. This is the best solution in order to distribute the bait in strong currents. This is a significant fact in this case. As a top dressing should be used maggots or sticky bait.
  • The cylindrical trap with stoppers can be closed or open. It is depending on fishing conditions. That is, should choose the necessary plugs. It depends on the nature of the reservoir, the bait composition, as well as on the number and type of fish.
  • trap cone is suitable for fishing in deep water in lakes or ponds.


For successful fishing on the feeder should be invited to fish really worthwhile bait to attract and keep it near your feeders. Lump of bait that is placed into the trap of approximately similar in size to a conventional mandarin. It is recommended to use the most robust rod, since feeding weighs more than 100 g Lesko also should have an appropriate diameter.

Feeder accessories, photo. Fishing at the feeder


After reading the above, you can fully imagine what the feeder equipment, which photo provided herein, as well as define in the selection of the device for catching different types of fish in the area of ​​various kinds.