"The best goods of the most humane country in the world!" Or a couple of unexpected things, which are exported to North Korea

That the average person who failed to join the army troops cushion rapid response, aware of such a wonderful topic as the economy of the most humane in the world powers - North Korea?

Well, except for the fact that our brisk smiling guy Kim from time to time come kilometer bills flamethrower fuel for public executions, and even they do not have a paid subscription to Pornhub, and all of them out of poverty slowly eat the grass on the lawns in the square? And if we complicate the task a little bit here and add more such terrible words as "external economy" and "export"?

In general, if you have a lifetime dream to learn about what is remarkable (spoiler: unexpected) the goods are exported to other countries, North Korea, then this article is for you, because this is what we are today and will tell our the beloved readers . Go!

Ballistic missiles

Well, okay, okay, this place turned out quite as expected. North Korea has long been famous for a nice little habit from time to time to bring the international community to a heart attack, the air postrelivaya ballistic missiles, as a rule, complete with fiery rhetoric about the thunder, lightning and flames to a small but proud country to bring down Kim decaying capitalism.

However, ballistic missiles in North Korea are different and far more lucrative purpose. Every year, the export of missiles, including the individual parts and the technical equipment for their production, bringing North Korea tens of millions of dollars. Among the main customers tend to favor Iran and Pakistan. Well, guys, peace in the world, or what?


I do all sorts of things in North Korea lacks, like dirt, it's all sorts of monuments, statues and monuments, designed to capture the centuries the proud majesty of this wonderful country. By the way, North Korean sculpture is so well succeeded in their business that they are interested in the services of other advanced and prosperous nation with a tender love for the exquisite art. Here, for example, take the same Zimbabwe.

A couple of years ago, Koreans were taken to two of the monument made by personal order of President Robert Mugabe, a total value of $ 5 million. Among the other judges of the Korean art of Angola, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia and Namibia, and executes their orders large-scale enterprise under the name "Mansudae Art Studio", where in his spare time on the glorification of its glorious leader of the Labor 4000 small but stubborn Koreans.

false dollars

If there is in the world is what North Korea goes ahead of the rest, apart from the fascinating charisma of Kim and respect for human rights, as is the production of counterfeit banknotes. Each year, North Korea throws on the international black market of billions of counterfeit hundred-dollar bills, which the US Secret Service is not without hints of admiration calls perhaps the most technically complex and high-quality counterfeit worldwide.

By the way, precisely because of the Korean antics in 2013 the US Treasury had to enter into a 100-dollar bills the new model turnover, which was much more difficult to counterfeit. However, the overall situation will not have improved too, as "artisans" of North Korea has long been well studied all printing technology "green presidents", and Korean bucks so successfully settle in different countries around the world.

Luxury kitchen

This is now, probably, and the truth will sound a little unexpected, but the North Korean government does keep the network "elite restaurants with authentic North Korean cuisine," which includes more than 100 institutions in different countries in Asia. In addition to the most "authentic" dishes visitors are also invited to sing karaoke and dance to the wild blend of folk and popular songs of the Korean western hits.

In fact, here are restaurants perform once two important goals - zashibayut additional funding to the DPRK embassy in the country and serve as a cover for the laundering of money derived from illegal activities of the regime. By the way, rumor has it that the smiling young men and women who serve clients in such "elite catering" strictly forbidden to change their place of work under the threat of persecution against the remaining members of the family in Korea.


The DPRK is actively involved in the drug trade somewhere in the early 1970s, when, due to an acute shortage of budgetary funds to foreign missions in North Korea ordered the plain text to produce their own self-financing on the principle of "what you want, and do it." It was then that the resourceful Korean first realized all the opportunities that opens diplomatic immunity in the context of illegal sales of banned substances.

By the way, methamphetamine from North Korea for a long time been one of the most popular "products" on the market, because it was on state-owned enterprises of all standards and has an extremely high purity of up to 99%. In other words, it was so his "Belarusian condensed milk" on the black market drugs.