Laminating Hair gelatin: reviews, prices, photos

If you care about your appearance and follow the novelties in the field of skin care and hair, you probably have heard of such a procedure, as laminating. This word appeared a few years ago and stayed in the lexicon because of the great demand for this procedure, the girls. Lamination allows the hair to look luxurious, but it's worth a lot (from 1,500 rubles as a minimum).

Laminating Hair gelatin: reviews, prices, photos

However, everyone knows that almost any expensive procedure can be replaced by a similar, performed at home, without significant material costs. In this post we will talk about a "transaction" as laminating hair gelatin, which will not take much of your time. And, most importantly, money.

What is lamination hair?

The word "lamination" is well known to students - this is a simple procedure for coating paper with plastic. Paper, thanks to this treatment, it becomes strong and shiny, does not bend and definitely not broken. When the barbers began to offer similar hair treatment in beauty salons, associations girls are having the most correct. Do not be afraid of this word, because "elyuminirovanie", "shield", "glazing" (also very popular beauty treatments for hair) sound worse. Such care is suitable to all the girls who care about the state of his hair - "laminate" the film covers each hair, protecting it from the external environment.

To show lamination?

Hair laminating procedure is shown those girls whose hair is dyed, recently experienced the delights of a perm, pushatsya, often damaged as a result of blow-drying or utjuzhkom.

Laminating Hair gelatin: reviews, prices, photos

If your hair is beautiful by nature, shiny and healthy, after laminating a special effect, you will not notice, so you can not go to the master for that purpose. Perhaps, it is not necessary to laminate the hair also those girls who are thick and heavy by nature - a procedure more weighing them and increase the volume. But those lucky units, while the vast majority of the fair sex is only thinking about how to improve the condition of his mane.

How does the "laminate" hair?

Set for lamination of hair, as a rule, is not something extravagant recipe components is simple and straightforward in operation. Usually in a special blend includes several types of natural proteins (grasses and plants), as well as extraction of the useful herbs and flowers. Such a composition, if breathable thin film coats the hair, increasing their volume to 10-20%. You can ask the wizard to add a mixture of the dye, and then after lamination hair hue will change in the desired direction.

After the procedure, hair become obedient cease pushitsya easily stacked. Moreover, being in such a protective film, every hair supposedly remembers how his stack with a hair dryer and a comb, and every time you need less effort and fixing means to create beautiful hairstyles.

When you want to do the procedure?

Lamination of hair can be done not only when your hair is in poor condition, but before going on vacation.

Laminating Hair gelatin: reviews, prices, photos

For example, you're going to the sea or in the steppe zone, where the curls will affect the sun and the wind. It is very disruptive factors, and lamination - the necessary procedures, even for healthy hair, if you want to keep your mane in a safe and natural color.

Enough of this treatment the hair is usually four to five weeks - depending on how often you wash your hair, and by what means will be used. Try not to use shampoos with high alkali content (better not to use them at all - high alkaline balance harms the scalp, and therefore structure of the hair). How do you know it's time to repeat the process? In fact, there will be nothing wrong if you prolaminiruete hair a little earlier than the protective film is washed away. Hair just will not be able to absorb larger composition than he needs.

About Biolaminirovanie

Lamination - procedure is not something that is not harmful, but on the contrary, helpful. Immediately after the ordinary lamination appeared so-called "Biolaminirovanie" in products which are used exclusively for the natural ingredients that create the hair thin membrane healing. If the normal procedure just gives hair a healthy appearance, the bio also heals the hair from the inside. What is the cost of a procedure such as Biolaminirovanie hair? Price, it must be admitted, much higher - ranging from 3,000 rubles, and reaching up to 10 000 in some salons. So, we have come close to a topic as gelatin lamination hair.

Laminating Hair gelatin: reviews, prices, photos

Gelatin - absolutely natural substance, which is certainly not harm the hair and make them healthier for completely ridiculous money. Gelatin hair treatment like no other, is close to Biolaminirovanie, with the only difference that it can fulfill every girl just a dime.

At home or in the salon?

Certainly, some of the citizens do not even think about the fact that doing some salon treatment at home. What for? In the beauty salon master ever (although anything can happen) will not be mistaken with the substances and preparations, and all that is necessary - it is just to relax in a comfortable chair and enjoy, until someone casts a spell over your hair. This is true, but, in the first place, not all have the opportunity to visit the salons. For example, a young mom whose life belongs completely and without reserve kids, strict business woman, during which also belongs to someone else, but not to themselves. Time - this is a very important resource, and they do not always have those who have money.

And of course, finances. Who does not want to save them, if possible, when it comes to such a procedure, as laminating hair. The price of this service varies between 1,500 and 5,000 rubles in various salons (the mainstream and non-elite), but because the extra money from students or young moms may not be. If you want to save a little, but to get a result is not worse than in the barber shop, then you should definitely try out the procedure at home.

How do lamination yourself?

When it comes to "amateur", then there are two options: to buy a set of hair lamination, or use a regular gelatin.

Buy special compositions may be in the shops or in the usual shops that specialize in selling of professional nail care and hair care. Even the most expensive set (Japanese compounds that are considered to be the most effective and used for Biolaminirovanie, cost about 1000 rubles) will in any case much cheaper treatments in the salon, the more that you have enough funds on several occasions. no particular danger in the use of drugs - you can not "overdo it", as the hair just did not absorb the composition more than they need.

Laminating Hair gelatin even more profitable. Firstly, you are sure to spoil your hair will not be able to, it is excluded. Secondly, the acquisition of funds for the procedure will require you not more than 15-20 rubles, and the effect you'll get quite a salon.

Contra home lamination

There are no contraindications, but there is one circumstance to which it is strongly recommended to pay attention before making lamination. We are talking about the general poor condition of hair, not associated with frequent folding or painting. If the eye is called the mirror of the soul, the hair and nails are an excellent "mirror", indicates the status of the body. In the event that you do everything possible to make your hair shine and to be healthy, but they remain lifeless, dry and brittle, the case in the internal reasons. It makes sense to visit your doctor, so he figured out with your state of health, and only then it will be possible to direct the veneer. Maybe it's the elementary vitamin deficiency or wrong, poorly balanced diet. If we miss this point, then after you'll wonder why not help lamination.

About Hair gelatin

Even our great-grandmother performed a procedure such as lamination gelatin. However, this word was not there, but the ladies knew the medicinal properties of this product for the hair.

Laminating Hair gelatin: reviews, prices, photos

On this day, there are many popular home masks, where it is added (mask with honey, egg, bread mask), but if your goal is to make the lamination, the gelatin will be a major component. Like the vegetable protein, it has the same property - to create a permeable to water and air plenochku, which at the same time will reliably protect the hair from the hot air dryer, ironing, sunlight and wind. In addition, the gelatin will tighten microcracks on the hair, especially at the tip, resulting in hair get healthy shiny look.

Reviews of domestic procedure

Of course, before venturing to apply something on yourself, you should know what they say about a similar procedure for the other. As is known, there is no better advertising or negative advertising than word of mouth. Those girls who have already tested lamination hair using gelatin, all as one to say about this recipe is very laudatory. Firstly, it is nice amazing price (15 rubles instead of 1500), and secondly, there is no such ispytatelnits who have noted the poor or failed result. Moreover, very often gelatin helps those who have tried to no avail expensive masks and shampoos.

Laminating Hair gelatin: reviews, prices, photos

Who can not come home laminating? Definitely not approach procedure can not be anyone, but to experience certain difficulties of a girl with very long hair. The fact that the dissolved gelatin is applied to the hair is not easy, and the longer your mane, the more effort you'll need. If you do laminating the first time, it is better to ask for help.

What is the secret of the gelatin lamination?

Known fact that the aspic, chicken legs and wings are appointed by those who pass after healing of fractures. Gelatin is very conducive to merging and strong bones because it is rich in natural proteins. It is clear that the film of this product will contribute to recovery and improve the appearance of hair. Try to estimate the strength of hair after spend a procedure such as gelatin lamination hair. To do this, try to break it. You will see that he did not "want" to tear, and will last, and when you release it, it will take the former form. Therefore, since we understand that there is no secret in gelatin lamination not, you can get down to business.

What do I need for the procedure

So, prepare the following ingredients if you are performing a procedure such as gelatin lamination hair. Recipe, known to most girls, the following:

- a pack of gelatin (15 g);

- 50 ml of hot water;

- Your hair conditioner or mask (1 tablespoon).

In addition to these ingredients can be added to the formulation honey (1 tablespoon), coconut oil or argan (1/2 tablespoon) 1 egg yolk. These components are optional, but they improve and enhance the action of the mask.

In addition, you will need a dry towel to the neck, wrist, which you are painting, shower cap (or plastic bag), towels, hair dryer.

Homemade Hair laminating gelatin

The recipe of preparation is simple, but there are a couple of secrets. Pour gelatin into a glass or ceramic bowl, pour boiling water, stir, let the gelatin swell (ten minutes - fifteen).

Laminating Hair gelatin: reviews, prices, photos

If, after this period of time were lumps, put a container of gelatin in the microwave for a few minutes.

It's time to add the second ingredient - a balm. It can also be a mask or hair conditioner that you use and add the component in the long run only to gelatin after easily washed off. Here the main thing - do not put too much, otherwise laminating gelatin will have a short-term effect on the hair.

The application of laminating mixture

The composition is ready to spray pass. There are two ways demanded by the girls one more simple, the other more time-consuming, but promising a lasting effect.

First of all, thoroughly wash your hair, using the air conditioner, then dry strands and comb it. When you start to perform lamination gelatin, take a brush for hair coloring. Spread the mixture over the strands, retreating a few millimeters from the scalp. The longer the hair, the longer have to tinker. When the hair is greased gelatin, put on the cap head shower or a plastic bag, wrap all the towels to warm. Ten minutes later posushite hair through the towel dryer. Leave gelatinous mixture under a towel for 50-60 minutes, then rinse. You will immediately see the effect - even over-dried paint the hair will be soft and silky. The effect of such lamination is visible for at least 2 weeks - certainly less than that of the salon procedures, but agree that "gelatin" recipe which is cheaper than as if you are being treated to a beauty salon. gelatin lamination foil

This method is more time consuming than the above, but the effect of it will last up to 4 weeks. In addition to items described in the first recipe, you will also need the hair iron and foil. And best of all, to the first time you had help, otherwise it will be difficult to cope on their own. Pre Narva foil strips - about 10 centimeters in length by 5 in width.

Washed clean section of hair into locks. Each strand abundantly lubricate the gelatin, then wrap in foil and foil spend on ironing, creating a thermal effect. Of course, in the process it will take a lot longer, but you will not know your hair after lamination! Photos of the girls who dare to simply mind-boggling. Such brilliance not give even expensive medications!

The disadvantages of gelatin lamination

Only one drawback, which is celebrated by all to try this method - its fragility. If conventional lamination, which is made in the cabin, will delight the girl shine at least a month, the gelatin will give a visible effect for 10-14 days. At the same time, when clear signs of lamination disappear, all experimented with this procedure, note that the hair remains strong and resilient for at least two weeks. In any case, you should try for yourself laminating hair gelatin! Photo curls exposed to such influence, is really impressive. You have nothing to lose, but will be able to buy a cheap, useful and reliable way to give your hair shine and royal appeal!