Popular nightmares and what they mean

Sometimes you have is that during extreme stress every time you see one and the same dream? Maybe you find yourself naked in a meeting or trying to get away from the faceless monster? Oddly enough, we all see the same dreams about when we are afraid, sad or painful. Here's what they mean.

Popular nightmares and what they mean

Failed Escape

Michael Lennox, a psychologist and expert on the interpretation of dreams, the author of "The Little Book Llivellina Dreams" (Llewellyn's Little Book of Dreams), calls this type of dreams "stress-101 dreams." Actually, this dream (when you're running away from someone or something, but you feel that "it" catches up, which is about to overtake you and the Beast) is the embodiment of fear and anxiety.

Popular nightmares and what they mean

Kelly Bulkeley, a researcher dreams and author of the book "Introduction to dream psychology" (An Introduction to the Psychology of Dreaming) claims that in the first place would have asked the person who dreams the dream, whether there is something in his life that feels inevitable. Maybe the person feels vulnerable in any conflict. Dreams often use "dramatic metaphor" for the emotions that are difficult to put into words.

Simply put, it is possible, if you are running away from something in a dream, any situation in your life do you see in the truest sense of the word inevitable.

Being naked in public

Lennox believes that the dreams that you're naked in public - a "perfect symbolic expression" so-called impostor syndrome. Many people are afraid that their colleagues, for example, to "calculate" what they really are quite incompetent. Of course, this lack of professionalism sits only in the mind of a man, he does not reflect his real knowledge.

Popular nightmares and what they mean

If you dream that you suddenly appear naked in the office of the boss which is in full swing board meeting, it could mean something like this: "They will see who I really am, and laughed at me." This tells you your fear.

Do not prepare for the exam

Even decades later, people often have a dream, where they cause to the board or given examination card, and they discover that they do not understand even a job. Rolls panic, wants to escape, but your nails to the place of the teacher stern look.

Popular nightmares and what they mean

Lennos believes that such dreams are associated with high levels of anxiety on the job. Senior school or university - it is "the first place where we learn about responsibility. Sleep can talk about what you are faced with excessive pressure at work. "

Losing teeth

In the dream, you first feel discomfort in the mouth, and then begin to crumble teeth - one after the other or simultaneously, as the sand. In the dream, you feel fear usually mixed with disgust.

"The loss of teeth - said Lennox, - says the feeling of insecurity." In the teeth it has several functions: it is obvious that they allow us to have, but other than that, thanks to them, we sincerely smile.

Popular nightmares and what they mean

losing teeth, symbolically, we lose the opportunity to feed themselves, take care of themselves, to express the joy and happiness. It is also possible that the dream speaks of the inability to express their own opinion, on the symbolic dumbness.


This dream, says Kelly Bulkeley suggests uncertainty when you are in the truest sense of the word do not feel supported. Perhaps something in your life that you used to be perceived as something stable and reliable, suddenly ceased to be.

Popular nightmares and what they mean

The fall - this uncontrolled movement. It is likely that with the loss of support you feel you have lost control over their lives, that the development of events did not depend on you.

The death of a loved

One of the most horrible dreams - when your loved one dies and you are left alone, devastated his death. Often these dreams are very detailed and bright: you clearly see funeral flowers and his weeping mother. It happens that you wake up in a cold sweat. But in fact, the death of a dream - it is merely a symbol of change, said Lennox.

Popular nightmares and what they mean

When someone dies you have a dream, it can talk about changing your relationship to the person. Not necessarily in a negative way, but this change you in some extent concerned.

Being late for a train or a plane

we run to the station or to the airport In these dreams, and see that our ship has cast off. We are experiencing a powerful surge of frustration and despair. "In the context of the late train or plane is more reminiscent of late deadlines."

Popular nightmares and what they mean

While people who dream such dreams, tend to exaggerate the drama of the situation. Late for an hour and a report to the boss is still not the same as being late for an international flight.


This scenario has many variations, common only one thing: in these dreams you're behind the wheel. Generally, a finding behind the wheel - it's pretty straightforward metaphor of control over their lives. So treat it the dream you have to yourself.

Popular nightmares and what they mean

If the machine as it travels without your knowledge - most likely, you feel a loss of control over their own lives.

Dreary tube overnight - stagnation, a sense of stagnation. Driving without a license - the proverbial "impostor syndrome", which we mentioned above.

What do not you dream, remember that your subconscious mind does not know how to speak the same way as your "rational". Therefore, you need to learn how to interpret their own hidden desires and motives, based on the images that you send it.