"My corpse rots in vain!", Or what will happen to you after death, if you decide to bequeath his body to science?

Although the vast majority of people choose ahead of time not to score himself thinking brains about what awaits us favorite after the inevitable friendly handshake from an old woman, a collective farmer, armed with its notorious agricultural tool, think about what happens to our bodies after death, sooner or later, It falls to each of us.

all sorts of mystical fishechkami associated with the funeral and honorary wires dead body on his last journey, humanity is addicted even at the dawn of history, but what about those who are not too fan of all kinds of religious practices and does not want his body after death, how much nothing rotten in the ground or burned in the flames of the crematorium?

Well, in that case, how about the fact that after the death of a loved one to sacrifice for the good of science? To date, there are many different organizations that will gladly accept your precious gift in the body in the United States. But what, in fact, expect your body, if you do decide to bequeath it to the benefit of future generations? Now we'll tell you about it!

You will be nobody

No matter how wonderful a person you do not have in life, if you decide to bequeath their bodies to research, a monument to his full height, a tombstone with a list of all your achievements and wreaths "love, remember, mourn!" To you after death to be seen. If you are lucky, with all your earthly life will only tag with a number and a card with a brief listing of your lifetime disease, but if you find yourself not so lucky, you will most likely "will disassemble for parts", and to while away eternity you will have as nameless "liver number 3452", "5167 the number of kidney" or "brain room 4114".

You will pass a full medical check-up

The good news for those who enjoyed free medical services under the policy of the MLA. If you donated his body to science, you will get a thorough, high-quality and completely free medical examination, if not in life, then at least after death. At least, you will take the blood sample, visual inspection for injuries and fractures, check the overall condition of the body at the time of death.

You close the face

Although very sensitive and impressionable personality in the medical profession are relatively rare, the need to tinker with the dead bodies is not exactly a pleasant call. And in order to slightly raise the morale of students, who have for the first time in my life to touch a dead body, a few medical universities in California have come up for a pretty funny piece.

So, if your science bequeathed the body destined to serve as a teaching material for medical students, your face is likely to be closed down bed sheet with a nice inscription: "This man is no longer there. He / she is safe, and you are safe. Do not be shy!".

You can become a ghost rider

As surprising as it may sound, but the medical schools and research institutions - are not the only institutions that create a fairly high demand for dead bodies. As designers byvaetdovolnoslozhnovossozdatrealistichny artificial dummy crash test, to experience brand new shiny sports cars often it falls dead "racers".

You can play war games

Even if the life you have never held a gun in his hand, after the death of you is still a small chance to play in this Private Ryan. The US military used every year a huge number of dead bodies donated to science for testing military explosives and weapons. Generously donated corpses undermined by the mines, grenades and stuffed riddled with large-caliber ammunition.

Or you can just rot

Yes, as you would not want to avoid the unfortunate fate just lie in the earth, sacrificing his body to science, you still have some risk to run into it, against which tried to fight. To be more specific, you can go to the so-called "farm corpses", where the guys in white suits just bury you in the ground and will ensure that you have decomposed. Not as cool as blown up by a mine or break driving a new car, but who knows, maybe you can help forensic experts uncover a couple of crimes.

You can kill someone

Sadly, corruption and crime flourish riotous color in many areas of human life, and the illegal trade in dead - this is no exception. In 2015, the US thundered loud lawsuit, the results of which have gone to jail several employees of the Research Institute in Illinois. Criminals are sold on the body's organs donated by the Research Institute for the study, of which some have been previously infected with syphilis, hepatitis and even HIV. So yes, if you do not absolutely lucky, after death you can quite easily kill the hapless buyer proxy in white latex gloves.