How to lose weight in 5 days 5 kg? Reset 5 kg for 5 days with a diet!

How to lose weight in 5 days 5 kg? This question is very often asked the girl, especially when before the holidays a few days left. So, how to lose 5 days 5 kg? There are several possible options.

Buckwheat diet

This is a fairly popular power system that allows you to lose weight in 5 days to 5 kg. Breakfast: porridge (serving) and yogurt. Lunch and dinner consist of the same products. If you will feel very hungry between meals, you can drink another kefirchik (one glass).

Liquids should be consumed every day, the same amount as before the start of the diet. Last time, you can eat about three hours or four to sleep.

How to lose weight in 5 days 5 kg? Reset 5 kg for 5 days with a diet!

A method for preparing porridge

How to lose weight in 5 days 5 kg? Properly cook the buckwheat. It is simple. Cooking without the need spices and salt. One cup of cereal pour boiling water and leave to infuse overnight. You can use yogurt instead of water. Here's how to lose weight in 5 days to 5 kg.

Diet Advantage: simple, efficient, cleanses the body of toxins. Disadvantages: difficult to sustain, especially those who are used to eating salty foods.

Diet: 5 days - 5 kg

This power supply system is perfect for quick weight loss. Every day, the diet has a unique diet. Using it is really possible to lose weight in 5 days 5 kg.

How to lose weight in 5 days 5 kg? Reset 5 kg for 5 days with a diet!

So, what is the essence of the diet? Its action is based on a separate feed for all five days. In this system, the main thing - to observe all the rules. Remember: do not mix with each other unsuitable products. The power supply circuit is very simple. She, as you realize, consists of five daily mono-diet. Every day you need to stick to a monotonous diet. The peculiarity of this diet is that the result is a long time. As you know, the weight discarded in such a way, as a rule, does not come back again. This is because the case of separate feeding of burnt fat special mechanism and high speed. In addition, there is no dehydration, because the expended no water, and subcutaneous fat cells.

Repeat a similar diet can be at least a week. And you can achieve excellent results again. The mechanism of action of such a power system based on the individual selection of the daily diet. Thus, we consider each day separately.

The protein day

As you can imagine, in this day slimming body is saturated with protein (animal). It is this element lacking in the vegetable diets. And when the body lacks protein, it stops spending subcutaneous fat. Therefore, the first day of such an interesting diet is meat. Thus is formed a certain margin for the next 4 days, so that weight loss takes place more efficiently. this day menu consists of lean meat in three varieties: beef, chicken and rabbit. These foods contain few calories, but they are rich in vitamins and minerals. It should be noted that the protein day "starts" slimming.

How to lose weight in 5 days 5 kg? Reset 5 kg for 5 days with a diet!

Vegetable day

It is necessary to pay special attention to the vegetables. For example, the combination of eggplant and garlic - it's super weight loss program. Cucumber almost completely (95%) consists of water, which composition is different from the usual. It facilitates the conclusion of subcutaneous lipid layers.

For this reason, cucumber juice is recommended for people with excess weight. Radishes - a product with negative energy value. It has a large amount of fiber, which is very useful for the skin and blood vessels. Kohlrabi - is also a negative calorie vegetable. It creates a feeling of satiety.

How to lose weight in 5 days 5 kg? Reset 5 kg for 5 days with a diet!


On the third day the body feels a strong lack of glucose, which is vital for the functioning of the brain. If you do not fill this gap, weight loss may stop. For this reason, in this day you will eat sweet and healthy fruits. Tangerines promote weight loss and reduce the appetite. Blue grape antioxidant effect. Avocados - is a real magician in cases such as weight loss.

Let's list the positive properties of this fruit: reduces appetite, improves the condition of the muscle tissue, is a low-calorie fruit, etc. During the day you need to drink more and honey.. After all, it is rich not only glucose but also other useful sugars. It is best to give preference to the flower honey.

How to lose weight in 5 days 5 kg? Reset 5 kg for 5 days with a diet!

Cereal and water-curd days

Cereals are needed to cleanse the body of toxins. on the fourth day should eat nuts. Best of all, these products are absorbed by the rice.

Water and cottage cheese - a discharge, the final day of the diet. Today may be very impressive pitches.

How to lose weight in 5 days 5 kg? Reset 5 kg for 5 days with a diet!

Diet Menu "5 kg for 5 days"

Protein day

  • Breakfast: boiled beef (150 g).
  • Dinner: boiled chicken (150 g).
  • Dinner: boiled rabbit meat (150 g).

Vegetable day

  • Breakfast: vegetable salad (two cucumbers and two radish).
  • Dinner:. A braised eggplant, garlic and one teaspoon of vegetable (preferably olive) oil.
  • Dinner: boiled cabbage cauliflower (100 g).

Fruit Day

  • Breakfast: salad (avocado + 2 hours spoons of honey.).
  • Lunch: Mandarins (four pieces).
  • Dinner: Grape bunch of blue (200 g).

Cereal day

  • Breakfast: pine nuts (two tbsp.) And rice (5 tablespoons.).
  • Lunch: rice (8 tablespoons.), Almonds (15 pcs.).
  • Dinner: rice (6 tablespoons.), Two walnuts.

The last day

  • Breakfast: water (two glasses) and cottage cheese (5 tbsp.).
  • Dinner: water (three glasses) and curd (7 tbsp.).
  • Dinner: water (two glasses), cheese (5 tbsp.).

A day on this diet can lose an average of from 1 to 1 5 kg.

How to lose weight in 5 days 5 kg? Reset 5 kg for 5 days with a diet!

Kefir five-day

The essence of the diet is that every day you need to drink kefir (1, 5 liters per day). Of solid food can be eaten fruit, cottage cheese, as well as some non-nutritive vegetables. This diet are allowed to apply to people who have no problems with the gastrointestinal tract.


This is another power supply system, which will last for five days. The basis of it, of course, eggs. This product can be eaten with vegetables and herbs. Such a menu, you should have every day for breakfast and dinner. At lunch you can eat lean boiled fish, and vegetable salads.


This diet was invented by a famous singer Alsou. Currently, this power system has many different variations. We suggest you try one of them. This will help you throw off those extra kg for five days.

The gist of it is this: every day you need to eat 80 grams of chocolate. It is desirable to select black, but it is possible and milk (no additives). Instead of tiles suitable bars. Only need to remember that the amount of sweets should not exceed 80 grams. In this diet, there is one feature - a drink after a meal can be no earlier than 3:00. Of liquid are allowed: water, coffee and green tea.

How to lose weight in 5 days 5 kg? Reset 5 kg for 5 days with a diet!

If you want to sit on such a diet for more than five days, then you know that more than six days it is impossible to apply. It is necessary to take a break for at least 4 days. Advantage: effective diet for a sweet tooth. Disadvantages: this power scheme - not a panacea, moreover, the body lacks the vitamins and minerals.

To summarize,

Hopefully now you clearly how to lose weight in 5 days 5 kg. You can be sure it's real. To achieve the desired, do not need to put a lot of effort, only significantly limit your diet is necessary. The good news is that the choice of diet is very high. So each girl can choose for themselves the ideal power system for a short period. As a result, the diet will be transported more easily. If you really need less than a week to lose many kilos, we have only one thing - to wish you luck in this difficult struggle with being overweight! Stay slim and beautiful!