Concepts of future cars

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Concept cars - this is not the model that are unconditional popularity and interest on the part of the absolute majority of motorists. However, this area of ​​the design is very important for the automotive industry and business in general. However, even in this field there are enough interesting patterns that should see and appreciate each and every one. Here are some of them.

Concepts of future cars Concepts of future cars

1. Mercedes-Maybach 6

Roughly the Californian designers see a promising gig, created under the aegis of Mercedes and Maybach. Unfortunately, the sample demonstrates only superficially. Ideas about how would have to look inside the car - no. Concept looks really nice, especially since it is electric.

Concepts of future cars

2. BMW concept series 8

BMW concept was introduced last year. Many of its elements is definitely exactly go to the conveyor for the upcoming release of cars. Already it is clear that BMW wants to make their cars even more refined and subtle in the matter of appearance.

Concepts of future cars


3. Honda Sports EV

Sports Car Concept Honda EV was shown at the last Tokyo Motor Show. The machine is electric cars, and has positioned itself as the most "clean" car on the planet. Information about the production model yet.

Concepts of future cars

4. Infiniti Prototype 9

Conceptual retro roadster with open wheels. To date, this work is one of the best attempts to rethink the design of cars of the first half of the XX century, adjusted to modern materials and technologies.

Concepts of future cars

5. Audi Aicon

The concept was first shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show. Hard to believe, but it is a universal luxury car. A distinctive feature of the sample is that it has no habitual driver pedals or steering wheel.

Concepts of future cars

6. Renault SYMBIOZ

At our first meeting may be hard to believe that this capsule on wheels - the car. This electric car is notable not only for its exterior design and interior design, but also the fact that he is completely independent in matters of riding. Exactly Renault engineers today see the future of the car.

Concepts of future cars

7. Mazda Vision Soupe

Just look at this sample. It looks really cool. Last year, the concept was recognized as one of the most successful, and most importantly, the Vision Soupe elements can be seen already in the next models of the manufacturer.