Nail design at home: Step by step instructions. Master class: a simple nail design with their own hands

nail design at home do not very difficult. French proverb says that the hands - a "calling card" for women. Celebrate their individuality and to attract the attention of others is possible and with the help of nail design. It seems a small detail of the image, and makes it possible to diversify and add freshness into everyday life. Allows you to stay a spectacular and unique in its style.

Nail design at home: Step by step instructions. Master class: a simple nail design with their own hands

I do not always have the time and the opportunity to go to the salon. A misconception that beautiful design - it deals only professionals. Who cares, and who wants to try it, can make nail designs with their own hands. A little bit of practice, a few ideas - and you are ready to start decorating their nails.


Before you start doing nail design at home, you should prepare them. Perfect manicure is not required, but the nail plate is sure to be clean. For the preparation you can make trimming or edging manicure. When edging cuticle removed with scissors, and at unedged (European) - orange stick is removed from the nail plate.

manicure procedure:

  • to file the nails to the desired length and place;
  • to put on the cuticle of a special tool to mitigate or soften it in a salt bath;
  • gently push back the cuticle orange stick to the ground;
  • hygienic stick or a cotton pad to remove;
  • to wash your hands;
  • to wipe the nail plate alcohol for degreasing (to figure stayed longer);
  • Apply foundation (it will give the opportunity to stay longer varnish);
  • paint your nails first layer of colored varnish you choose, and when it dries - to put it again.

The preparation is finished and you can do nail design at home with their own hands.

Nail design at home: Step by step instructions. Master class: a simple nail design with their own hands

Tools for nail design

Should be prepared:

  • needle or toothpick;
  • orange stick;
  • nail polish remover;
  • hygienic sticks;
  • Special thin brush;
  • fixer.

It is required to quickly and easily correct and complete nail design at home.

Thinking or podsmotrev online (fashion magazines), from which it will be and how it will look to your design, you should buy:

  • Coatings gloss or matte;
  • acrylic paint;
  • sequins;
  • crystals;
  • colored sand;
  • mica;
  • foil;
  • lace;
  • stencils.

The main design - do not overdo it to the nails looked nice, not pretentious and inappropriate.

Nail design at home: Step by step instructions. Master class: a simple nail design with their own hands

Options Design

  1. Painting - the easiest nail design at home. It is applied by means of lacquers, acrylic paints, powder, stencils, glitter ...
  2. Piercing nail.
  3. The design of extension nails.
  4. French manicure.
  5. Lace manicure.
  6. Labels.
  7. Moon manicure.
  8. Manicure with rhinestones.

nail design options are many, the main thing - to choose what is right for you.

Lightweight design options

  • Manicure abstraction. it is very popular to date. On the basis of need to apply a few drops of different colors of nail polish, gently stretch their orange stick in different directions and mix in the middle. You can sprinkle glitter and attach a special varnish.
  • A simple nail design at home with rhinestones. While the basic lacquer has not dried up, using tweezers to put on it a pebble or more and cover the fixative. As well as pastes, can be attached beads, yarn, acrylic paintings.
Nail design at home: Step by step instructions. Master class: a simple nail design with their own hands
  • Design with foil. a manicure would be unusual and bright using foil. Sold foil in the form of nail polish, which should be applied to the nail-base or in the form of labels - they are glued to the nail, and cut off the excess.
  • Piercing. In the nail plate threaded jewelry. To do this, put a nail on a piece of gum and pierce it with a pin or needle where planned, and a pair of tweezers to thread the hole in the ornament.
  • Design with mica. Mica - very light synthetic material. Due to the iridescent sheen, it resembles natural minerals. With its help, you can easy to do nail design at home. Mica has a variety of colors, shapes, sizes. Options mica nail decoration many:

    - just to cover the entire nail;

    - mica spread pattern;

    - Make French manicure - carefully applied to the not yet frozen clearcoat using DOTS little mica on the tip of the nail. Top clearcoat again - and ready to manicure.

  • Lace manicure will make a great impression on anyone. It should be a very fine lace cut into pieces and put on the base coat. Secure the clear lacquer, striking it in two layers.
  • The easiest way to nail design with their own hands to execute using the labels. The whole difficulty is only in the care of their bonding.
  • Moon manicure. In order to correspond to its name, at the base of the nail is made of colored stripes in the form of smiles and secured with varnish (strips can be of different colors).

Unusual and interesting designs

  • Manicure Ombre. Ombre - a technique in which a darker shade smoothly transitions to a lighter. This is one of the latest styles at the same time very simple: the contrasting colors of varnish applied over a large piece of foam strips, put it on the nail and fully lacquered. After drying the varnish to remove the excess.
  • Manicure with text. Sliced ​​paper should be put on a fingernail rubbed with alcohol and wipe with alcohol, too, that she gets wet. After a few minutes remove the paper so that the left figure. Cover with a transparent varnish.
Nail design at home: Step by step instructions. Master class: a simple nail design with their own hands


New trend in the nail industry. With an English translation as "stamping". This nail design home run is not too difficult. By means of a stamp and skrapera (scraper), which previously have to buy, you can transfer the pictures to the stencil (with discs strempinga) without any training.

Such a nail design with their own hands is a few minutes at home, and the result will delight and surprise. Also it can be used to carry out the drawings with fine details that are not will draw manually. They can be applied on the bracelets, mobile phone pendants, and so on. D.

Matte nail design

Matte design - innovation in nail technology industry. It was invented in 1992, but soon entered glossy shades in fashion. To date, the haze on the nails again in the trend. Released many collections as simple matte and gel nail.

Nail design at home: Step by step instructions. Master class: a simple nail design with their own hands

This varnish is not needed basis, it is applied to the nail right after it is processed. Several layers of the application it is not acceptable (just enough one). A thick layer will look sloppy. Attach a transparent varnish is not necessary (it imparts gloss). Best of all matte look on short nails.

With matt varnish can be done and unusual nail design at home - version 50 to 50, using one-half of the nail matte varnish, and on the other - high-gloss. First cover matt lacquer nail when it dries - attach any shape stencil half the free side of the nail and gloss varnish paint of the same color (similar to the nail tip can be dyed or to make moon manicure). It is possible to use for applying patterns DOTS (device with which dot varnish on nails). Apply and wait for drying varnish, then DOTS make desired patterns.

Matt lacquer with their hands

  1. Boil water in a saucepan.
  2. to paint your nails and keep them carefully over the steam, so as not to get burned. The vapor deposited on the lacquer has to act for 10 seconds.
  3. To give a varnish to dry and make sure that it has turned from glossy to matte.
  4. Do better five approaches, applying nail two nails (nail should not have time to dry before it brings to the couple).

Simple drawings on the nails

Nail design at home: Step by step instructions. Master class: a simple nail design with their own hands

There are several ways to make drawings on the nails. Easy to perform and does not require special skills nail design at home with a needle:

  • cover colorless varnish (otherwise there is a possibility the nails to scratch);
  • apply varnish chosen color for the base figure;
  • put a few drops or hold the line (depending on the selected pattern);
  • using a needle to realize conceived image until it dried up lakes;
  • to cover the transparent varnish after drying pattern (manicure last longer).

The drawings are made using nail polish color you want and special lacquers for paint. It all depends on the imagination. First colored lacquer is applied - the foundation, and when it dries thoroughly, paint on the nail patterns conceived.

Drawings using adhesive tape easy to design:

  • to put and let dry thoroughly main varnish;
  • to glue on the nail pattern of the adhesive tape;
  • to cover the nail a different color, wait for dry;
  • carefully remove the tape;
  • to cover the transparent varnish (for removal of irregularities).

Figures for short nails

If you have short nails, it is desirable that you remember some important things before you start to their design:

  • drawings should be interesting to do (with French manicure nails appear shorter);
  • to select the color combination of soft colors;
  • to choose the simple motives for drawing;
  • to use stickers, good-looking on short nails;
  • to do a French manicure, but with rhinestones;
  • to apply the mixed technique (combining what is listed above).

Different patterns on nails

There are various accessories for the different seasons. So it is with nail decoration: old design is unlike the winter. Summer on the nails look great bright colors, pictures of flowers or under animal skins, imitation Indian drawings, many shades. Sold metallic paints, acrylic paints, varnishes with glitter and more to meet your fancy.

By New Year's and Christmas design more suited green, red and white colors. It can be applied as the basis of the nail color white, and then draw a Christmas tree or a toy and sprinkle sequins (a lot of options).

That's so easy to make home design nails. Photos (for example) are listed in this article, in addition, various embodiments can peek in magazines and other thematic sources. Fantasy is also welcome!