Hydrophilic oil washing

More and more the overall market's Skin Care natural remedies, and every day the number of fans is growing. This is not surprising, because the cosmetic product made from natural, environmentally friendly, the ingredients will not harm the skin. As a part of these funds is not refined products, various types of parabens, sulfates, chemical preservatives, and dyes, as well as hormones. The advantages of natural cosmetics, in addition to the absence of harmful chemical substances are: environmental friendliness, a large amount of minerals and vitamins. A very popular product is now a hydrophilic oil, which is filled with reviews of the internet. At the moment, this product acts as a new word in physical care and cleansing of the face.

What is miraculous oil

Hydrophilic oil washing

Recall school chemistry lessons. Water in pure form can be mixed with oil. In cosmetology, in order to prepare any means, as part of which there is oil, you want to use an emulsifier. This material has the property of binding between a molecule of immiscible substances. To obtain an emulsion, it is necessary to add water and oil emulsion. To make the cream, to the ready-made emulsion a variety of useful components, such as herbal extracts.

Producing a hydrophilic oil is used exactly the same principle. The emulsifier is added to the base oil. In most cases, as a binder in the production of polysorbate used, whereby the usual vegetable oil is converted into hydrophilic.

Polysorbate solubilizer is, simply put - fat solvent. Moreover, this ingredient increases the cleaning properties of base oils. Polysorbate connects body fat and other contamination of the skin, which are then rinsed off with warm water without difficulty. It is worth noting that the emulsifier is of natural origin and is produced mostly from palm oil and coconut and olive oil, due to which it has the properties nourish, soften and moisturize the skin, in addition to its main emulsifying properties.

Porridge oil will not spoil!

Oil will not spoil not only porridge. Hydrophilic oil is now the biggest rival among other means removing makeup from the skin. Various gels, foams, emulsions already fading. This wonderful oil is a must-hev for people who guard your skin, especially if it is sensitive, problematic and prone to allergies. Does not cause irritation and allergic reactions, does not violate the water-lipid balance of the skin and Ph.

The vegetable oils are used based on such oils, such as olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, grape seed oil and others. They can easily penetrate into the deeper skin layers, supplying it, with no moisture is drawn from the epidermis, thus, do not lead to drying. This natural cosmetic product suitable for any skin type.

Options hydrophilic oil

Hydrophilic oil washing

One of the most important protective functions of an organism fulfills skin continuously producing sebum (sebum), which is a natural shield against the aggressive external environment. Sebum accumulates over time in the face, and if it is wrong to make cleaning of the skin, the sebum will harden and become glands, comedones and subcutaneous pimples, that gradually will fill the pores and stretch them.

How it was possible to understand the cleansing - this is the main functions and tasks of hydrophilic oils. This is a remarkable oil without any problems can be perfectly clear even deep dirty pores.

hydrophilic oil: how to use

First oil is applied to dry skin. In the first stage oil performs its primary task - dissolves pore content. We should take the time you need to wait a little longer, until the butter is completely dissolve all deposits and dirt in the pores zabivshuyusya. You can even gently massage the skin, especially problem areas with advanced clogged pores and blackheads, thus achieving maximum effect. It is recommended to wait 30 seconds, and it is better - a minute.

Hydrophilic oil washing

The second stage - the oil should emulsify, which you need to slightly moisten the skin with warm water. For clarity, you can pour a little oil into the palm and drop in a few drops of water, the contents should become cloudy. It should be noted that some rather strongly turbid oil, forming a white emulsion, other oils turbid weaker ( "Konebo", for example). But oil functionality that it does not affect it.

On the face of the emulsion, the skin was massaged, remember? Next you need to moisten your hands with warm water and continue washing massage, allowed even lightly rub the skin, but without fanaticism. At this stage the emulsion which was formed due to the oil water contact, comes into contact with the skin's own sebum which had been dissolved and pulled out of the pores.

And the third and final stage - the complete removal of the emulsion, and with it all the dirt that has been cleaned with a hydrophilic oil to skin. All this mass of well washed off with water.

We should not forget that, after cleansing the skin by using hydrophilic oil is also desirable to wash the gel or foam, so that the face may remain part of the oil which is not dissolved, thereby forming an oil film.

By the way, another big plus of using a hydrophilic oil to clean. It has a positive effect on the growth of eyebrows and eyelashes.

How to choose?

To choose a good hydrophilic oil for washing, first of all we need to pay attention to the composition. Due to the fact that this cosmetic product every year becomes more popular, the manufacturers in order to profit can cheat and be added to the composition is not the best quality and healthy ingredients. Perhaps the most dangerous component may be mineral oil. Of course, this component in cosmetics is very common and does not always hurt, and the means of its content in the composition may well perform the claimed function, but about some benefits can not walk and talk. Mineral oils may leave a film on the skin and clog pores, so, in fact, there is no point in spending money on a hydrophilic oil, in which the composition has a mineral oil. It is best to choose the means in which the composition preferably includes the following components:

  • Natural base oils;
  • caprylic;
  • ethylhexyl palmitate;
  • emulsifiers such as lanolin or lecithin.

Now in the cosmetic market represented a lot of brands producing hydrophilic oil. The roots of this product go to Asia. It is not surprising that the hydrophilic oil Korean, perhaps, one of the highest quality in the cosmetic market. The first was to make this product the company Shu Uemura. With this brand, and begin review of the most common and popular of hydrophilic oils.

Hydrophilic oil washing

Shu Uemura. The average price of EUR 50 per position

It is believed that it is hydrophilic oil - the best on the market. It is the product of the first class. It consists of: Jojoba oil, olive oil, chamomile oil, shu, wild saffron, soybean, ginger root.

  • Effectively cleanses the skin.
  • The most valuable part of the essence of 8 oils.
  • provides excellent makeup remover function, including waterproof.
  • It nourishes and moisturizes the skin.

MIZON. Average price positions EUR 23

It is based on soya oil. Deep and at the same time, gently cleanses the skin. Perfectly removes make-up and dead cells. In addition to soybean oil in the composition contained: jojoba oil, evening primrose, camellia, meadow white meadowfoam, olive, and safflower oil, vitamins E and C.

Holika Holika. The average price point of EUR 20

Consisting of: grape seed oil, extracts of lemon and alpine herbs, mineral water. Deeply cleanses the skin, removes from the face of even the most difficult and waterproof makeup. The composition does not contain mineral oils. In the line there are several varieties: a hydrophilic oil for oily skin, sensitive skin and aged skin.

Missha. The average price point of EUR 25

In addition to a large number of vegetable oils (olive, macadamia, grape seed, jojoba), the structure includes essential tea tree oil, which is great struggles with rashes, as well as in the composition contains: asparagus extract, kelp and mother-and-stepmother, who deeply nourish and soften the skin.

Hydrophilic oil: reviews

Judging by the reviews, most people learn about this product or from the Internet or from professional beauticians. Most of the reviews are positive, and only confirm the declared properties of the product manufacturers. Hydrophilic oil really cleans the skin, deep cleans clogged pores and removes even the heaviest make-up easily. It is also noted that the product has virtually no smell - the aroma is very light and pleasant, not annoying.

Hydrophilic oil washing

Some people sometimes visit doubt the first use of the product, because, in fact, it is a real, thick, fatty oil. And a natural question arises: what about the hydrophilic oil can cleanse the skin? But all doubts evaporate as soon as the product characteristics are learned from experience. Of course, it also happens that the product does not have a pronounced action. This is due to the fact that all people are different, and the skin is also at all different, with its problems and peculiarities, and someone the product is not suitable, because it was on his skin does not work as good as the other person. This is only just confirms what approach to care should be individualized, and in this case, just need to see a specialist to find the right care.

Our hands are not for boredom!

Hydrophilic oil washing

Hydrophilic oil with their own hands - a 100% natural product! And do it at home quite easily. If you think about the last makeup done at home, so to speak, of what was at hand. And in our time, this trend is back in fashion. vegetable oils required for the manufacture of a hydrophilic oil, an emulsifier, and other useful ingredients such as essential oils and extracts of herbs.

Hydrophilic oil washing

Perhaps that's hydrophilic oil, the recipe of which is the easiest. For its implementation will need:

  1. The vegetable base oil, which will act as a basis. On your taste, you can take a grape seed oil, wheat germ oil, jojoba oil, almond oil, olive and others.
  2. Essential oils, depending upon the desired effect. For example, tea tree oil is suitable for owners of oily skin.
  3. Emulsifier "Polisobrat-20."
  4. containers for storing oil. It is best to take a bottle of dark glass - it's the correct container for storage of any oil.

And then everything is very simple. Thoroughly mix the selected base oils added to them for a couple of drops of essential oils. The resulting mixture is added polysorbate 10 g per 90 g of oil mixture. It is worth noting that the polysorbate has a very peculiar smell, which can interrupt the aroma of basic and essential oils. The case for small - to thoroughly be stirred mixture is poured into containers for storage.

All declared ingredients can be easily purchased at specialty stores or online. For the first time it is best to prepare a small amount of product in order to understand what his consumption, and further prepare the necessary volume already.